It would be a real shame if someone who covers this beat had some as-yet-undisclosed and pretty extensive dealings with @robmonster back in 2018, now wouldn’t it? 😎😎😎
Oh man I’m too tired to write this thread tonight but, oh man, that @robmonster is a character, aren’t you Rob. (He is.)
While I gather my thoughts, please do some homework reading…
I’m normally opposed to sharing DMs but given that Rob doxed my phone number on Twitter and did nada for months to get death threats against me weren’t removed from Gab, we are going to have to play by different rules
That one is just weird. More on this soon. Sigh.
I really need to wait until @MollyOShah is awake and I’m awake bc she is an important part of this.
Okay, @MollyOShah is awake, we can resume. This is going to be a scrappy insiders subscribers-only type thread. I am so tired.
So, right after the Tree of Life synagogue shooting, gab was basically in parler’s exact position now— fucked. And rob monster swooped in to save them. So i went from tweeting about Gab, to tweeting at Rob/Epik/Gab asking why they didn’t deal with their Nazis.
And I end up on the phone with Rob -- which is not weird for me, b/c I love the phone -- you know, so that I can yell at him about Gab's Nazi problem.
And I am unaware of Rob's, um, feelings about these issues at this point. I'm an open-minded optimistic kind of person. And a Gab Nazi has just murdered people in a synagogue. And here Rob is re-platforming the Nazis.
So, Rob says he would prefer if I could not tweet about the Nazi problem, kind of implying he gets it's an issue. And he sort of proposes I cease and desist for 90 days while he cleans up the Nazi problem.
But I don’t like the terms of this deal so I say, Hey that’s great you’re aware of the problem but I’ll actually keep tweeting during the 90 days.
But I also try to meet him halfway, because I'm a helpful person. And I offer to send him the worst accounts on Gab, so he can have Andrew Torba take them down. (If I got you kicked off of Gab, no I am not sorry, and also you're a Nazi!)
At some point, I post a tweet about Cantwell, and Cantwell -- who was Gab's biggest account -- begins a months long spree of posting about raping and killing me.
Rob won't take Cantwell's account down, and instead asks if I will do a fireside chat with him as moderator and Cantwell, the Nazi writing about murdering me. I declined! Then he doxed me. Hmmm, what else
Okay, so now you have to read the part where he also doxed Cantwell. This is @MollyOShah's original thread.
Anyway, Nazis of Parler and Gab, the guy who is Parler's your brand new domain registrar -- and Gab's I assume still -- let an antifascist journalist help decide which of you should get kicked off Gab.

• • •

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12 Jan
We don't need new information or new analysis or new experts to understand what's going on right now. We just need to cut the shit, and see this for exactly what it is.

Headline, 80 years old, from The Boston Globe. Image
Could have been from this week.

But no, it's from 79 years ago, a rabbi speaking to The Boston Globe. Image
Again, 1940, The Boston Globe. We literally don't need any analysis, or experts. The work in that area has been done. All we need is the will to not repeat the same mistakes. Image
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11 Jan
A short thread: For all of those just starting out in Nazi research, let me offer you some advice! Everyone who does this started out not knowing how or where to begin. This is only my advice, and others might disagree!
There are thousands of people right now all doing surface level and sometimes not very careful research on the same things. Let them. You don’t need to be reposting bad doxes or retweeting ones that have been known for days. Stay off the highway!
So instead of doing that ... Pick a lane. Pick a nice, tight, narrow lane. Choose a group — maybe local to you, or not — or an individual, and learn about them. Watch them. Listen to them. Find their channels and videos and whatnot. Don’t post about it yet. Just learn.
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11 Jan
They dragged a police officer down stairs, and beat him, with flagpoles. There were hundreds of them. There's no indication ANYONE came to his defense. Know what else they're planning? To murder journalists. They've been discussing it for YEARS. Think they won't do it? They will.
Those of us who have covered this stuff have had our lives threatened. I don't generally share threats, and I'm not going to share everything, but since I have your attention ...
Here are some from 2018. This was in response to a single tweet. I never wrote a single story about this movement until I covered this guys trial. He wasn’t charged for these posts. The bar is higher than you think for what constitutes a direct threat.
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10 Jan
Let’s talk about how you can alert law enforcement to crimes, and what constitutes something you might consider reporting, and what likely doesn’t. Im not saying anyone SHOULD do this. But everyone should know how to do it, and clearly people don’t.
First and foremost, do not tag law enforcement agencies on Twitter as a way of reporting ANYTHING. It doesn’t work. Also, tweeting or RT-ing a screenshot is not an effective means of alerting law enforcement.
If you want to tip federal law enforcement, you have a couple of options. If it relates to the J6 Capitol events, there’s a website where you can upload photos and video. (There’s also a toll free number if your uploads exceed the limit.)…
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10 Jan
Law enforcement can’t simply sit on these platforms and watch everyone without reason to. That’s just not how it works. Don’t assume just because you saw something retweeted all over the place that anyone has actually taken the time to submit a tip to law enforcement.
Tweeting about it isn’t the same as submitting a tip. It’s just ... not. I’m not suggesting anyone *should* contact law enforcement, but if your goal is for law enforcement to be aware or to investigate, that’s how to make it happen.
Posting racist or antisemitic memes is not illegal. Saying it would be nice if journalists are killed also isn’t. But if you see individuals or groups that appear to be taking things a step further, directly threatening or planning violence, that’s illegal and reportable to LE.
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8 Jan
At some point we should probably accept that while not every batshit plan discussed on social media will come to fruition, some of them aren’t just shitposting. Some of them actually mean it. Let me tell you just a few of the things that I’ve seen discussed time and time again.
Hanging/beheading members of Congress.
Mass deportation/murder of Jewish people and minorities.
Murdering journalists. Murdering women. Murdering women journalists.
Murdering gay/trans people and those who support them.
These are not ideas I’ve heard once. Or twice. These are things I’ve heard hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times. In all kinds of groups and on numerous platforms. It is not just shitposting.
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