Ok 2nd half start. Ippudu interrogation scene lo the biggest twist of all time, old and young Balayya veru. Young Balayya free old Balayya caught....ani anukonde lopu musali odu matrix stunts chesi escape. #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Vaamo, chala time ayipoyindhi asla main point marchipoyam. Some B-grade sleaze and kammam stuff featuring sweety #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Kasepu old Balayya villain tho mind games, aa villain gaadu just boxers lo ooru antha thiragadam #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Aa villian gaadu frustration lo esukunte, Finally ee investigation officer & team Simran ni kavaladaniki potharu. Musali amma flash time back of old Balayya #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
British period, fight for freedom happening. Old ⚽️yya is a doctor. 3 brothers, 2 sisters. One brother sign up for fight, he get attac & wounded. Next day British come & kill Balayya family, he as doctor cannot save any of them. Waaw iz a yamotional story #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Dr. Balayya go full violent mode & kill Britishers. Swears to fight for freedom. Gandhiji, Nehruji (scenes used from Gandhi movie) & Netaji (stock footage) express opinion about Dr. Balayya. He go training with Chinese in kung fu & sword fight #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Now Simran marriage happening. British yaatack her for spreading freedom propaganda. Kill her would-be & strip her in front of crowd. Then Balayya saves the day by killing all British by doing sword dance. Becomes most wanted no.1 by the British
Simran for Ball’s brave attack on British renames him as.......*drum roll*....Okka Magadu, he marries her. Fight continues, British finally agree to leave India . But under the condition that Okka Magadu surrenders to them #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
He surrender, Flashback ends. Investigation officer leaves team because he becomes okka magadu’s fan after hearing his story & joins his followers. Society starts to change due to Okka Magadu #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Faak, asala cinema lo main point marchi poyam kadha ? So kasepu young Balayya has a phone conversation with #mamosi Anushka & nisha followed by pedha NTR remix song featuring more sleaze and excellent dance by Ballayya #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Intha daridam jarigaka finally climax. Okka Magadu meedha public trial stadium lo. Ok so, Super twist time fraans. Okka Magadu didn’t kill any of the people that everyone assumed he killed & presents their corruption with evidence #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Climax fight. Villian 100 people ni esukoni osthadhu. Okka Matrix, Okka enter the dragon, Okka Aparichitudu, Okka Magadu #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Ee madhya lo villian & corrupt officials flight lo escape......ani anukunara, le akkada Okka magadu abbi. Already entered. Flight ni crash chesthadu. Peedha odhilindhi feels.....anukunde loopu YVS gadi cameo as a writer talking to musali simran #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Musalodu flight crash lo batike avakasam ee ledhu maari happy unnav ante, Simran ⚽️ayya raa bachas antadhi. So basically apatlo ne over confidence tho thuppas rod movies ki sequel hint #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Movie end, fans in nersam. Kanism average anukoni lekunda poyindhi. Anukunadhi left lo scenario, kaani ayindhi right lo dhi. Anti fan gaa as deniki minchi emi adagalam. Antha consistent gaa troll stuff ivadam god level, thanks chepina takkuve YVS ki 🙏 #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu

• • •

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12 Jan
General gaa fan threads for their favorite heroes disasters chosam manam, kaani anti-fan thread eppudu choodaledhu. On that note, a thread on Okka Magadu #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Adhi chiru okka flop movie ichi politics loki velipoyina time. Appatike movie stills ochai, Balayya look bagundindhi. posters veyinchi intlo dad & co racha #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
Inka meliga TV lo promos ravadam modhalu pettai. Songs release. Blockbuster album overall. Bhaari audio launch inka aa launch lo Rajamouli speech. Hype sky level loki tesukoni vellaru. Dad and Co aithe industry hit kodathunam range lo confidence #13YrsForCultOkkaMaggadu
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