Imagine of majestic Wonderscape written by God scribe of creation. Now imagine that within this Wonderscape there’s a secret. It has a very unique resident from a very foreign land. Now imagine that this resident lives in an entire reality of his own.
Now imagine that he can completely influence the reality of the wonderland and he could even rewrite it if he felt like it. Now picture This resident was secretly behind the scenes making sure that every citizen of Wonderland was going to receive their inheritance
In addition he was going to bless them beyond there imagination. He had a plan and a magic design. You might want to think of it as a magic formation using common light worker ideas pillars of creation and pillars of light. Imagine that this resident became an administrator
Over the entire wonderland matrix. Then imagine that he deleted all other authorities within the matrix Except himself. Now imagine that nobody knows anything about this resident he might as will not exist.
Now Imagine that this resident lives purely on his principles and fundamentals without question. His decisions and positions on everything are so insane but amazing that Pythagorean might be able to tackle it
Now imagine the Pythagorean attempts to understand the mystery behind this resident and I’m not sure he would be that successful
Now imagine that Thoth, Horus, The Melchizedek grail line, and every tribe of Judaism. Every week have tea with this resident in a magic fantasy scape outside of Wonderland and they discuss the current events. They make strategic plans and they begin to plan wonderlands
Every detail right down to the citizens.
Wonder wonder wonder wonder wonder
Imagine him singing a really merry happy tune While he cleans the wonderland chimney-SOON. Chimney all my chimney how dusty you have become how dirty and filthy you are oh my chimney poor poor chimney it looks like I must clean you I must get my hands dirty.
Soot covered head to toe. The resident cleans the wonderland chimney
If you pass this resident in wonderland you won’t even recognize him he looks so ordinary that he just blends in with everyone else. He’s super clean cut and he can be extremely quiet. He’s a bit sensitive so he really doesn’t like talking to a lot of people.
Now imagine that the resident was in charge of Wonderland conduct and behavior of its citizens. In addition he was given authority to correct or school any suspected citizen. Now imagine that he’s done such a great job for so many different eons.
He’s given a task to build a new Wonderland and to set all the new laws that will create Wonderland he’s been acknowledged as the cocreator and the founder of Wonderland and every citizen is his responsibility
Now imagine that he wrote us citizens codex and he created a magic index that was enforceable on its citizens
Now imagine he wrote the book on the citizens way of life and how to conduct yourself as the best resident you can be. Every single household has a copy of this record that is in secret. Imagine the resident hid this copy Under the citizens homes.
By placing it under the citizens home inside of its personal node To all citizens that possess such a thing. Now imagine that all Leylines are controlled by this record.
There’s another mysterious resident that’s connected to this resident as a sister. next we’re going to speak about this mystery resident it is going to be super exciting I hope you’ve got the popcorn!
When I speak of this resident we cannot see more glowing praising positive things so much that we would fall on the ground in ecstasy just to be in her presence and to be accepted by her. She defines a brand new queen and she also takes no prisoners.
If you enjoy this thread please retweet for the collective. This is an ongoing thread and will represent a collection of special works and information. This information has never been available to Wonderland before and I’m going to tell you all about it.
For some of you this might be the best story you’ve ever heard And it might help you capture wonderland light and become a special citizen who is directly is connected to the mayor. It’s considered a grand honor

• • •

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