Finally saw a medical geneticist (thanks province of BC for making that so goddamn hard). I had hoped that it would mean getting to speak (at last!) with a doctor with a more global understanding of the condition, but no -- just joints, genes, and gtfo.
Wasn't super impressed. Didn't learn anything new. But at least he wasn't rude? And my chart now includes three cEDS diagnoses (one from an internal medicine specialist, one from a rheumatologist, and this one from a medical geneticist) so I'm, like, triple verified...?
I don't need to keep getting rediagnosed! I want a better understanding of my condition and better symptom management... but I guess not?!?!?!

I have had other, less specialized doctors with a more in-depth, comprehensive understanding of the condition and how to manage it tbh.
Like I asked this geneticist, "I know the joints get the most attention bc that's outwardly obvious/diagnostically significant, but fatigue is really my most impactful symptom -- pls help?" he was like, "PT and strengthening for joints!" Dude. FATIGUE. I ASKED ABOUT FATIGUE.
And (predictably) I got NOWHERE asking about cervical instability, spine stuff, and Chiari I. These considerations do not exist in this province. So if you want to be cured just move to BC, I guess? Like *poof* no more CCI!

Considering sending him literature--just to be a dick.
So I'd still give my left tit to speak to a doctor with a truly global understanding of the condition and an interest in helping me sort through complications and co-occurring conditions in order to achieve better symptom management...

Onwards, I guess?
Lol omg and he was totally about to say I couldn't do the thumb thing because he was the one doing the test and he was barely pushing on my thumbs. I had to be like, "dude actually try pls."

"Oh there it is."

Yeah. I know. That's why I said it.
He gave me an 8/9 Beighton score. He said my R knee was 189 degrees -- not 190. I said if I take off my compression stockings it'll go further.

"No that's okay." *noting 8/9*

Bruh, I have a cEDS diagnosis x 3 now. I think I know that I'm a 9/9.
Obviously 8/9 is well above the threshold for diagnosis but imagine if someone needed a point or two more for a diagnosis and he did that...?!

• • •

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