It’s actually an interesting and deliberate psychological mechanism of violence.

It was noted in the 1930’s how fascists and extremists used used speech that incited violence, then fell back on the cover of plausible deniability, “I was only joking.”
The kinds of warped humans who become demagogues and enablers of violence are psychologically infantile. Others are at fault. Extreme victimology. They lack agency.

Their speech can be poor. Not clear. The incitation to hate, contempt, blame, violence is often subtextual.
This is a large part of Donald Trump’s psychology. He is overtly violent, calling for the execution of five innocent kids. He overtly slanders Obama, attacks Kaepernick.

Open attack or violence can result in censure. So Trump cloaks his aggression & harm speech in ambiguity.
A malignant ego lacking in empathy or means of remorse—Donald Trump has done this his whole life. Here is a great list of insults, lies, etc. using jokes/plausible deniability.…
Humans rely on subtext and cues, because direct bids for action can result in shame and REJECTION. That’s how “Netflix and chill” works.

You get to signal a specific ask (“let’s have sex”) indirectly, with no loss of status because your overt speech intention was vague enough.
Since October, Trump and team were doing special ops destabilization: subversion, disrupting the USPS, sowing narratives about mail-in votes, disparaging Section 230 and tech, using modern propaganda leaflets (Facebook videos) to program a steal narrative.

In warfare, special ops teams go in, grow beards, wear native clothes, blend in with the local populace, shift mass opinion.

It became concerning to me around October, when I saw “preparing the ground” stories flooding the Internet and rightwing news with manufactured doubt.
SO YES. Incitation doesn’t have to be direct. We know this from the Green Berets, from Netflix and chill. We know this from three months of deliberate misinformation and manipulation of public opinion, to cultivate a steal narrative that would result in armed resistance.
I can’t be sure, but my sense back in fall already was this is strategy, not just Trump’s usual bumbling malevolence. So a Senate investigation going back to the SABOTAGE of our mail, coercion of secretaries of state, the lack of security at the Capitol—all of it—must be done.
The histories of 1920s-1930s Germany, counterinsurgency work in Vietnam/Central America and the Mideast, and how elite monied interests joined with cosplay militarists to take down a democratically-elected leader in 1953 are enlightening on this subject:…
* Looking for a good Netflix & chill film? Try MANK: a haunted tale of ego, greed, reckless Fox News-like journalism, lust, politics, slander, alcoholism, gold faucets, the hallucinogenic opium of Hollywood.

A story of Donald Trump.

A story of America.

Though there was some campaign strategy to subvert the election in case of loss, these ignoramus dweebs were likely their usual grandiose CRIMINAL selves—plotting, lashing out and burning things down.

Hoping to goad thousands of alienated dark triads into a GoPro Bastille Day.

• • •

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13 Jan
Political language manipulation is interesting. False cancel culture allegations seem to be a mainstay in negative polarization.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, today upset about masks and metal detectors, ends his dissent by denouncing "cancel culture."

Other times Jordan has used cancel culture for rhetorical purposes:

June 26, 2020 Fox News
July 1, 2020 Fox
July 29, 2020 Tech hearings
August 19, 2020 News article
Sept. 2, 2020 Canton fundraiser
October 31, 2020 Tweet
Nov. 21, 2020 Coronavirus interview, Fox
(And many more)
This one from three days ago is like a culture war fortune cookie:

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12 Jan
“Mass hysteria about non-existent crimes arising from race fear, that gives pretext for violence against out-group members and subversion of democracy to save children/the nation” is a not a bad description of what Nazism really was (in addition to lying, fascism, antisemitism).
(That’s a pretty good summary also of QAnon, which is a cult-like belief system about false child sex abuse accusations.

It’s a religious, political moral panic that leverages lies about harm to children to generate activism and aggression, including the Capitol Riot.) Image
When you hear rioters screaming “Hang Mike Pence” and “Pence is a pedophile,” that’s QAnon.

They believe Pence can be executed not just for betraying Trump, but because he is part of a global elite leftwing sex trafficking cabal.

(Justice John Roberts, too.)
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7 Jan
Thank you to all the members of the press who broadcasted, took photos, reported and provided a historical record of the mayhem today at the Capitol—in the face of mob violence, death threats, hatred and years of contempt inflamed by a deranged conman.
The scapegoating of the press is one of the most heinous behaviors of Donald Trump. It’s the fascist playbook, delegitimizing the institutions of accountability.
“...the Trump presidency’s unprecedented hostility toward the press...[includes when he] habitually attacked the news media in rallies, responses to reporters’ questions, and many hundreds of tweets...”

A 40-page report on his egregious behavior:…
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7 Jan
It’s a sickness with old, deep roots.
US Congresswoman at the rally before the mob: “Hitler was right....”
A whole damn thread about all the neo-Nazis who took part in this anti-democratic fascist mob:
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5 Jan
Wow. Imagine doubling your revenue in one year like this.

"Peloton...was perfectly situated to meet consumers’ needs when stay-at-home orders went into effect, and its business doubled in 2020, generating $1.8 billion in revenue."…
Peloton bought industry leader Precor for $420 million in cash in December. Bike+ delivery times were ten weeks or more, so this should help.

"In September, [Peloton] launched a treadmill [then] announced it was buying Precor, which makes commercial fitness equipment."
"Peloton now has 3.6 million users; 500,000 of them stream content from its app without one of its machines."

WFH = both work from home and workout from home
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