the elements over your 4th, 8th and 12 houses show things within that can make or break you. these energies show how you can be your own worst enemy or your own best friend.
using whole sign house system, this would mean

scorpio, pisces, and cancer risings worst enemy can be their own mind, their social interactions, their ability or inability to communicate/express themselves.
water risings can be their own best friend by tapping into their creativity, their innovative ideas, their individuality, and ability to flow in different situations! they can be their own best friend by expressing themselves and being open.
this means fire risings (sag, aries, leo risings) worst enemy can be their own emotions and the depth to which they feel them. they must learn that their deep emotions do not define them. it’s not about not having emotions, moreso controlling/working through them
fire risings can be their best friend when they turn their vulnerability into a tool to heal and lead others.

earth risings (virgo, taurus, capricorn risings) can be their own worst enemy by minimizing their passions, delaying their creativity and sleeping on their own ideas
earth risings must embrace spontaneity. they must learn to take more random jumps or they’ll forever hold themselves back, leaving them moving slow and not achieving everything they truly want. earth risings should express their fire energy more.
air risings (libra, gemini, aquarius rising) can be their own worst enemy by being hard headed. sometimes they get too caught up in the practicalities and the way they want things to go that they may not see another way or listen to what others have to say.
air risings can also take on too much and not have much time to sit in silence with self. they must learn to rest and calm their minds, practice more self compassion and focus on having fun.. for themselves.. and by themselves.. rather than doing and performing for the world.

• • •

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8 Nov 20
inner child questions thread.

a thread of questions to ask yourself & stimulate your inner child. (quote tweet plz)
1. what was your name as a child? what was your nickname? did you like it? why? what made it special?
2. what was your favorite color and why?
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7 Jul 20
virgo, cap, taurus. ✉️🦋

i’m seeing you’re about to step into money. you’re stepping into a new creation, new ideas and working diligently. you are about to receive a blessing monetarily. sometimes i hear value which can be self worth but this is just clearly money.
i also see fertility and birth of something new. this word “new” is standing out. it’s shiny and flashing. something new is going to jump out at you. it feels very unexpected. you’re beginning to connect more with others and it seems like people have this to offer you as much+
as you do them. it feels very community based. this sharing and generosity of resources on your part will be reciprocated and returned tenfold. embrace these blessings. the more you engage, the more you receive the support & resources you need. claim it.
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7 Jul 20
sag, leo, aries ✉️🦋

you have a few more weeks until the major expansion and life change happens. i’m hearing the end of july and august. right now you’re coming to an end and wrapping things up. think of right now as endings, transformations and internal work. +
think of this as things wrapping up. you’re coming to an end of a cycle. towards the end of july and beginning of august, you’ll see a lot of moves and changes or at least plans aligning in order for you to. i see this being moved in location, in jobs, in finances, in relations
i see a completely new blue wave coming in, bring you peace but it can be overwhelming at first. it seems to be rushing in quick. i see the transition may feel very rocky and you may dip before you rise but the initial change will be very relieving. you’ll feel a sense of freedom
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4 Jul 20
cap, virgo, taurus ✉️🦋

it’s the imperfections in the system that is bugging you. it’s the bugs, the ticks, the small nuances and small blockages that hold you back from seeing the possibilities of the world. it’s getting stuck on the details. see the bigger picture.
everything will unfold and transform once you let go of the tiny shortcomings, let go of anxieties or worries, then you’ll see the transformation. something is bugging you and it’s harnessing your joy. release the fear. release the doubts. +
it’s okay to feel worried at first but it’s important not to multiply those fears, those worries and let it overrun you. just look at the inconveniences and let them go. recognize them as a factor of life. things just are as they are and you’re moving regardless.
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27 Jun 20
virgo, cap, taurus ✉️🦋

it’s like one foot in happiness. one foot in triggers. one foot in one door. another in the back door. everyday is different for you. try to focus on calm. focus on the big picture. focus on where you’ve come from, everything you’ve accomplished.
give yourself slack and be your biggest hype man. you are THAT one. process the shit that really fucked you up as a kid. your inner child is on full display right now and they want to talk to you. imagine your inner child. talk to them. comfort them. rn you need comfort
that comfort doesn’t have to be external tho. it is good to lean on others which i definitely recommend. reach out. also remember these triggers, anxieties and fears that arise are there to tell you something; to show you something that was hidden in your subconscious
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22 Jun 20
virgo, cap, taurus ✉️🦋

you’re about to make a come up. again, it feels very value based. you’ll be seeing more recognition, your soul tribe entering as well as finances getting right. i see you’ve been making smalll advancements and moves.
these decisions might seem very isolated but they’re all coming together and you’ll see the flow soon. i see this summer, like now to three months, being very significant for you.

all of the pieces are falling together. it seems like you’re staring at the puzzle right now
trying to figure it out. you’re in this place of awareness and strategy. you know where you’re at and where you want to go. it just seems like you need reassurance and confidence. you’re a bit too blinded right now and need to recognize the power and everything already yours.
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