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12 Jan, 14 tweets, 4 min read
#AquariumUpdate Setting up a new tank. Walstad natural planted tank method, with a substrate of garden topsoil covered by sand. In this case I’m trying a hardwater variation, using aragonite instead of sand. Vallisneria & hornwort in there for now. Going for a vallisneria jungle.
No heater so far (!). May try a room temp native fish tank with sheepshead minnows and mollies (!). We’ll see!
This is basically like my cooking photo threads, but it’ll take months instead of minutes and you can’t eat the final product. ;-)
Incidentally, I dreamed last night that I had some giant tanks that broke or leaked and I was desperately trying to save the fish and shrimp. Sounds like a nightmare, but it ended with me finding a GORGEOUS blueish/purplish crayfish with red edges. Amazing.
And YES I clearly see that my renewed obsession with aquariums during the pandemic is pretty obviously related to the comfort of a scenario in which science & reason & art & care can all contribute towards creating a beautiful environment where living things can thrive.
Incidentally, if you keep aquariums, I would LOVE to see them. Use the #AquariumUpdate hashtag and let’s share, y’all.
#AquariumUpdate Got some more aragonite, this time in a slightly finer sand. Filled in the thinly covered areas so the garden soil substrate is more completely covered. Water's still a bit cloudy; probably will take at least a couple of days to clear.
Haven't introduced any animals purposefully yet, but there are a pretty good number of pond snails and small ramshorn snails that hitchhiked on the plants and driftwood. And I saw one scud (freshwater amphipod - a tiny crustacean) zipping around.
Still haven't decided what kind of fish or invertebrates are going in this tank. I'm setting it up for hard water fish, so maybe sheepshead minnows? Maybe mollies or some other livebearer? Maybe some orange Mexican dwarf crayfish? They'd look amazing against the light substrate.
Maaaybe I could just use it as a molly grow-out tank. Fill it with interesting hybrid molly fry that come out of my big 75G molly tank...
A kinda nice thing is that there's no rush! The tank'll take a while to settle into a healthy nitrogen cycle. Nice slow-mo hobby here. Like gardening. Plenty of time to wait and think and observe and ponder and decide as things develop.
Okay, and just because, here's the current state of the 75G molly tank.
#AquariumUpdate The water on the new tank continues to clear. Not there yet, but a bit further along than I expected by now. So far, so good!

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12 Jan
Imagine if we’d lost the Georgia runoffs.

Imagine if Trump had actually won reelection.

We’d be doomed as a democracy. I don’t say that lightly. We’d be doomed.

Again, if you did anything to get out the vote, you’re my hero.

And if you didn’t, I want you with us next time.
Zero shame if you haven’t gotten involved in political campaigns before. It’s not something most people do, really!

But it’s so critical. And if you’re willing, I WILL HELP YOU GET INVOLVED. As will hundreds of other folks on here. It’s really not hard! Just takes a little time.
The next big push will be the midterms in 2022. Incredibly important — we need to retain the House and expand our lead in the Senate. But even before that, there’ll be tons of special elections and local elections. And local elections ARE EVERYTHING.
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10 Jan
stevie i love you so much but are you trolling me
don't have to tell me twice stevie
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10 Jan
"Unity and healing" are impossible without accountability and consequences.
Also, "unity and healing" require stripping seditionists of social standing and political power. They can rejoin society and heal when they've been stripped of their ability to hurt it.
If you're a seditionist or enabled seditionists, you don't get to whine about losing power if you want unity and healing. You have to give up power and do other, non-sociopathic things with the rest of your life. THEN we all can heal.
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8 Nov 20
Today was incredible.

Imagine inauguration.
Then imagine calling your reps the very next day to tell them to push Biden to the left... and thinking we might actually have a shot.

We’ve got so much work ahead of us. But it’s a new world.

Biden said it: possibility.

Now it’s our job to help him see it and seize it.
I think Biden absolutely realizes he could be one of the greatest presidents in history, guiding our country through one of its greatest crises.

And I think he’s a person who’s learned and grown over the years, expanding his understanding of the country’s problems...
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6 Nov 20
Gonna rest in a bit. But two thoughts on next steps:

1. Fight to protect the election results.

2. Fight to get @ReverendWarnock and @ossoff elected.

3. SIMULTANEOUSLY refocus on COVID & communities in need. Give to @getusppe & your local food banks. Bad winter coming.
(Sorry, that was three thoughts.)
Big thanks to @prisonculture for this link to local foodbanks. Give if you can to one near you. The winter is going to be hard and the federal government during the lame duck is going to the opposite of help.…
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6 Nov 20
Now let's get those Senate seats.
Some relevant info from the AJC: 8,899 military ballots had been requested but not yet returned as of yesterday morning. Any military ballots have to be received today to be counted in GA.…
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