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I just think Image
He just Image
And perhaps he Image
And maybe around the house he cant be bothered to get dressed and so he Image

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9 Jan
Well now I wanna write a fic about wwx who works in the garden center of some big store, and Lwj who comes in every week for a new plant because he keeps killing them.
Lwj always brings the poor plant in, looking melancholy, the plant looking tiny in his huge hands. "It has...expired." he sniffles.
Wwx is new at the plant center but he's always had a green thumb. "Oh no. All of her leaves have fallen off."
Lwj nods. Somehow he makes even that look sad. "My son picked them off. I've had this moonstone for over three weeks. Its the longest I've ever kept something alive."
"Hey thats okay! Look the roots are still healthy, so long as you don't overwater her I'm sure she'll be fine."
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30 Dec 20
Lan Wangji holds A-Yuan tightly. He can't stop shaking, cant pull himself together even though he knows he's panicking his son.
Hes okay. Hes safe. Its just a fracture.
And yet.
"Hanguang Jun? I'm okay. I promise I'll be more carefulz please dont cry-please-" Lan Sizhuis
Voice cracks, his own tears forming and falling down the cheeks still plump with baby fat. "I'm sorry, I wasnt paying attention and i got hurt." He hiccups a sob and Lan Wangji squeezes him as tightly as he dares. He cant speak past yhe lump in his throat.
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30 Dec 20
Wanna talk about lwj fucking the hell out of wwx in a desperate attempt to maybe make wwx like him? Lwj doesn't have any friends and he likes wwx. A lot. He just wants wwx to keep coming back but he thinks wwx only likes him for sex.
People dont often approach Lan Zhan. He's talk and intimidating and cold even if he doesn't mean to be. That never seemed to stop Wei Ying. He bounded right up to Lan Zhan. Flirted with him. Kept smiling even as Lan Zhan eyes him blankly, heart pounding.
"Wanna come over to my place?"
No one has ever invited Lan Zhan anywhere. He takes a deep breath.
"Yes." Its truly that simple.
Wei Yings place is cozy and messy and Lan Zhan thinks perhaps it is the perfect lind of warmth, the perfect kind of cocoon. It smells like Wei Ying.
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26 Dec 20
Jin Ling is officially one month old and Wei Wuxian is helping sleep train him. While Yanli is getting a nap in and Jin Zixuan is making a run to the store Wei Wuxian has to keep the baby awake. He is a little too good at his job.
Wei Wuxian bites Jing Lings cheek again. Just a little nibble. "Wake up, wake up. You keep my sister up all night and now you wanna sleep in? No, no, no, time to talk to Uncle."
Jing Ling makes an unhappy noise his expression asking 'Are you gonna let him do this to me?'
Jiang Cheng frowns. "You have to keep him awake. You don't have to bully him. Stop /biting/ him. He's gonna grow up with an irrational fear of teeth."
"Oh please. We're bonding. Through sleep deprivation."
Wei Wuxian smells Jin Lings hair again. "This pheronone shit is no joke."
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19 Dec 20
"Doctor? Please help me my husband is trying to kill me."
"Lan Zhan-"
"He won't feed me. I'm starving."
"Lan Zhan you just ate!"
"I have not had my food. Every day. You said every day. And you lied."
Wei Ying made a pained face at the doctor, patting his husbands head as Lan Zhan pouted, his eyes as big as saucers.
"He has had his shake, he's just being a brat."
The doctor laughed, evidently used to this kind of thing. "Lucky for him his mouth is healing up nicely!"
"He should be back to real food in another two or three days, that'll brighten his mood."
Lan Zhan/glared/. His mouth was swollen so it did not have the usual effect. He looked like an annoyed chipmunk.
"I don't want real food. I WANT TO SUCK HIS DICK."
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18 Dec 20
Sang Cheng next! Oof much thinking is being done.
Jiang Cheng ripped the go-gurt from Wei Wuxians hands, so angry his eyes burned. "You /cannot/ just feed the animals random food! You're gonna kill them."
"Jiang Cheng you-"
"Not to mention that-" jiang Cheng raised his arms, his hands making fists, squeezing, and then-
Several things happened at once.
Jiang Cheng felt something cold splatter against his face, a voice he didn't recognize screamed, Wei Wuxian began laughing hysterically, and Jiang Cheng slipped on the moss, taking the strange boy down with him.
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