Thank you.

Y'all motherfuckers tripped over yourselves & each other in your rush to confirm each & every one of his nominees— not just SCOTUS but key federal judges & cabinet secretaries— before we could raise too much of an outcry, but now 2 weeks "isn't enough time?"

Legislators were FAST to enable this damage but now that it's played to its next logical stage you not only want to distance yourselves from what you did but ALSO, when presented w/ a CLEAR REMEDY of impeaching & barring trump from future office, want to ABDICATE RESPONSIBILITY…
…by claiming it would be "rushed?!"

HELL no.

Apologize for what you did, and then work to FIX IT.

Do Your Jobs. Make This Right.
John's right that these people need to be removed from office, but I want the acknowledgement of culpability before we take their power away forever. I want them to OWN their shame. I want them to HAVE to change, or never hold any position of power again.

• • •

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More from @Wolven

8 Jan
Holy shit.

They did it.

Twitter permanently suspended Trump.

Just 3 years late.

But they did it.
(Note: I'm counting from when he started actively calling for violence on the platform.

If we keep going back, we get to the point where he should have been sued into destitute and oblivion for his treatment of the #ExoneratedFive and we never should have heard from him again.)
Read 19 tweets
7 Jan
Today Neo-nazis, neo-confederates, and other white supremacists stormed the US Capitol in an attempted coup and the ousted & outgoing republican president* told them "keep doing what you're doing; we love you."

Yes this country has a white supremacy problem.
Antifascists didn't do this.

Nazis & white supremacists did this.

This is who maga and qanon were the whole time.

This is who they were waiting for the slightest excuse to be.

And this is who trump ENCOURAGED them to be, every.




And THIS is what we started telling you 5 YEARS ago.
Read 4 tweets
6 Jan
I'll say that again:

If the people trying to storm the United States capitol in an attempt to stage a coup because they refuse to understand that they fairly and completely lost the presidential election were Black, they would have been immediately shot and declared "terrorists"
Read 7 tweets
6 Jan
I really wanted to stay up to see the returns come in, because I didn't want to celebrate too early because I don't want to tempt fate, but I'm tired and I have a LOT of work needs doing and it's looking like the count won't be finished until early tomorrow…

So I'm torn.

…I'm still up and I got to see @ReverendWarnock declared the winner and @ossoff pull ahead by 0.2% with mostly Dem-heavy counties to go.

This is the kind of shit that fuels my "don't go to bed or you'll miss something" complex from when I was little.
Currently reflecting on the role tensions on the legacy and tradition lines played in this election.

Raphael Warnock is an Atlanta native and the head of MLK's church and Kelly Loeffler's a northerner who stapled three mcmansions together at the face. Here, Raphael Warnock wins.
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3 Jan
I'm honestly waiting to hear the repub spin line on these #TrumpTapes. I know it'll BE there, i just don't know what it'll turn out to BE.
The only edit on the #trumpTapes is the removal of ONE NAME to prevent the washington post from being named codefendant in a slander suit.

It is otherwise a full, unbroken, start-to-finish record of the call.

The full context is here.

He said what he said.

Ah there it is! Tried and true "nothing to see here, this is fine, everybody does it."
Read 6 tweets
3 Jan
Today i learned that if you're uninsured & have covid-19, your hospital bills are at least partially covered by the cares act, but that hospital administrations haven't been passing this information wlongbto people.

Imagine how many sick people haven't sought the help they need.
Read 4 tweets

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