1/ After reading @MichaelPSenger’s and Gen @robert_spalding ‘s, others’, brilliant letter to intel agencies abs police about China’s network of Western ‘lockdown’ enablers, plus seeing @BrianOSheaSPI ‘s powerful evidence about how China/Big Tech/Big Medical Data ally to profit...
2: from crippling Western ‘lockdowns’, I realize why this time has been so uneasy. We are witnessing ‘solutions’ that are Marxist or totalitarian and not Western. The West has a lot to answer for historically but we should not lose sight of what’s beautiful about free societies..
3/ and Western intellectual traditions. It should not be un-woke to value the Enlightenment, liberalism, scientific process, free speech, ‘liberte, egalite, fraternite’ and all the gorgeous legacies of Western humanism. Every society has things to treasure and cherish but now...
4/ more than ever we need to champion our traditions of individualism and human rights because we are being bombarded with Chinese Marxist/totalitarian messaging, bots and policies claiming that freedom is an infection and the state’s idea of ‘the good’ should subsume every ...
5/ individuals choice. National policy solutions for COVID are being presented in a very CCP sort of way: only ONE model, which is unwavering, illiberal and inhumane. If it weren’t for China’s capture of ‘lockdown’ policies, leaders in the West, we’d be having a Western response
6/ to this crisis. Dissent, argument, local experiments and solutions, free market solutions, some towns choosing to bring elderly meals at home if they sign to self-isolate by choice, others choosing to build more hospitals or open more outdoor classrooms do kids can take masks
7/ off, a million experiments in safe lifestyles as in other epidemics in the West — ie groups schooling kids together, groups of 30 say choosing to socialize and hang out together while keeping apart from others... elderly people living together after getting tested, rather than
8/ dying slowly alone in brutal isolation etc etc. there would not be shaming of those critical of ‘official’ pronouncements, a very CCP and in-Western idea. Even the language and cliches - ‘social distancing’ - sounds like Mao’s Little Red Book. Back when when we lived in the
9: free West, that would be called choosing to be respectful of others and use common sense. The immense disorientation and discomfort we feel is not just that there is a bad virus loose as there was in the HIV crisis, th, polio etc - it’s that we are being forced into a Chinese
10/ Communist thought process and ‘solution’ matrix in which there is only one ‘authority’, only one outcome for policy, and the bonds, ingenuity, and self determination of individual humans must be crushed. To hear that sociable Ireland is banning visitors or that Scotland,..
11/ which birthed the Enlightenment and much of its science, is issuing restrictions that HAVE no science or that New Yorkers aren’t allowed to innovate their own solutions for safe commerce, shows how we are being stripped of our cultures and Western ways of thinking - precious,
12/ liberal, quirky, individualistic, problem-solving, free, entrepreneurial ways of thinking, if w different flavors in Dublin, Glasgow or NYC - because all thought and every ‘solution’ is modeled on Beijing and coming down to many traitors in charge in the West, from Beijing.
13/ Last thought: our western liberal democracies were birthed in great pain and with great sacrifice. From monasteries that kept books safe in the early Middle Ages to Galileo’s trial to women burned for three centuries as witches, because they understood how to heal, to bloody
14/ revolutions in France and in the baby United States (and again bloodshed two days ago), to the centuries-long fight against the enslavement of Africans to the bloody revolutions in Europe against totalitarian monarchies in Europe in 1848, to the fight for suffrage for women..
15/ and the First World War to defend freedoms...the Spanish civil war... Second World War against fascism... reaction of communist intellectuals of my dad’s generation when they understood what Stalin was doing... the fight for civil rights, lgbtq rights...against Guantanamo..
16/ trials and trials to defend books from the censors from Lady Chatterley’s lover to Howl...people bled, they bled and died, for societies like the kind we in the West took for granted til March 2020. And now if we don’t wake up and understand and cherish and defend these ...
