#Khazarian Mafia Seeks to #Surrender as #SecondAmericanRevolution Underway

The events of the past week, and the coming weeks, will go down in #history as one of the #biggest, if not THE biggest, #revolutions in history

Report benjaminfulford.net/2021/01/11/kha…
We #WDS are not talking just about the fall of the United States of America #Corporation; we are talking about the end to a system of #slavery that has continued for thousands of years

The #USmilitary is now officially on the warpath

Report stillnessinthestorm.com/2021/01/benjam…
The #USmilitary is now officially on the warpath

Multiple U.S. warriors like Generals #MichaelFlynn and #ThomasMcInterney are among the many who have gone on the record to say a #SecondAmericanRevolution is underway
The #Khazarian Mafia (specialy the European #BlackNobility) has reached out to the #WhiteDragonSociety #WDS and its allies to #negotiate a #surrender

The #DeepState is in #panic, they want to negotiate and understand at the highest level what really happened and are afraid
This is going to take time because it will involve complex exchanges of documents and actual face-to-face meetings (not via computer networks)
Remember these are the hidden families who privately own such institutions as the UN, IMF, BIS, and the WorldBank
That is why arranging an orderly transition cannot be expected to take place overnight
Anything that replaces it must be democratic, meritocratic, and visible to all
Also, keep in mind U.S.President #DonaldTrump, whether you love him or hate him, is a genuine #humanbeing elected by the #humanbeings of the #USA
His political opponent (...) is (more often now visible as a CG composite) representing an unelected group that hides from public view
This same secretive group has killed and replaced several worldleaders w/ computer graphics and bodydouble actors

In the latest indication, Pope Francis’ personal doctor died last week of “Covid-19”
Presumably, he was killed to prevent him from telling the world the Pope is dead
WDS mention #QueenElizabeth as having been #replaced for the first time, because unlike in previous years, #WDS have not received any analog documents bearing her #signature as proof that she is alive
Furthermore, new reports are now saying she and her husband have been given vaccines for (...) Covid-19

MI6 sources say this announcement was “a highly out of the ordinary protocol, it is unheard of for any details of health to ever be made mention of in public”
If the #Queen is gone, this means now #Trump and the #USmilitary are now all that stands to #protect #humanity from enslavement by hidden, malevolent forces
WDS have received numerous, contradictory reports about where #Trump is but, they all agree he and his family are at a #militarybase somewhere in the #SouthernUnitedStates
#LinWood relayed a #message of what is to come and over the years of fighting the #Khazarian Mafia,
#BenjaminFulford can independently confirm and prove that what he says is true:
Rest assured though, that these hidden forces have to stay hidden because they are few and weak and rely on bribes, lies, and murder to stay in power because they would be neutralized (...) instantly in an open, fair fight
Let us take a closer look at what has happened
The trigger for the sudden escalation of this ongoing war was the events in #WashingtonDC on #January6th, #2021
This was a very real attempt to remove from office the last real human leader of a major power
Here is what #WhiteDragonSociety members who were on the scene in #WashingtonDC have to report about what really happened on that day
As one source notes:”In a normal joint session for the counting of electoral votes, members of the public are allowed to observe from the gallery”
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10 Jan
#Cobra about the #DeltaOption

The Jesuits are creating a color revolution in the US
Trump may use the #InsurrectionAct to counteract this
#PositiveMilitary may or may not use the InsurrectionAct to trigger the DeltaOption shortly after the election

The main aim of the #LightForces is to minimize suffering on the planet and to decrease the level of violence, and the #DeltaOption plan will be activated ONLY as a last resort when all other more peaceful options have failed

#Cobra DeltaOption 11-06-2018
The general plan for #TheEvent has remained the same
#DeltaOption covers only certain aspects of pre-Event operations

#TheEvent will be the moment of breakthrough for the planet which arrest of the #Cabal, financial reset, full #disclosure, #FirstContact:
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9 Jan
Military Situation in #Syria

As we entered #TheEndgame in the takedown of the dark #Cabal, it is not a surprise that #Daesh, a Jesuit creation, attacked and captured SAA-positions east of #Hama

#Hama lies in the middle of the Syrian #Goddess #Vortex

Map: ImageImageImageImage
The real hidden reason for the #Syrian conflict is the battle for the Syrian #Goddess #Vortex which is one of the most important energy points in the planetary energy grid

More info:
The Syrian energy vortex is actually a pentagram w/ five ancient cities: Image
Whoever controls the #Syrian #Goddess #Vortex is very close to controlling the planetary energy #leyline system

Whoever controls the energy leyline system has direct access to global #consciousness of #humanity

This is why the Jesuits have engineered the creation of #Daesh #IS ImageImageImageImage
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9 Jan
There are powerful #parallels between #DonaldJTrump & #JohnFKennedy in their respective relations with the #DeepState

Both president focused on greater international cooperation to #peacefully resolve global conflicts but were opposed by the #DeepState

#MichaelSalla 01-06-2021 ImageImageImageImage
Both presidents made extensive cooperation w/ #Russia key to their policy priorities & focused on greater international cooperation to peacefully resolve global conflicts, but were opposed by the #DeepState’s machinations to heighten these conflicts to fuel the armaments industry ImageImageImageImage
Finally, both #Trump and #Kennedy skillfully used #SpacePrograms as a means for gaining access to classified #ReverseEngineering programs

Kennedy through joint US-USSR space missions, and
Trump through the creation of a #SpaceForce & the #ArtemisProgram

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24 Dec 20
On December22st, a day after the #AgeofAquarius FinalActivation, the #Cabal tried in another desperate attempt to destroy the #feminine energy at the #CongoVortex by attacking CAR’s fourth largest city #Bambari

#UN, CAR, #Russian & #French forces repelled the attack

Map update:
The master key for the energy grid around the planet is the #CongoVortex which is a huge #energyvortex anchored in #LakeKivu #Congo

This area was the landingspace of a special expedition of the #CentralRace more than 2 million years ago, anchoring a very powerful #Light presence
Much later this #vortex was taken over by the Reptilians who actually energetically controlled most of the Sub-Saharan Africa from that area

This is the reason why black magic is so widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa and why so many people there are possessed by Reptilian entities
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22 Dec 20
Winter Solstice marks the #DawnofaNewAge, Time to Update our Calendar System

This report is coming out on December21st the day of the #wintersolstice
Also today we will be seeing a Christmas star in the form of Jupiter & Saturn appearing as one planet ImageImage
For this reason we will step back this week and look at the big picture
The important thing to realize is we are talking about the #DawnoftheNewAge
The events now taking place in the West are not just about a disputed USA presidential election

Full report
The event are about the collapse of a regime that has ruled us for thousands of years and mark an existential crisis for monotheism
When we talk about monotheism we’re not talking about an abstract God but about an inbred group that has been carrying out plans that span centuries
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13 Nov 20
Make this viral! #AgeOfAquarius Final Activation December21st 2020

This activation helps the #Lightforces ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to further stabilize the timeline that will lead into the long awaited #AgeOfAquarius

Doing this activation is the most influential factor within the power of humanity for speeding up the process
We can reach the critical mass of 144.000 and even 1 million people doing this activation!
This will create a massive #healing chainreaction in the energy field worldwide
Jupiter-Saturn-conjunction on December21st completes the 2020 #AgeOfAquarius #timeline #stargate which has opened on January12th w/ Saturn-Pluto-conjunction, had its turningpoint on June30th w/ Jupiter-Pluto-conjunction and will close on December21st w/ Jupiter-Saturn-conjunction
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