Things we need to know:

1) why didn't a single member of the USCP use deadly force?

2) who exactly have the orders that resulted in only 500 of the 2000 USCP officers to be at the Capitol?
3) Who lifted the standard prohibitions against backpacks and flagpoles at the Jan. 6 demonstration?

4) Why has no federal official briefed the press on ANYTHING having to do with attack or aftermath?
5) What warnings were given (or not given) to the USCP re: armed attackers prior to the 6th?

6) What role did the new Trump actors play in the DOD, DHS and DOJ, in the days before the 6th?
7) What did objecting house and senate Republicans know and when did they know it?

8) Were there coordinated plans to kidnap people in the line of succession?
9) What DAFUQ does Trump have on Mitch, Pence, Graham and Cruz that would keep them kissing the ring even in the face of a conspiracy to overthrow the US?
I am fairly sure that this screen grab from the stairs clip answers the question of whether the USCP had sidearms. It doesn't answer why they did not use them (except perhaps once).
This article says "a police lieutenant" gave the "no deadly force" order. First I have seen that detail. If true, a full inquiry into why, and whether they were on orders from higher up CoC.…
One more: why did all the early video make the USCP look like they welcomed the protestors?
Strong reporting that Trumpists attacked the DHS threat assessment functions
Who constructed the gallows and why was that obviously violent threat allowed?
This INCREDIBLY important thread by @LiteraryMouse shows both the public threat AND that Metropolitan PD must have been under a stand down order. Who gave that order?
On this question, this makes it appear that the Metropolitan PD gave no resistance leaving the USCP to attack by the mob.
Metro PD are federalized, so now we need to know who issued the stand down order?
From this, it seems that Sund was the full guy, let down by Sargeants at Arm's and the Pentagon. It's going to take years to unpack this.…

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