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modern raver wwx who after a few unfortunate bad experiences at a rave has his best friend lwj tag along as his emotional support barricade from unwanted touches/interactions
Lwj isn't the rave type, but after a call from wwx at 3:46 a.m. (wwx is one of two numbers that bypass his do not disturb setting on his phone) from a sobbing wwx who didn't know where he was, or how he got there, lwj makes it his personal duty to go with wwx to every rave.
So that this kind of thing doesn't happen again.

Lwj deserves to be inducted into sainthood with how well he maintains his restraint when wwx shows up in the tiniest rave outfits, all crisscrossing straps, and pieces of fabric that barely constitute as clothing.
They discuss it beforehand always. Wwx wants to get sloppy drunk, he's young, it's his thing. Lwj isn't keen on drinking but he lets wwx do his thing and makes sure to look out for him so that he can have fun in a safe environment.
Lwj serves as a human shield, quite literally, a wall between wwx's bare skin and the ever-reaching hands of strangers. At the raves lwj stands behind wwx, hands securely on his hips or arms to keep wwx grounded, so that he knows he's safe.
Lwj is big, and when strangers approach, he cages a swaying wwx inside of his arms and glares. Most get the message right away.

Pre-rave wwx gives his permission for lwj to touch him, it's something he likes when he's all dizzy from drinks and he knows he's safe with lwj.
Those who don't get the message right away have to watch lwj slide his hands from wwx's bare waist and trail down to his stark hipbones, dipping into the dangerously low fabric of his tiny shorts. Wwx always leans back against him during this, pliant and quiet, bares his neck.
Even the stubborn ones leave after that.

Wwx is very clingy when drunk, and especially when there's music playing. He has to be constantly pressed up against someone, grinding, swaying, tracing patterns in skin. That just happens to be lwj, and he secretly delights in it.
It's heady and intoxicating, the way that wwx dances around him. The looks he gives lwj, the coy bites to his lip. Not long after the dancing begins wwx's skin gets sweaty, and it should be gross, but lwj loves the feeling of it, the promise of it.
Loves to dip his fingers under the tight straps of wwx's harness, snap them lightly, just to hear wwx gasp, and bare his neck so lwj can bury his face in the sweat-stuck baby hairs there and just breathe.

Towards the end of the night, when wwx sways with exhaustion,
he likes to turn around and bury his face in lwj's neck. It's clear he doesn't want to leave yet, but soon. They stay like this towards the end, lwj's arms wrapped around wwx's waist, wwx rubs his face in lwj's chest, arms looped around lwj's neck even tho he's taller--
which makes wwx have to be on his tippy toes if he's wearing flat shoes (but most of the time he wears platforms, easier to bury his face in lwj's neck that way).

And then when wwx starts to whine about his legs giving out, lwj leads him from the dance floor,
gets him the largest cup of water from the bar and tells him to drink all of it. And as wwx starts to cool down lwj will drape his own sweater across his shoulders, which wwx always pulls tighter and breathes into with the sweetest smile and lwj doesn't know what to do w that.
Then, lwj drives him to either wwx's apartment, or his own, depending on the agreed upon place pre-rave. Wwx doesn't like to be alone after raves, something about the extreme release of energy and influence of alcohol makes him extra needy for physical touch.

Lwj gives it.
He helps a sleepy wwx remove all his glittery makeup with soft swipes of the softest makeup wipes he owns. Wwx mumbles the entire time about whatever's on his mind, he just needs to talk.

