Hey the acting DHS secretary mysteriously stepping down an hour after ordering the Secret Service to start preparing the Capitol for Biden's security early. Probably just another wacky coincidence and not Trump planning to murder the incoming President
sure but when in the last 5 years would "assume the worst" not have been a good heuristic?

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11 Jan
There's no point in using the 14th Amendment Section 3 if you're not going to go all the way and pass a massive suite of electoral and judicial reforms along with it. (Without the judicial reforms, the Supreme Court is likely to invalidate it anyway)
Ban partisan gerrymandering, mandate national early voting and vote by mail, reduce or remove the lame duck period, DC and PR statehood etc etc etc
National Popular Vote for President as well, of course.
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10 Jan
I'm sure a glut of supply has something to do with this but I wonder how much this is because Congressional crackdowns on anonymous shell companies are making high-end real estate less attractive as a way to hide or launder money
strongly agree. It's kind of tough to talk about because there's not a lot of great examples of local policies that are effective at combating this, but it's absolutely something the feds could step in and do (and they kind of are!)
Oops having said there's no good policy for the locals on this, a rental registry is one that seems like it would help a lot. Effectiveness of vacancy taxes is a little controversial but also there's not a huge downside to having them, so...
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9 Jan
3 kinds of buildings that get historical protection in the USA

1) "George Washington took a shit here in 1778" (fine)

2) famous architect home that costs $250,000 year to maintain because the roof leaks (lol)

3) gas station from 1974 that would otherwise be apartments (bad)
Distinguishing between the three distinct categories is not particularly difficult but the discourse stubbornly collapses them into the same thing constantly.
I was actually thinking of the gas station in Silverlake but it's a story that keeps happening for a reason
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6 Jan
A huge amount of dysfunction in mid-century public housing was caused not by something being conceptually wrong with public housing, but by using low-income people as part of a social experiment to test out Le Corbusierian towers-in-a-park designs that ended up being disasters.
They demolished a real neighborhood to build Pruitt Igoe and gave it highbrow architectural awards before tearing it down twenty years later.
Urban Renewal failed for the same reason sprawl suburbs fail. Separation of uses, neglect of walkability and prioritization of car traffic ("towers in a park" often became "towers in a parking lot") don't work compared to traditional urban forms.
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6 Jan
I had a very vivid dream last night that I was working a gig as a sound engineer where we were recording Senator Mitt Romney doing a parody cover of the 2000s chopped and screwed hit song "Sitting Sideways" by Paul Wall.
I don't have a joke or anything. This was a real dream and I don't know what it's supposed to mean.
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5 Jan
this is a coup. any Members of Congress who support it should be removed from office by Biden on January 20, citing the 14th Amendment to the Constitution
more importantly I think a traitorless Congress could actually pass real reforms that would prevent this from happening again, rather than staying on its current trajectory where a fascist GOP takes power again in 2022/2024 with a minority of the votes
To the attorneys who think this would be illegal for Biden to do this, I'd suggest to them pursuing the same remedy applied to Trump: just get the House of Representatives to impeach him and 2/3rds of the Senate to convict. Should be easy, right?
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