on our second rehearsal break and I just cried with happiness hearing my play out loud for the first time because even in this ABSOLUTELY INSANE CLUSTERFUCK OF A WEEK - or perhaps especially - it just feels really good to be an artist again
we started by getting out their tarot decks and showing each other the seven cards the play is based on

I have Mystic Monday, a Jane Austen one, and Yoshi Yoshitani's "Tarot of the Divine," which uses folklore from around the world

Brandon the director has a RuPaul one
Alaska is The Devil, which just feels right
just finished our first day of rehearsal and i'm VERY HAPPY with how things are going AND my witch friend Kate is coming in tomorrow to be our tarot consultant and do a group reading for us

I really needed this soul nourishment this week istg

• • •

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13 Jan
The U.S. Catholic Church's refusal, as a body, to hold to its own laws of social teaching by treating the death penalty as a life issue is an absolutely criminal abdication of moral responsibility - not just by the Catholic SCOTUS judges but by the institution enabling them.
Conservative American Catholics wanted anti-abortion judges on the bench and sold their souls in order to get them. Now the president they voted for by a margin of like 60/40 is fast-tracking executions his last week in office.

To make sure he gets the chance to kill people.
I swear to God, sometimes I don't even know what I'm still doing here.
Read 8 tweets
13 Jan
everyone: mike, your boss literally tried to have you murdered
mike pence: to everything there is a season
"a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to reap; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to try and have mike pence executed, and a time to not try and have mike pence executed"
the annoying thing is, like . . . he doesn't NOT have a point that impeaching Trump under any kind of "mentally unfit" clause sets a precedent that any asshole, in the future, could potentially abuse in horrible ableist ways

he's just not arguing that in good faith in ANY WAY.
Read 11 tweets
12 Jan
me: *posts picture on Instagram of flowers from Alice*

this guy, who is now blocked: *delivers master class on conservative trolling disguised as Just Asking An Innocent Question Why Are You Being So Sensitive* ImageImage
“I’m just curious! You can’t get mad! It’s just an innocent question! Just crashing into your mentions to make you justify your existence to me, a total stranger! I will now use an entirely specious misread of the concept of evangelization to demand your emotional labor!”
sometimes I get men in my mentions asking what might be intended as a good-faith question who get really offended when I presume bad faith, but like??? don't be pissed at me, be pissed at other men that this is what my mentions look like on an instagram picture of some flowers
Read 5 tweets
11 Jan
cannot believe they are rebooting SATC after those absolute nightmare movies instead of just giving me millions of dollars to write a love letter to MILFs starring every actress over 50 gay twitter is thirsty for
off the top of my head:

Queen Latifah
Famke Janssen
Michelle Yeoh
Paige Turco
Angela Bassett
Gillian Anderson
the hot moms of "Riverdale"
Emma Thompson
also Lena Headey, Robin Wright, Eva Longoria, and the MILF witches from both Sabrinas
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11 Jan
I feel like there's actually a huge difference between "I am afraid to vote to impeach Trump for self-serving career reasons and/or because I'm a chickenshit" vs. "I'm literally terrified the people who built a gallows for Mike Pence will kill my family"
because if the second one is the real reason, that's fixable by actually getting them some better protection, which it's clear this week is a genuine crisis

the capitol police didn't do their jobs and these people's homes aren't hard to find
like, fine, just add extra security to the budget for those people, we'll more than make up for it by impeaching trump and not having to pay for his secret service detail for the rest of his life
Read 4 tweets
6 Jan
what I hope the DNC takes from this is that THERE ARE ALREADY PEOPLE ON THE GROUND DOING THE WORK in all the states you don't think are in play. they just need money, visibility, support, and for you to run real candidates with real ideas, even in races you think they might lose.
I agree that Stacey Abrams should get absolutely whatever job she wants, but the machinery she built could be replicated and nationalized by identifying the people like her in every "red" (i.e. suppressed) state, and just pouring money into enfranchisement/GOTV programs.
But like.

We can fight EVERYWHERE.

We can win EVERYWHERE.

If we do the work, there's no state that isn't flippable. I truly believe this. We KNOW how many states that seem red only do so because a tiny panicked GOP minority is desperately focused on keeping people from voting.
Read 7 tweets

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