Trump is sending in the National Guard to deal with the Trump mob assault on the Capitol.
And no. These are not protestors. This is a group specifically encouraged by the Executive Branch to attack the Legislative Branch.

These are agents of the President.
Trump is actually attempting to play both sides of this.

He sent white supremacists to disrupt the certification of the President and now hopes on the other end to position himself as savior, as long as nobody notices the giant Trump flags...
Trump's mob is now being directed to disperse when the National Guard arrives and to instead attack news outlets and journalists.
Notice how fucking silent the GOP is right now.
Remember that right now Trump's mob is attacking the Capitol and that the GOP members of Congress who WORK THERE are silent.

Dead silent.

Do not forget the silence.
Do not forget that this began as the GOP was deliberately and intentionally using rhetoric on the floor of Congress to incite this very reaction.
Let it set in that the House GOP WANTED this to happen
They advocated and aided and abetted an assault on their own institution.

They knew this was coming
They were willing to endanger the lives of their own colleagues not even to steal an election... just as a fundraising stunt
This is a group of the most dangerous humans on earth.

Angry entitled violent white men.
What Trump is doing with this action is demonstrating what his operating modality will be out of office.

This isn't going away.
Right now, the President is supposed to be quelling the protest.

Instead he is reinforcing the very conspiracy theories that brought the mob to the Capitol.

He is inciting the mob from the White House.
Trump just put out a video to his mob that says essentially "Go home (wink wink)"
The danger here isn't that a wannabe dictator on his way out the door is doing this.

The danger is that the party of people who will continue working in the capitol APPROVE of him doing this.
People waving the President's flag have had the legislative branch under siege for HOURS.

The President has proven that there is no line that is too far.

And half of Congress thinks this is FINE.
Also, do not forget the law enforcement restraint you see right now.
There is nothing like watching police deployed on a violent mob waving Blue Lives Matter flags.

The absurdity is endless.
This is the most real life Twin Spidey meme ever.
The police are currently talking publicly about "Regaining control of the Capitol"

The US Government lost control of the US Capitol to loyalists of the outgoing President.

That is what is going on.
Congress has been overtaken by loyalists of the President.

I'm saying this again because 2020 ruined all perspective.

Congress has been overtaken by loyalists of the President.

Nothing has been done for HOURS.
In every anti-Police protest in the past year... police in riot gear and tanks have been on the ready, deployed within the hour.

And this is in the fucking HOOD.

But in the literal center of US Government.

No mobilization of anything for HOURS.
This is literally the most predictable action EVER.

It might have well have been advertised in the papers.

And yet nothing.

But shoot an unarmed Black kid and there's battalions on the ready for the fucking FUNERAL.

Both side of this mess, the police and the mob are the same folks responsible for the majority of violence at protests for Black lives.

• • •

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24 Dec 20
These figures are not at all supported by the resources you provided.

The school cost per pupil in philly is $826.43

Literally given the data YOU provided.
Nevertheless... raw numbers divided by total population is nonsense because it's not at all how those resources are divided.

Funding for services goes disproportionally to white, higher income areas while funding for police disproportionately is spent to police poor Black areas.
Here's how funding looks in Philly

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24 Dec 20
Maybe 10% - 20% of police funding is Federal, tops.

So that's how much the police get from the Feds ALONE.
This doesn't count money from other funding sources, like state and City coffers as well as the bank they make on the side from civil assets forfeiture.
This is why the Police in Philly have autonomous robot dogs and kids in Philly lack crayons.
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21 Dec 20
GOP wants to prove that they're not a Trump cult?

Impeach him. There's plenty of time. No reason they can't.

Otherwise don't believe a word they say.

They're not going to actually be responsible. They'll just pretend they are.
The GOP impeaching Trump right now would show the world that even they have limits and stand for competency and integrity in government.

A unified Congress could get it done in days.

But they won't. And this is proof of their bluff.

They want credit without action.

Deny them.
If the GOP cared about America or even the integrity of their party, they'd take the easy choice -- impeach a lame duck President who's gonna be gone in a month anyway.

It would barely speed things up, but the political effect would be massive.

That they don't shows motive.
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21 Dec 20
While I give KCS no cookies for writing this too little, too late piece, it's an excellent depiction of journalism's role in directly perpetuating white supremacy.…
Most notably, it's an admission to and a vindication of the grossly biased coverage Black communities have railed against for generations

We were told that we were being too sensitive, playing the race card, that we had a persecution complex

Gaslit for centuries

But here it is
Journalism is history.

It is where the stories of our society are most commonly recorded.

When journalism erases people or warps their images, it does so not only for the next day's readers, but forever.

The news is posterity.
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19 Dec 20
Absolutely nothing.

Go ahead. Think of something.

Yep. That too.
We STARTED with "Bought a beauty pageant so he could see naked, underaged, teenage girls backstage"

We just pressed on from there.

It's bizarre that anyone thinks there's a limit.
Around the time everyone saw a Presidential candidate drooling over his daughter and the self-proclaimed avatars of family values said "That's our guy" we should have said

"Welp. They believe nothing. Let's move on without them"

But we pretended morality was still in play.
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19 Dec 20
In America, Democrats are the Left. On the global stage, a party with their platform is correctly considered centre-right.

Even the moderate party platforms of the global left are considered extreme by Democrats as a party.
As European political parties go, the only people I can think of who are further right than our GOP are maybe UK's Conservatives and Canada's People's Party.
At this point though. I don't really know if it's reasonable to consider the GOP a political party anymore.

They're so absurd and nihilistic and unconcerned with governance that the only thing keeping them viable is their entrenchment in a two party system.
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