1/ Through Dec. 22, with fewer than 1 million doses of the #Covid vaccine given, @CDCgov's vaccine injury reporting system received 307 reports of ER visits and 17 "life threatening" events.

Per dose, that's roughly 50 times the rate of adverse events from the flu vaccine...
2/ In 2019-2020, about 175 million flu vaccine doses were given. 1220 ER visits and 73 "life threatening" events were reported. The data is on the CDC VAERS Website.

Caveats: physicians et al may be more diligent about reporting #Covid vaccine events, since the vaccine is new...
3/ And the data is theoretically updated through Friday Jan. 1, which would be a much higher denominator. However, I believe it is correct to use Dec. 22 as the last date for Covid adverse events because I cannot find any later reports in the system...
4/ Plus, the first Covid vaccine doses have mostly been given to healthy people in settings where problems can be quickly treated. These problems are occurring BEFORE the rollout to older, less healthy people - and before the 2nd dose, which is known to be far more dangerous...
5/ And this merely confirms what the clinical trials showed (in general, though not always, clinical trials tend to UNDERSTATE real world problems and OVERSTATE efficacy, because any smart drug company will try to bias the trials in its favor).
The data is here, and fairly straightforward to query.


• • •

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22 Feb

You’re about to hear a whole bunch of - how do I put this politely? - optimistic stories about vaccinations out of Scotland. National-level data show 85% efficacy, etc.

First off, they didn’t find an 85% decrease in hospitalizations even after adjusting for age and preexisting conditions. It was 69%. To get 85% they ran a hocus-pocus they called an “inverse propensity adjustment.” Bully for you if you know what that is.

The study did NOT end after day 34 (five weeks after vaccination). And guess what? HOSPITALIZATIONS BEGAN TO RISE AGAIN. And not a little, either. By six weeks out the vaccines were less than 50% effective - and even their “adjustments” could only get the figure to 58%...
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22 Feb
1/ I have to keep saying this: the Israeli’s government’s claims about how well the vaccine works cannot be squared with actual data on hospitalizations and cases. 65 days into mass vaccinations, Israel still has more new serious cases and deaths than when the campaign began...
2/ As you can see, serious cases and positive tests have trended notably lower in the last 10 days. That's great. But all it does is help catch Israel up with places that HAVEN'T vaccinated as aggressively (like, say, California)...
3/ And the Israeli government claims nearly perfect effectiveness for the vaccine - 99% reduction in serious illness and deaths for the "fully vaccinated" (two weeks after the second dose).

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20 Feb

The people who have been wrong for 11 months, who have offered nothing but panic and counterproductive "answers" for 11 months, who have closed schools and destroyed business for 11 months - those people will be desperate to pretend that what they did helped...


Because this isn't about 2020. It's about the future. What about the next halfway dangerous flu? What about the next time a Chinese lab has an oopsie?

We have to make sure we NEVER make these mistakes again.
This is yet another reason I am banging the drum about the vaccines. Putting aside the risk of harm, they have made NO difference to what's happened in the last month (the Israeli data suggest strongly that at best they are slow to work in the high-risk population)...
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20 Feb
1/ An Wall Street saying is that everything takes longer than you expect, and then happens faster than you expect - I suspect that's what's happening now to Team Apocalypse.

Why now?

Most importantly, people know they've been lied to about schools and they're furious....
2/ They also know the predictions of doom about Thanksgiving and Christmas didn't come true.

The two-mask thing hurt too - it calls into question the mask guidance and more importantly it's absurd on its (your) face. Once people started laughing at the KGB the USSR was done...
3/ And maybe underneath it all people now know they've been lied to about the dangerousness of the virus. They still won't say it out loud, at least not publicly, but they know #sarscov2 is at most a minor threat to almost anyone in decent health...
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19 Feb
1/ Nothing to see here, Moderna edition: Like the @pfizer vaccine, the @moderna_tx vaccine led to more pregnancy loss in rat studies (the ONLY studies done). Vaccinated rats lost 16% of pregnancies, double those that got the placebo. (pg. 50-51/169)...

2/ As they did with the @pfizer vaccine, the regulators ignored the issue and did not ask for more studies.

But the story gets better!

Moderna NEVER submitted a proper toxicity study on mRNA-1273. It offered only partial data, which the EMA found non-compliant (non-GLP)...
3/ In place of a full study, Moderna offered a bunch of studies from OTHER vaccines it's been working on - for Zika, CMV, etc.

Those studies showed a pattern of problems, including:

"decreased lymphocytes... increase in fibrinogen and activated partial thromboplastin time..."
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16 Feb
Hey, if I tell you thalidomide causes birth defects, am I an "anti-medder"?

No, of course not.


Vaccines are no different.

Except no one is allowed to point out the glaring flaws in the clinical trials for the mRNA vaccines...
Or the fact that the data out of Israel (and Gibraltar, and to a lesser extent the UK) suggest that the vaccines are FAR less effective than the trials suggest...

Or the horrendous VAERS reports (both in terms of the number received and what they say)...
Or the very real questions about the lipid nanoparticles that encapsulate the mRNA strands (an issue that long predates these vaccines)...

Or the tests on pregnant rats, which are fragmentary but far from reassuring...
Read 4 tweets

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