All this brouhaha about Twitter and Facebook shutting down the President is proof the Presidency is just a sinecure, an actor reading from teleprompters. If what you were taught about US Government were true, that would be impossible. Legally, Trump is still President.
He hasn't been impeached. He is President until January 20, when and if Biden is sworn in. Which means Trump is still Commander and Chief, in charge of all the armed forces.
All he has to do is order the military to seize Twitter, Facebook, and Google, and there isn't a damn thing anyone could do about it.
He should shut them down and put them in receivership, under military control, and jail all the top people for sedition.
He doesn't have to refer to new or old laws to do that: he can do it on his own authority as Commander in Chief, and the actions of those companies has been so outrageous, election or no election, that he would be completely justified in doing so.
The problem: Twitter and Facebook are already under military control. They are owned by the trillionaires, who also own the military, which is why we don't see Trump acting like a real President.
You will say Congress would impeach him for it, since they are under the thumb of Google. Trump would then have to suspend Congress or something. Which brings me to my next point: that may be what they are gearing up for. I think a majority of people are now ready for that.
Despite what we are told (falsely) about the Dems now controlling everything and having a lot of support, I think the opposite is true—which is why we have to be told it in such absurd stories with big exclamation points.
The media seems to want you to support the Dems and hate the Reps, but the stories actually do the opposite. The events of the past year have all blackwashed the left and Dems, while making Trump look surprisingly good.
When I talk to real people, I don't see them moving from Red to Blue, I see them moving Blue to Red.
The storming of the Capitol fiction did the same thing: it created sympathy for Trump and made Congress look even more awful than usual.
Which is not to say I am promoting that outcome. If Trump does stay in and suspend Congress, I will not be cheering, though I expect most of the country will. The last two months seem to me to have been staged to prep you for that, but they didn't fool me.
We don't need that sort of tyranny, “cleaning the swamp” or no. If that scenario does play out, you can be sure it won't play out to clean any swamp.
It will play out to the short-term benefit of the Phoenician Navy, which has manufactured this entire year from the ground up.
They have manufactured it for huge profit, and that is confirmed. The billionaires and trillionaires are raking it in, while the rest of us are going broke. But they haven't manufactured it only for profit.
To divert attention away from the truth, they needed a year like 2020, which was a series of explosions and crashes. It was a huge diversion peppered with thousands of smaller diversions, to keep your eyes off the real action.
The problem is, the whole project is backfiring, as usual. They were supposed to be turning down the heat on potential revolution, and all they have done is turn it up. Others seem quite discouraged by 2020, but I am giddy. The governors are doing all the wrong things.
Biden becoming President and continuing the Covid charade is bad for the PNavy, and Trump raising the military is bad for the PNavy. In the very short term, it may be good for profits, for some of them. But in the long run it is a disaster.
I think some of them know that, which is why we see pushback from a few like Kennedy.
But at this point, the probability that a third scenario will prevail—one that is good both for us and the governors—looks very unlikely.

• • •

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