Then lwj helps wwx change out of his complicated outfits. First the big clunky platforms.
They go all the way up to wwx's knees, lwj undoes the zipper, then slides them off one at a time while wwx watches him thru half-open eyelids. Next, lwj wrestles wwx out of the harness, sliding it over his disheveled ponytail and rubbing blood back into the harsh lines left--
from the elastic of it. Wwx hums during this part, eyes closed in bliss. Then it's the tiny, skin-tight shorts. These are the worst part bc 1. they're almost impossible to get off, and 2. wwx never wears underwear underneath them in between the shorts + his fishnets.
Lwj peels them off, very much trying NOT to stare at the soft line of wwx's cock underneath the fishnets. It's an absolutel erotic sight and lwj would love to stare at it when wwx isn't drunk one day. The fishnets follow, lwj drags them down over the plump curve of wwx's ass,
frees his soft cock from it's confines, then down off of his long legs. Once he's free of clothes wwx always does a big stretch which makes lwj want to bite the drywall. Then lwj helps him into the softest pjs he owns. (wwx always insists on wearing lwj's bc they're comfier).
Then lwj takes out wwx's already falling-out high ponytail and runs his fingers thru wwx's tangled hair in the way he knows he likes and wwx lets his head fall against lwj's neck while he does it, making soft pleased sounds against his skin.

Then, they're ready for bed.
Wwx is the definition of a human blanket every time. He drapes himself across lwj and snuggles into his neck and falls asleep in minutes while lwj drags his hands down in reassuring lines across the bumps of wwx's spine.

Lwj sleeps easiest these nights, with wwx in his arms.
The next morning, lwj makes him breakfast while he snoozes, and when wwx wakes up he drapes his sleepy self over lwj's back while lwj goes about the house and asks for lwj to fill in the bits of memory from the previous night for him.
Then, they part, and do it again another night, again, and again, until the tension snaps and they're best friends no longer, but lovers.
*takes a bow* ty ty for reading. I fucking miss raves.

ANYWAY ~ fin ~ bc trisha will yell at me if i dont link it at the end of a thread xoxoxo ty
I had more thots so here we go again:

On the off-chance that wwx accidentally swaps his drink for lwj's and lwj's ends up drunk after downing half of wwx's drink in one go.

Wwx was just tipsy at this point, beginning of the night and lwj is instantly a drunk mess.
His posture no longer stock straight, he keeps making the 🥺face at wwx and asking for him to hold his hand. Wwx of course has no choice to comply bc ohmigod lwj is so fucking cute. Lwj drags wwx back to the dance floor when wwx suggests they sit down and have some water.
Wwx is helpless but to be dragged and then lwj's hands are on his hips and he's swaying them in a slow-dance despite the bumping beat of the music and wwx is like, i'm gonna die, lwj is going to be the death of me, wtf he's so sweet. And the other ravers give them odd looks,
but wwx doesn't care bc lwj has knocked their foreheads together and his rubbing his thumbs back and forth over the dimples of wwx's lower back above the fabric of his shorts and humming his own song, and wwx is so helplessly in love with his best friend his chest aches.
But then lwj starts listing sideways and wwx is like, "ok big boy time to go." so wwx drags lwj from the dance floor by the hand and sticks him in a booth while he goes to get water, but lwj doesn't want to separate but gets up to continue following wwx with his eyes CLOSED.
And wwx thinks it's adorable but also a safety hazard, but lwj refuses to be left alone so wwx complies and holds onto his hand which makes lwj smile this sweet soft smile that makes wwx want to do a back flip. They drink water at the bar, lwj never taking his eyes off of wwx--
while they wait for the didi wwx called to arrive. Then wwx takes lwj back to his own apartment bc lwj says: "Wei Ying, do you remember my apartment passcode?" and wwx is like, oh gods, of course i don't!!! you're the responsible one!!! So wwx's apartment it is.
And then wwx gets to take care of lwj, who refuses at first until wwx chastises him with a wag of his finger, (which is so intimating while wwx is dressed like a succubus), and lwj lets wwx carefully undress him, wash his face, pat lotions onto his warm cheeks.
And lwj is a clingy drunk wwx finds, lwj doesn't even let go of his hand when wwx says he has to pee, just stands there like, you can't let go of my hand or i will DIE. And so wwx gives up, they're close enough, oh well.
Then they slide into bed and lwj insists on being the little spoon tonight bc he wants wwx's arms around him. He arranges them and then drags wwx's arms over his waist so he can hold his hand against his chest like that, and he makes warm content noises and wwx nearly dies.
Also whenever wwx does/or says something cute (which is like every 3 mins) drunk lwj doesn't know how to process his emotions so he starts CHOMPIN. And wwx is like STOP BITING ME! but lwj cant!
Anyway they wake up and lwj is majorly hungover and confused. It's not odd to wake up next to wwx but it IS odd to wake up shirtless? And wwx is COVERED in bite marks and lwj is like, did i fail? Did i let him get harassed last night??? Spiral of WTF thoughts.
Then he shakes wwx awake bc he has to know and wwx is like, "let me sleep you BEAST" and lwj has the sinking realization those are HIS bite marks He shakes him more until wwx wakes up and explains the night and lwj has never blushed harder in his life.
Wwx reassures him and tells him he didn't mind it one bit, and lwj can bite him anytime.

