1/ This will ruffle a few feathers, as it should.
2/ Let's remind ourselves of few basics: (1) Lockdowns were warned against by every relevant institution, including the WHO, whose last warning was refreshed as late as December 2019. (2) Since May, it has been nose-bleedingly obvious that Covid lockdowns produced no benefit.
3/ (3) Hard-pressed to say something in response to this lack of substance, three derisory papers have been produced and hustled through "peer review", but all made the same basic "rain dance" error. At least one of them was co-authored by a lockdown architect, Fergusson.
4/ Many more better papers found no effect or an adverse one, & some key ones have been denied publication, as they're inconvenient. Their results are not surprising, as this was expected by pre-Covid science. Slowing spread is a bad idea given profoundly age-graduated fatality.
5/ Conflicts of interest abound. There is scarcely a university department or government advisory group that does not suffer from every member being in some way tainted by pharma or tech largesse.
6/ But, yes, let's go with the CCP, bastion of creativity that they are. If you've gotten this far, please go back to the retweet in "/1", read the links, and think through the enormity of the fact that the world had been positioned to swallow their poison willingly. END

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14 Jan
Well they did that quietly. I wonder why? @shaynekrige, this must have been just days after the Scientists Collective assured us the evidence of masks was incontrovertible, in the process referring us to a study of two hairdressers. @dailymaverick, you need less corrupt experts.
In general the @WHO should simply have stuck to their 2019 pandemic influenza guidelines.
Come to think of it, the Scientists Collective also promoted the doctrine of WHO infallibility. Can you recall whether they were referring to the WHO in March, the WHO in September or the WHO in December?
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7 Jan
Here is another very enjoyable conversation, with @Pandata19’s scientific advisory board member, Dr Jay Bhattacharya. Key ideas in this thread. 1/10
We are making world-changing decisions on the basis of evidence that is not very good. Vast scientific evidence tells us that infection fatality rates are much lower than originally expected. A small fraction of people get severe illness. 2/10
The scientific community has been resistant to evidence not supporting the majoritarian view, preferring instead to gin up panic, focusing on the worst case for everything the virus does & the best case for everything lockdowns do, and ignoring the range of uncertainty. 3/10
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3 Jan
I entered this conversation thinking that I already knew the story, in a way. Dr Wodarg had succeeded in preventing the WHO from creating a fake pandemic in 2009. He thought the world wasn't silly enough to be fooled twice, but he'd been wrong. 1/9 pandata.org/wolfgang-wodar…
He'd previously had ready access to mainstream media and found this suddenly cut off when he opened his mouth to voice his concern about the hysterical mania of Covid. The comically corrupt whom he'd vanquished all those years ago had been waiting for him. 2/9
All sorts of web entries about his courageous and humane career in public health and politics had morphed into caricatures that painted him as a freak; a "denier", as the post-modern parlance goes, with no means of redress. 3/9
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30 Dec 20
“When the law is unjust, violating it is not only justified as legitimate, it is exalted as heroic.”

The regulations are absurd, from masks, to curfews, to closures. People see they’re ineffective & destructive & they are disobeying, as they all should. businesslive.co.za/fm/opinion/pro…
We have state capture, media capture and corrupt science all participating in this tragic miscarriage of justice, this terrorizing and brutalizing of ordinary people. Democracy lies in ruins, there is no debate and no chance to question and demand answers.
Every citizen has an ethical obligation to resist. Complicit politicians, journalists and scientists will have their day of reckoning. The rest of us need to be on the right side of history.
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23 Dec 20
Before you decide that you’re worried about that new “mutation”, please listen to professor of virology, Vincent Racaniello, replacing governmental bad science with some good science. 1/7
Some key points: No reason to expect greater transmissibility, a change in the ages of people at risk or greater virulence. This is neither a mutation nor a new strain. 2/7
Epidemiological measurement is not a sound basis for assessing the impact of the changes. 3/7
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