I expect we will soon see at least 15 states attempting to criminalize or otherwise ban health care for trans young people (under 18, and sometimes, under 21!). These bills are incredibly, dangerous, misguided & part of a larger project to enforce binary norms of sex difference.
The bill language is different in every state but the goal is to punish parents and doctors who affirm trans youth people - and ultimately, to hurt trans youth and try to stop us (trans people) from being trans.
Lawmakers and other supporters of these efforts attempt to cast treatment for trans people as "dangerous" "experimental" and "unethical". None of this is true. Every major medical association in the US supports this case. The American Academy of Pediatrics...
The American Medical Association, The Endocrine Society, The Pediatric Endocrine Society, The American Psychological Association, and more. What this is about is taking agency away from youth and criminalizing autonomy and the provision of care.
These same bills have exemptions for non-consensual surgeries on youth with intersex traits. While they claim to be concerned about consent, they simultaneously permit doctors to perform non-consensual surgeries on intersex infants.
This has everything to do with enforcing dangerous norms of binary sexual difference, cultivating fear in trans people and our bodies, and seeking to regulate the bodies of all people to align with patriarchal and white supremacist norms of how men and women should look & behave.
Should these laws pass, young people who rely on ongoing care will have that care immediately cut off. Youth who experience devastating dysphoria will be forced into their endogenous puberty. Life-saving treatment will become a crime.
The risks to trans youth are devastating. And not only that these bills target doctors and other health care professionals, disrupt their care, and threaten to put them in prison in the middle of a pandemic. We have a lot of work to do over the next few months.

• • •

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12 Jan
Wednesday’s hearings have been delayed. This gives us more time to keep up the pressure! Sign-up to phone back here: theneat.org/mt.html
If you are in Montana, contact your reps and tell them you oppose HB 112 and HB 113. Here are some resources from @TheChrisMosier. transathlete.com/take-action
Folks in Montana: To contact your rep ☎️ 406-444-4800 and ask to leave a message with the House Judiciary Committee and your representative. ImageImage
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7 Jan
On Wednesday, Montana will be the first state to hold hearings on dangerous anti-trans bills in 2021. We need your help! The House Judiciary Committee will be voting on HB 112 and HB 113 (links below). These bills bar trans people from sports and ban health care for trans minors.
HB 112 is a carbon copy of Idaho's HB 500 which has been preliminarily enjoined because the court found it likely violated the Constitution and was passed due to animus and not because of any important gov't objective. leg.mt.gov/bills/2021/bil…
HB 113 is a ban on health care for trans youth. It would punish doctors for treating trans young people consistent with the standards of care. It would immediately jeopardize trans lives. leg.mt.gov/bills/2021/bil…
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2 Dec 20
I need people to understand how terrifying and sad and scary what is happening in the UK is for trans young people there and for trans people around the world. Please read and raise all the alarms that you can.
Yesterday a court ruled that trans youth under 16 and possibly all trans minors likely cannot consent to gender-affirming care even where they (1) request the care; (2) have the support of their parents or guardians; and (3) their doctor deems it necessary.
Though the decision will be appealed, as a result of the court ruling puberty suppression care that young people have been receiving and care that they have been waiting for potentially for years has begun to be cut-off and appointments cancelled.
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1 Dec 20
There is a very aggressive effort in the UK and the US to end care for trans youth. The escalation is leading to high profile litigation and legislation that will lead to care being cut off in extremely dangerous ways.
We have a responsibility to counteract these narratives in every way that we can. That means building support for trans existence generally, validating trans youth every day, and working to minimize medical gatekeeping for everyone.
Here is what is happening in the UK as of today: bbc.com/news/uk-englan….
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30 Nov 20
Yesterday I asked a guy in an SUV to move his car because it was blocking the garage and my kid and her mom were trying to drive-in and I was on the sidewalk. I was calm and in a good mood after a nice weekend. The guy lost it. He stared at me with so much rage.
He wouldn’t move the car. I asked him again and he told me not to start talking like I was built because I am not and he was about to get out of the car and “slap me on me face, faggot”. I didn’t respond. He looked me in the eye and called me a faggot again and drove off.
My kid was right near by. It was the middle of the day. At the time it was mostly embarrassing. I felt that deep pang of self-hatred (and a tiny bit of gender validation for being called a faggot - since yes, accurate).
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20 Nov 20
One thing that always troubles me about #TDoR2020 is how the focus on the individually-perpetrated acts of violence can obscure the systemically facilitated death of so many trans people each year.
For example, though our beloved Lorena Borjas wasn't murdered by an individual, she was murdered by the state. She was killed by our collective neglect and failure to ensure that our community was supported as COVID ravaged neighborhoods in Queens.
It is through laws and policies that take away people's chances for survival that so many trans people die each year - most of them Black and Brown. There are things we can do beyond remembrance, beyond naming the dead - though this is important too.
Read 7 tweets

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