Welcome to The New Urban Agenda, courtesy of the United Nation's Agenda 2030.

Yaaay! Sustainability!

Of course, if you have no cars—and trust me, you won't be able to afford one—you'll have to rely on public transportation & airlines to leave your new smart city.
Of course, you won't be able to use those services without your vaccination passport.

So you will shop, either at Amazon or eBay or at the store you can walk to. The store that got the lucrative permit to build in the master planned, inclusive and mandated diverse community.
You'll work at home, too, if you don't have that vax passport.

And you know, if you refuse to take care of yourself, your national healthcare status is going to have to be reviewed. I mean, you haven't enjoyed your free membership to the corner gym & CCTV hasn't seen you jog...
Luckily, all the restaurants permitted to operate in your community have agreed to serve healthy, smart servings.

The bars will serve you all night, but your social credit score will take a ding if you ping off the pub too often, so it's probably best to be in your home by 9 pm.
This is Their plan for you.

It isn't a conspiracy.

They tell you it's Their plan every second They get.

Believe Them.


PS: Everything is sourced and linked, much of it from Their websites. 👇👇👇

• • •

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13 Jan

Ok, Twitter Fam, all of this is happening very fast, which means we need fast responses.

We need to come to grips with the fact that this is where we are right now.

This is real.

So let's start coming up with meaningful plans to counter it all.
Here's my first thought: Start going as low tech as you can.

Start creating actual paper trails.

Think about writing checks again, so you have cancelled checks as records.

Start memorizing some phone numbers again.

Get a damn corded landline.
Just to be clear, I'm not saying toss your cell in the ocean and go off the grid.

I'm saying have low tech back-ups and printed records of anything you do online.
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7 Jan
Start making a list of news people you trust.

Not "news people you always agree with."

People whose analysis challenges your thinking, not confirms your beliefs.

People you believe tell the truth as they see it, no matter what.

My starting list, below...
.@SteveDeaceShow tops my list.

He cuts through the noise and gives you his bottom line, and could care less if you believe him.

He embodies "righteous indignation," which can at times annoy me, but he applies it with honor.

He is speaking the truth as he knows it.

If you want to look at his track record for insightful, damn near prophetic, analysis, pick up a copy of his book, A Nefarious Plot.

He published it in 2016.

He nailed it.

All of it. ImageImage
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7 Jan

Well, Twitter Fam,

I'm not bragging, but, since the beginning of the plandemic, I've been pretty good at predicting what to expect next.

Even up to and including the clusterfuck that went down yesterday...

But I have to be honest:

I don't have a clue what happens now.
Here's what I do know:

Half of America knows this was all an orchestrated coup.

We know what we saw yesterday.

We can't unsee any of what has happened over the last 5 years.

We will never again trust our intelligence community, our representatives, our judicial system...
And seriously,

Fuck our elections or the officials who are crowned as a result of them.

That's just a damn joke.


Now what?
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7 Jan


Let's take a look at Navistar, shall we?
You can't make this shit up...

Link: mooredmgroup.com
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6 Jan

You know, it's just occurred to me...

How many times have we heard @realDonaldTrump say, "If I had a plan, you'd be the last to know it"?

What are the chances he comes out with something none of us saw coming?

Here we go!

Read 21 tweets
30 Dec 20
The dude who is testifying right now is so awesome.

He's like a super genius who simplifies things to the degree that you just have to nod in agreement with him.

"Blow it up so big that people who can't connect the dots won't get distracted."
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