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8 Jan, 21 tweets, 10 min read
Thread: Some strange things I observed at the protest yesterday, and things I subsequently found in the background of my photos and videos. This could all be nothing, but I think significant enough to get some more eyes on them.
1) First off, I watched this plain clothes (no MAGA gear like most) guy go around and methodically cut down all the fences and pull out their posts by himself. Maybe he's just helpful? ImageImageImage
2) I first saw him doing it near the 2 portapotties to the right of the Capitol building. In this clip you'll see him by the platforms near the front tearing down more fences and posts as the S.Korean/Japanese parade forged its way towards the front.
3) Mind you this was before the bulk of the patriots had arrived at the Capitol bldg. Most were still marching from the rally 1.5 miles away, I moved to the Capitol early. As soon as the parade neared the frontline a flashbang was set off by the guys on the tower. Signaling?
Side story 1) Get really conspiracy theorist on these two clips & we also see this group in black. Camera guy walks off by himself. Fence guy then walks by the girl, seems to tap her and it looks like a possible exchange. ImageImageImageImage
Side story 2) Then fence guy goes right over to camera guy, who is still standing away from the group alone, and they seem to have a possible exchange. But I digress 😂 ImageImage
4) Then the ringleader on the tower with a megaphone shouted at the crowd to "MOVE FORWARD" and "Get to the frontline dammit!" like we are at war. Image
5) During this time there were at least 2 people around me with ear pieces talking into clip on mics. I watched this guy pull up his collar to talk into it a few times. He was very aware of me taking pics with my phone, kept moving, but I caught him behind me with a selfie. Image
6) And this guy, who caught my eye because he kept blowing a horn and yelling/gesturing "MOVE FORWARD" while he chilled back here out of harm's way. He spent most of his time looking at the crowd, not the building where the action was. Ear piece only on one side. ImageImageImageImage
7) Next they breached the bleachers to the left of the bldg, then the center. Both times the victor (same guy? Idk) faced the crowd and flapped his arms up and down for cheers from the crowd. They had no fear of being tackled from behind or taken down. ImageImage
8) Interesting black outfits, helmets and backpacks worn by the main breachers. And many of those on the "command center" tower. Image
9) BTW, they don't look overly effected by the cloud of "tear gas" they're in up there, do they? I know the gas that was shot into the crowd was real at least. I saw lots of patriots with red eyes and noses escape to the side I was on to have water poured on their faces. Image
10) Whether by Trump supporters gone wild or infiltrators, this was a planned and well executed situation. It did not happen organically. Also, there was very little security and very little struggle to breach such a high level building.
11) A couple other oddities worth mentioning. Who is this guy in the suit that these two corpulent fellas are recording up on the Capitol as the push was going on? They were up there with security before their retreat, just filming the crowd with cellphones. ImageImageImage
12) And I'm sorry, but what is this?? Is he spraying something or is that a freaking spirit?? 😂 Nothing would surprise me anymore. Image
13) All of this could be nothing guys. Once you're suspicious, everything seems suspicious. I held back from posting all the oddities I witnessed and filmed/photographed for fear I was going overboard. But I think this batch needs to be seen by more eyes just in case.
14) And I have to mention, I'm very sensitive to energy, can read people and rooms easily. The energy by the Capitol during the protest was OFF. At least up where I was.
15) My intuition is sending me alarm bells guys. What happened yesterday was not as it seemed. I've seen it repeatedly in other's pics & vids (might compile them in another thread), & saw it firsthand w/my own beady little eyes. Take it or leave it, wanted to share!
16) There were a lot of beautiful moments too. Though I had to go alone, I met so many awesome people, I never felt scared or alone 😊 ImageImageImageImage
Add on) Going through more of my vids & found the moment I realized things were going bad ("$hit, God help us all" is what came out 😂). Fence guy taking break to my right, megaphone guy screaming, ear piece guy gesturing people fwd. This is about 10min after Pres. speech ended.
Timeline vs video timestamp ImageImage

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