Lwj does.
Ok fin fr now ~!
this is the song that inspired this thread bc it was stuck in my head lmao:…

• • •

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wwx and lwj meet at a cultural festival and wwx makes a joke about "laughing his contact out of his eye" they exchange numbers and start texting before they've even separated
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Modern au where lwj discovers he gets off on pain. When he was a teen he was always fascinated w jewelry, but never allowed to wear it bc of how strict lqr was. So when he's finally out in his own apartment, he goes to get his ears pierced. Little does he know how he would react.
He googles 'lgbt friendly piercing parlors near me' and up pops the top rated parlor named: Yiling House of Pain. A bit of an odd title, he thinks, but the reviews are all positive so he calls to make an appointment the very next day. He's a bit nervous, but excited.
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20 Nov 20
Wwx brings home this brochure to his roommate lwj.

wwx who does not know what bussy is: 'check out this cool new gym program, Lan Zhan! '

lwj who has previously looked up the term bc he saw it on a forum: grips chair arm so hard it splinters.
borne from (you guessed it) Trisha and I's sinful dms.
lwj: 'Wei this?'

wwx: 'Oh! I'm just gonna attend this bussy training class, Lan Zhan, just you wait. I'm gonna have the fattest bussy out there.

lwj, pausing for a moment, trying not to freak out: 'What does the class....entail?'
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6 Nov 20
💉Modern wwx is afraid of needles💉

Almost been dating for a whole year now, it's their first autumn together. They hold hands thru the park, wwx kicks up crunchy leaves, they have hot coco. It's bliss, then, one fateful afternoon lwj says

'Have you gone for your flu shot yet?'
Dread crawls along wwx's spine. Kicking another pile of leaves wwx dodges the question, pointing to a nearby farmers market booth advertising fresh, organic kale.

'Look! Kale!'

The distraction is fruitless, lwj tugs on their joined hands as wwx tries to run off.
'Wei Ying, have you?' lwj asks again.

Looking at his feet wwx responds, 'Haha, no, not yet'

There's a squeeze to their joined hands, making wwx look up, and lwj is smiling fondly at him. He's still getting used to how easy lwj's face softens around him, knocks him breathless.
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4 Nov 20

Ah, shit, the doorbell, and wwx is, of course, completely in the nude, (who wears clothes these days?). Grabbing the nearest article of clothes he finds, he shucks it over his head. It's his roomates sweater, long enough to reach to his mid-thighs. Good enough.
He signs for the package and then wanders back inside, distracted by the contents of the box. So, he doesn't change, or put on pants, and when the door unlocks at 4pm when lwj is done with class, wwx doesn't even realize what he's wearing.

'Ah, hi Lan Zhan' he greets.
There's the sound of something hitting the floor, so wwx looks up in alarm. The papers lwj was holding are not scattered on the floor at he's looking at wwx. Well, at wwx's legs....and THE SWEATER! Oh no!

'Ah! Sorry, Lan Zhan, I just grabbed whatever when the door rang'
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