MAGA the President is shut up, literally. The chaos, frustrations of the last four to five years, has churned bottom feeders to the top, grifters, the bitter, the mad. Your party has abandoned you, or under extreme duress themselves. You have no leadership. Black ops will take=
will take supreme advantage of this- two birds, your young, and you. Treat anyone inciting you to march armed or unarmed as black ops. You were already adroitly played to justify this coup, this propaganda campaign of stigma,defamation that you are Nazis, insurrectionists=
iron fisted strike at our republic, corporate and government revolt against our government and you. Treat incitement, entreaties to march, as black ops filling a vacuum of leadership, power. Now is not the time for demonstrations anywhere including state capitals. You cannot=
help the President or any Republican leader under duress. You can only harm those you love, whom they deploy against you, hoping you will destroy them, and in so doing, take care of another miscalculation, else they would not be hunting Patriots or Republicans in the military=
as reported, said report I pray to Gd is not true. They acted in haste, to cover great crimes, election fraud may be one of them. Do not you act with haste a second time. Lock up your guns, lock up your angry people in the home,if you must. No one knows who our political-
leaders are at this point in time. Just as we have no real clear idea of who or what violently ran into the capital.

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13 Jan
Everything about this looks like black ops to accomplish a coup of our government, and to purge Trump and his supporters from the Republican Party; indeed, out of existence in the social and political sphere. THE Republican Party leadership allowed for long intensifying ritual=
denunciations of us, the odious false charge of Nazi target to be slapped on the President’s and our backs, along with the defamation of racism. They for years allowed coarse threats and violent deeds to be encouraged by high level officials against us without censure=
the media to run hoaxes and false investigations based on false accusations to go on, the parties allowing the whole of the press the public to wound like a string around a reel of hate, while allowing the public mind to be morally overthrown by the vilest and lowest public=
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13 Jan
Not lunacy. Run of the mill fascist propaganda scapegoating tactics to cover a coup, left or right. The coup not only of the executive branch of a government but liberal wings of Marxists or Socialists parties. The Bolsheviks carried out a coup of the liberal and moderate wings=
of their socialist party and sparked a war with that wing. The Nazis carried out a coup of the Weimar parliment, the liberal socialists and moderates the first to be dragged out and shot, upon the accusation of Bolshevism. In a fascist party there can be no liberal reform of=
government, liberal or conservative; the party is the government-hence, the demand for ideological purity, the struggle sessions, shut down of dissent, free speech and absorption of the press. Scapegoating drives everyone to the one party out of terror of contamination-thus the=
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13 Jan
There were no insurrectionists. There were mentally ill spreading feces, a person wearing horns, people, who were criminals assaulting police, and potentially the excessive use of lethal forceThe rest acted like tourists, thinking that after seeing Capital invasions by screaming
chanting left mobs characterized as free speech and the “healthy” exercise of “democracy,” were entitled to to make personal confrontational demands on lawmakers too. The police, at least one of them, apparently had the same understanding when he courteously snapped a selfie with
a demonstrator. As to who was involved in assaulting police, stealing laptops and shooting an unarmed demonstrator for what reasons remain to be seen. Violence is ugly, wrong and criminal regardless motivation or political affiliation. But the American people have been taught=
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13 Jan
Just trying to survive by toeing the Uniparty line. Antifa and a host of other violent extremists in this country do not follow the President: Some have been a around left and right long before the President was born; some before he was out of diapers, and at least two others=
the Weather Underground and the Symbionese Liberation Front, were throwing bombs, robbing banks, kidnapping for ransom and killing police officers while the President was in NY battling for control of a growing real estate business. That was all during the time that history was=
was in one fell swoop turned to fiction by a methodology and philosophy of literary criticism cut and pasted from Auerbach’s “Mimesis;” also, the time of Carter’s decision to let loose the CIA in Afghanistan, through the good offices of ISI Pakistan; and the introduction of the=
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13 Jan
Dear People, opposition to an oppressive political party attempting to gain a chokehold on our institutions of government is not “insurrection,” against the government of your country. The law, the constitution restrains them. Unlike other republics taken down by such confusion=
created by coups, you have recourse- your state governments and control of said party from there. Learn that all authority and the abuse of it by raw exercise of power at the federal level comes from the ground up, through the municipal and state political parties, the flow of=
campaign financing back and forth. Ditch the argument of “values” (values do not substitute in our legal and political system for law) and the weapons, bring the fight for political control of parties at the state level. Our federalism is a powerful engine driving our “Union.”=
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12 Jan
Gen Miley and his joint chiefs have no constitutional authority to speak about such matters in the absence of a sitting President. What happened in the capital does not require the overblown military response. No one of any intelligence believes that, after the riots, burning of=
cities, arson attacks and smashed doors and windows on federal buildings, attacks on federal officers, screaming mobs “invading” the capital building and chasing lawmakers in the Senate during the Kavanaugh hearing, by the left, that Miley, who stood down the whole time, is in=
concerned with “extremism.” Rather, this is a put down by a massive show of military force and reported purging of ranks for “extremism “ ( media Orwellian term, “vetting”) of any further contest of an election that such military overreaction, Pelosi’s “little coup,” and=
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