[Hi men, please consider therapy. It could help you define masculinity in a way that helps you thrive rather than drains you and feels you with fear.]

*fills you with fear. You and your feels.
To find a therapist: Better Help or the listings in Psychology Today (also online). Friends are good referrers too. When you pick one, schedule a 15-minute consult. Tell them your issue and ask them how they approach it. Choose someone you can connect with.
If you can't afford a therapist right now, you can still do some work to familiarize yourself with how feelings work. It's a whole thing! Two books that will change your way of seeing yourself are Bessel Van Der Kolk's The Body Keeps the Score and Jonice Webb's Running on Empty

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13 Jan
A great read from @Sulliview. I agree with it.

There are a few things to note here.

1) White journalists not only ignored, but actively silenced Black and POC colleagues who signalled alarm about Trump's white supremacy

2) The open, intense theater of white journalists and politicians being shaken by Trump's violence and danger NOW is fundamentally insulting to POC.

Watching Maggie Haberman be shocked at the man she openly enabled -- despite warnings -- is a bleak journalistic spectacle.
3) Someone very smart mentioned that it's natural that people recognize danger when it's "close to home." yes.

But the surprise and shock of white journalists now is also an admission that they never saw Black and POC colleagues in that same home. That home was a white project.
Read 15 tweets
13 Jan
He can't be impeached at all without a Senate trial and the Senate is out of session until he leaves office, so can pundits PLEASE stop wanking about impeachment? It cannot work. It's just talk to get him to resign.
Good time to remind you all that mansplainers and people with flags in their bios will be blocked. We all know the definitions and rules of impeachment now. No one's interested in whatever Democratic Party propaganda you got from your white liberal Facebook group.
My pinned tweet says it is important to read previous replies before posting. No badgering is allowed in my mentions. If anyone repeats a previous reply or question, their reply is hidden and they are blocked. I'm serious about moderation here to make this site usable.
Read 5 tweets
13 Jan
I just know that after tweeting for the past few days about how this is treason and requires a trial, and hearing all these hashtag-Resistance wankers yelling at me about the magical realism of impeachment... they're all going to be talking about treason trials in like 5 days.
It is treason. It is not impeachable at this point because the Senate isn't in session and won't be until the inauguration. Members of Congress were reportedly involved and aided the mob. Trump told them where to be. They had a gallows. And hostage ties. It is treason.
Liberals and their sock-puppet Resistance accounts are going to have to get over the symbolism of a half-impeachment that goes nowhere. People died. It had the strategy and means of war. It's treason. Jefferson Davis got something of a treason trial; Trump should too. Image
Read 5 tweets
13 Jan
What's great about this is that Rebekah Mercer (rich zombie) owns Parler so this is proof that Bezos is more powerful than the Mercers
The Mercers can fund numerous cultural horrors because Robert is a computer scientist and their wealth comes from a hedge fund named Renaissance Technologies as well as Cambridge Analytica, but they can't figure out that their Nazi apps need web hosting
Robert Mercer is interesting in that his whole life is a roll call of evil Image
Read 4 tweets
13 Jan
This thing is already going viral and no one is asking why this random Resistance account is in a position to know anything about the minute details of Trump's interest payments.
As a financial journalist: Do you know how hard it is to get financial details on publicly traded companies who file public documents, much less the murky workings of private organizations run by shifty dictators whose money appears to be tied up in shell companies?
Please show some sense in what you RT. How are these people in a position to know? Half this site thought the Krassensteins were political geniuses, Mueller was going to save America and that "game theory" guy had an inside line on the White House. These are UNSOURCED claims.
Read 5 tweets
13 Jan
Please send me all sarcasm in a Scottish accent
We talk a lot about Sea Shanty TikTok but please note it is basically run out of Scotland. I think this may be Scotland's year.
I checked out the original account he's mocking and it seems to be some kind of baffling anti-chocolate movement

Read 7 tweets

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