hey i just wanna keep it real, I really am truly sorry for the dumb shitty awful shit I said in tweets ages ago, and I'm sorry that I disappointed you all and whoever else looked up to not only Friday Night Funkin' but I'm sorry to whoever looked up to me personally
back then I know for a fact what i said was meant to shock and offend and be 'edgy', but I did NOT want to harm anyone by those tweets, which I definitely did and it took a LONG time for that to happen, but it is still valid.
I'm not racist, and I was never a racist, but that doesn't mean I haven't been insensitive to the point where I could come across as racist. Same situation with transphobia. I definitely should have known better with the VERY FEW but VERY HARMFUL things I've said, but I didn't.
It really is heartbreaking to hear from people who I know for a fact felt validated by me, the other devs, and the Friday Night Funkin' community, and to know that I've definitely disappointed them and that they lost somethin that made them feel happy.
Knowing that people felt validated or whatever because of the game and it's community made me feel very proud and it's super gratifying. One of the songs from the game has become a meme on tiktok about 'pronouns' and its all in a positive way, and im happy I was a part of that
It's shit like that, where I KNOW for a fact that the very people that I have offended and disappointed and angered, THEY are the one's who would otherwise love the game and it's community. It's been pretty tragic. I genuinely am sorry to those people.
there is only so much I can address, I will very likely follow up on this thread for those who want context and explanations, which I think are very important and vital to this whole situation.
I will clear up one 'Whites Only' / "Kill Trannys" / "kill jews" right now though, or at least try to a little bit. Image
In early 2018, I made a web game called 'Whites Only', which is already shocking, and it had the subtitle "kill all the black people".

The game can be played on Newgrounds, or you can just watch this quick 2 minute Youtube video. (Which you should)
Right now the quick rundown is that at the time I liked the idea of a game, that almost on the surface would appeal to strange evil people, and it would subvert their expectations and thoughts on things in an insightful way.
Whether that be from making a game about jewish people, black people, transgenders, or any other minority of some sort. I do think the tweets, and the game both failed to realize their intent, and I do NOT mean that in the sense of "lol u guys just dont get me its satire!!!"
At the time I had quite a few thoughts going into the game, where I actually was writing up a post about the game.

I still have the Google Doc work in progress, and you can read it here (last edit was April 2018): docs.google.com/document/d/1QI…

I'll post screenshots of it here: ImageImageImage
That writeup is unfinished BTW, and my thoughts have developed about the game a lot since then, but at the end of the day I do hope people can realize that the game, and the tweets, were NOT intended to harm anyone. Which they definitely did, and I am sorry for that.
To wrap back around, I WILL address more very likely, and as stressful and draining as it is to confront anything, I AM willing to chat and have conversations and follow up with people. My twitter DMs are open, and so is my discord, my tag is ninja_muffin#9104.
Feel free to shout at me, reply, DM, message me if all of this was completely tone deaf and unsatisfying, I do read messages, and I do try to take into consideration everything, even if I don't directly respond.

and once again, I really am sorry
just one more thing I REALLY want to emphasize, I don't want to brush anything under the rug! And this thread does NOT address everything! and I do NOT want the 2nd half where I talk about 'Whites Only' to sorta derail the first half where I apologize, it's all just a lot
another thing that may be overreaching, is i DO want this to reach the people who were affected by the tweets. If you see someone is mad at me, just toss em this thread. RT, share, all that.
I know its easy for people who follow me to be satisfied, I want everyone else to be too

• • •

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