17/ freedoms, 600 years of struggles for a literate, humane, equal and free West — with all the mistakes acknowledged... in which there is a rule of law and your right to have basic self-determination, freedom to worship, bodily integrity and safety from the jackboot at the door
18/ will be gone, gone and unrecoverable. I give it three months before people forget what freedom even felt like it what its reflexes and rights are. And as those who have survived totalitarian societies try and try to warn us, there is something much, much worse than the worst
18/will be gone, gone and unrecoverable. I give it three months before people forget what freedom even felt like it what it’s reflexes snd rights are. And ad those who have survived totalitarian societies try and try to warn us, there is something much, much worse than the worst
19/ virus. And that is life in a totalitarian state. Don’t throw away what heroines and heroes lived, fought and died for for 600 years to give you. Reject CCP ‘lockdown’ policies — but also reject the intentional, strategic effort to annihilate Western liberal/humanist thought.

• • •

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13 Jan
1/WHY are bars, restaurants snd houses of worship being targeted? Not just for epidemiological reasons as the science for this is thin if rooms are ventilated, cleaned. But because people can speak to one another freely and even more dangerous, met new people and gather new intel
2/...without digital surveillance or being restricted to their existing contacts as on Zoom. And that would shift this paradigm. Because massive amounts of money are confirmed being spent on propaganda to paint the world outside your home as terrifying. If you gathered with new
3/ people or in a larger community, over time, sure enough people would notice (as I did when I had dinner at an unmasked community that gathered in smallish but varying groups regularly) that whole communities are NOT getting sick or they would learn that of 100 people, two...
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Third in @DailyClout’s series ‘Profiles in Courage’. Can’t-Miss intvw with Canadian ER physician ⁦@DrP_MD⁩, who testifies movingly about deaths, illnesses, child suicidality due to ‘lockdown’ policies. Will make you cry. Made me cry. A true healer.
2/ He describes a Canadian immigrant family, who lived from the income of the dad, a hairdresser, eating Mr Noodle as the dad was not considered ‘essential and is forbidden to work. Hunger in Canada...he describes high rates of depression and suicidality among KIDS! Who are...
3/ isolated from their friends so have no safe haven if their homes are unsafe...patients ‘riddled with cancer’ because they were too afraid of COVID to get screenings...the effect of telemedicine leading to patients not following doctors’ directions or taking their medicine...
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12 Jan
One of the most important interviews of our time, first of 4 DailyClout Profiles in Courage: ‘Cybersecurity Expert Steve Waterhouse Warns that N America is Under Attack’ via @YouTube
2/ @Water_Steve, thank you for your patriotism and courage in warning us all how the pandemic has allowed for a massive ‘hack’ of the human capital, IP and government proprietary information of the West, by our enemies. Between this interview, @MichaelPSenger’s/Gen Spalding’s...
3/ letter to law enforcement snd intel agencies about the ties of ‘lockdown’ proponents to the Chinese Communist Party, and the exposure by scientists such as @goddeketal of the corrupt peer review process that led to the paper that justified a ‘lockdown’ invented by our most
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7 Jan
1/Just had an interview scheduled with @goddeketal, Dr Simon Goddek, the post-doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics in the field of biotechnology, at an unnamed Dutch university. This researcher has been publicly pointing out that the paper that...
2/ the PCR test as the gold standard underlying global "lockdowns" was passed after maximum ONE day of peer review, as opposed to the average at that same journal of 172 days in 2019. Also that several authors have conflicts of interest. Unfortunately we were forced to cancel..
3/ because he was strongly advised by his university to maintain silence and not speak publicly -- to step back from this issue. I learned from a source that his university was heavily assailed by many complaints. Other scientists who have signed the review criticizing the PRC..
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6 Jan
Just did most important interview of my career. Highly distinguished insider/cybersecurity expert warns that North America/West is under ‘soft’ attack. Intel services hacked. Exploitation of crisis. I’d conclude we should not rule out attack in DC as amplified by a foreign power.
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6 Jan
1A colleague in MA’s ex’s mother-in-law just tested positive for COVID in routine test. No symptoms. The mother in law was taken to the hospital!!! Grandchild had to stay home from school 10 days though no symptoms, no pos test. The mom who doesn’t even LIVE w the mother in law..
2/ must stay home for 10 days if the child (no symptoms) tests positive though evidence for kids transmitting asymptomatically is weak to nonexistent as I showed here. Mom is a single mom, sole proprietor, self employed w kids to feed. If she has to stay home (no symptoms, no ..
3/ positive test) she won’t have income to pay bills/ look after/feed kids. In that household 20 days of schooling and income total will have been lost in Jan due to ONE test in another household, test shown to generate false positives, though no one has any symptoms or is ill.
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