Any solution that requires Mitch McConnell to act right is not going to work. You would think everyone would know this by now
To be clear, I think Schumer should still try it. Hang the failure to act entirely on Republicans and McConnell
Just, you know...don’t expect this to work, everyone

• • •

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12 Jan
Hillary Clinton: I won the popular vote and it seems bad that the Electoral College can make it so that someone who loses the popular vote is the President, but I concede

Trump: I did not lose and everyone is a traitor and all the votes are lies

Republicans: these are the same
Stacey Abrams: I lost narrowly in an election where there was obvious vote suppression and my opponent was literally the one in charge of election security...but I concede

Trump: here are 376940 unhinged conspiracy theories the courts threw out

Republicans: looks the same, bro
It's the absolute intellectual dishonesty for me
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11 Jan
Okay I know this is way down the priority list right now, but at some point I need someone to explain how the second season of Bee and Puppycat was supposed to come out in early 2019...and is now slated for 2022 on Netflix. Despite the episodes already existing?
Me, grabbing @netflix by the collar and speaking slowly and clearly: just release the Bee and Puppycat. We need this
I just don't understand how badly this wonderful cartoon has been mishandled across the board. You see all those adult Steven Universe and She-Ra fans out there? GO GET 'EM
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10 Jan
Okay it’s time to #TrekThoseStars. A Klingon is telling a far fetched battle story. Everyone is quietly raising skepticism with their friends. And then Miles says “but he tells it well!” There it is, found the Irishman
I love Kor. This episode is “The Sword of Kahless”, which autocorrect wants me to spell as Kathleen. And now I want a D&D campaign called “The Sword of Kathleen” #TrekThoseStars
I like that in DS9 they start to ease off the darkening makeup for Klingon skin on white actors, which kiiiind of approached blackface at times on TNG. Kor is more gray-tinged along his forehead than brown #TrekThoseStars
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10 Jan
Finished putting together my X-Wing model! Only had to resort to hot glue after fucking up a tiny metal tab, uh, twice ImageImage
You can absolutely see the hot glue on one part lol. I’ll trim it later
This was fun! You need tweezers and wire cutters would have been helpful. Also helpful? Housemate’s interchangeable knitting needle set, for providing a variety of sizes of small round things to roll and shape metal around
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5 Jan
I have had to break myself of this and oh boy is it hard
It’s fine to mention prior experiences when empathizing with someone but “mention” is the key word there. As in, keep the focus on the person who is *currently* in distress
Hearing that other people have had similar problems and come through okay can be genuinely helpful. But it’s also worth asking someone “hey, what do you need out of this conversation? Advice, community, sympathy only?”
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5 Jan
Time for DS9! I’ve decided to start tagging these tweets so people who are tired of all the Star Trek can mute it lol. From now on I’ll tag them #TrekThoseStars because it makes me laugh
We’re on season 3, episode 25: Facets. Dax is going through her Trill rite of closure, the Zhian'tara—borrowing her friends’ bodies so she can meet her former hosts. Nana Visitor is killing it as her first host, who was a groundbreaking politician
(And of course I immediately forgot the tag, sorry)

I’m glad that Leeta gets a bit more screen time in this episode. And glad that Julian didn’t totally manage to wreck his chances there after all #TrekThoseStars
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