@JARKH87 @iburs17 The crowd was this close to breaching that door and actually getting access to the legislators so you know what no

I'm relieved as hell that someone actually took that shot and I'm still terrified it got that close and could've easily gone further
@JARKH87 @iburs17 I am angry beyond reason that the institution supposedly safeguarding our system is so weak and filled with so many sympathizers that the fascists even got indoors

I have seen how fragile the infrastructure protecting us from them is and I can't unsee it
@JARKH87 @iburs17 What happened yesterday is proof that we hang by a gossamer thread above the pit, that we are always one hesitant security officer away from being ruled by these fucks

They will always be seen as more human, more legitimate, more worthy of life and liberty and voice
@JARKH87 @iburs17 And it's driving me up the fucking wall seeing people supposedly on my side still trying to speak from a position of strength

"Be the bigger one, show empathy, reach out to these guys and show they have nothing to fear

Shovel their fucking driveway for them"


• • •

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More from @arthur_affect

5 Jan
I took a playwriting class a long time ago where the teacher talked about how in music "the rests are just as important as the notes" and how it's the same when writing a script
What we call "compression" tends to involve sucking all the empty space ("ma") out of "content" and it sucks

Cf. the "loudness war" when it came to music, i.e. "dynamic range compression" -- trying to make every second of a track equally loud so it "stands out" on the radio
I keep thinking back to that viral video of those kids discovering Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" for the first time

And how that beat drop is totally meaningless if the song doesn't start out mellow and quiet and then build up
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5 Jan
Anyway this is why it was super funny that SWTOR nerds got all mad when they wanted to call a subclass "Jedi Wizard", because in Star Wars the word "wizard" is apparently pejorative

"That wizard is just a crazy old man"

Dr Strange getting low-key pissed at Tony calling him one
The Diablo 3 thing where she's called the Wizard rather than a Sorcerer/ess

Because she got kicked out of Sorcerer school and now has adopted "a vulgar and demeaning term for our noble profession" and the council of elders wants her arrested and executed posthaste
I figure in the Diablo universe a Sorcerer putting the word "wizard" on their business card is like when someone calls themselves a "data wizard" or an "analytics guru" or a "UX ninja" on LinkedIn
Read 4 tweets
5 Jan
I was afraid the big scene in Crazy Rich Asians would lead directly to this
It's just funny to me, mah jong can be a lot of things - upscale, downscale, high stakes, low stakes - but the one big thing I always thought it *can't* be is this Goopified pastel white lady stuff

It's a gambling game
It's like watching all the suburban soccer moms gather for an uplifting and spiritually enriching evening of bonding at the blackjack table

Or, I guess, "blaj"
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4 Jan
Giving someone else a fish every day is actually not that big a deal

That's a fisherman's job

Teaching everyone else to fish so everyone can be a fisherman is not an ideal solution

There are other jobs people need to do

That's how society works
These self-absorbed fantasies of self-sufficiency always seem to just come from a place of childish petty meanness

This resentment that other people exist and bother you by needing things from you at all

An absurd desire to somehow fix this problem and put an end to it
So it's like he goes meta

He doesn't even want to teach you the thing itself (object-level domain knowledge, how to fish or how to open the can)

He wants to teach you to teach yourself to fish - teach you to teach yourself everything so you never need a teacher again
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4 Jan
Okay but they can be INFECTED by it and they can give it to their parents and their parents can then pass it to other adults

Right? Am I missing something

Why is this concept so hard to understand
Sure fine let's just say kids don't get sick

Am I allowed to act on my own self interest here

My issue is that even though I don't have kids, your kid getting the virus from some other kid could mean *I* get it

Unless either you or I never go shopping for groceries again
I'm not talking about the fucking kids' welfare I'm talking about MY welfare, other adults' welfare, the welfare of all the old people and immunocompromised people

It's all one risk our whole population is taking

Why do people still not understand this basic concept
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4 Jan
This is absolutely partly because this is the kind of thing that "shouldn't be hard" so it didn't trigger the realization that he may have been asking too much in that moment

Which is absolutely tied to ableism and neurodivergence
Like if I said "Hey you can't have any food until you can solve this physics problem" people would get it was straightforward abuse

But because it seems like an "everyday task" related to food people are like "Well it's not normal to not be able to do that, she needs to learn"
Which is crap

If I said "We're not eating anything until you mix the dough for a loaf of bread that rises the correct amount" that would be just as shitty

Like it's just an objective fact if it takes six hours of attempts you're asking too much
Read 5 tweets

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