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6 Jan, 4 tweets, 1 min read
I, for one, am SHOCKED that Trump - who faced resistance, sabotage and outright insubordination from a government apparatus which tried for two years to depose and imprison him on completely fabricated charges - would not fall in line to defend The System.
You see, at some point you need to let bygones be bygones and place the Good Of The Nation above your own interests, by joining the managerial class in ensuring a smooth transfer of power that perpetuates the establishment destroying the lives of the people who elected you.
I'm just stunned, stunned, that a man who ran on the platform of "drain the swamp because it's corrupt to the core" actually believes it and was emboldened by the fact that damn near half the population evidently agrees with him.
You all know me. I'm the guy who's been tweeting about the Substantial Ice Hut, as we millennial call the prospect of widespread intra-national conflict, for years now.

Do I seem quite as hyperbolic or excitable now as I did then?

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8 Jan
This needs saying.

If you honestly believe that tens of millions of people can be fooled this easily by one demagogue - despite overwhelming and unified opposition from the media - you are arguing that democracy cannot work.

How can mobs be trusted with a vote?
In fact, it goes deeper - if mobs can be formed like this to begin with, then it doesn't matter if one side wins with 51% of the vote if the other 49% refuse to accept the results. All the blood, chaos, death and sedition we saw from 2016-2020 was a preview of where we are now.
I said it many, many times on my personal blog; that if one side refused to accept the results in 2016, then the other side would have all the justification and normalization they could want to refuse to accept the results themselves in 2020.

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8 Jan
So let me get this straight - the politicians whom excused and encouraged the mass violence and terror of the race riots this summer are guiltless, but Trump encouraged insurrection for supporting a peaceful protest because the chance of violence was nonzero?

Eat shit and die.
That Congress - including the Speaker of the House - can excuse and encourage people forming roadblocks and shooting random motorists without any consequence, but the President is pilloried because ten people out of a thousand trespassed shows you where the real power is, no?
The beating heart of law and order is equality before the law. When there is no equality, the law is a sham; a tool for the powerful to use against the disfavored.

You cannot flaunt the inequity of "law" and then expect anyone to give a damn about "muh process" whinging.
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6 Jan
>productive all day and afternoon
>finally tapped out
>discord lighting up like Gondor calling for aid
>Twitter DM's overfloweth

Welp I guess it's time to tune in Image
Haven't even finished reading the trending bar yet and I already get to throw this back in some clowns' faces ImageImage
wait they WHAT

someone got WHAT Image
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27 Dec 20
We've been watching blucheka idly fantasize about their compatriots deliberately emigrating to rural red states to swing that state's pair of Senators blue.

But did you know they're pursing this as an active strategy with real funding?

No? Stay tuned.
You may remember this NPR headline from a week ago. Now small towns and even some cities having funded programs to encourage immigrant workers is old news.

But did you stop and wonder just who the hell "Northwest Arkansas" is?
Some private group... funded by a foundation that *also* funds NPR, which is notoriously left-wing.

Gee, I wonder who these guys are. Could they have... ulterior motives? Who IS Nelson Peacock, anyway?
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27 Dec 20
Can't wait to see the show when the first serious earthquake breaks that pipe with passengers in transit at slightly below Mach 1
Elon Musk: [revolutionizes aerospace industry]
Also Elon Musk: "Sub-orbital semi-ballistic passenger service with hybrid open/closed cycle engines with initial maglev acceleration track? Using the aerospace company I already own? Naah not enough TOOOBZ"
Imagine the mythical SSTO spaceplane, having had its lunch eaten by Elon's re-usable booster rockets, doomed to wait a century for the very rapid turnaround application they're perfect for (passenger transport) is relevant.

Now remove the "O."

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26 Dec 20
Decided to check out that account @EGirlsPostingLs recently posted which everyone agreed wasn't actually the girl's L and, true to form, she's based as all hell
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