🚨 Ali Alexander and Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ)

The insurrection of the US State Capitol on January 6th.

There are many players who participated and supported what occurred on January 6th at the US State Capitol but the two main players in this thread are:

1) Ali Alexander (formerly Ali Akbar)
2) Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ) ImageImage
Ali Alexander a convicted felon and lead organizer of the "Stop the steal" group.

Ali has been active & been one of the most prominent voices over the last couple of years in promoting disinfo, organizing right-wing events, and supporting other right-wing icons. ImageImage
Rep Paul Gosar is a Republican Representative from Arizona.

Rep Paul Gosar has spent the last year also promoting disinformation, aiding in spreading awareness of right-wing events, and supporting other right-wing icons ImageImageImage
Ali Alexander has been very active on Twitter over the last few years

@ali - twitter.com/Ali
@StopTheStealUS - twitter.com/StopTheStealUS

@alialexanderorg - twitter.com/alialexanderorg
@AliAkbar - twitter.com/aliakbar (nil posts since 2017) ImageImageImageImage
Rep Paul Gosar has also been very active on Twitter utilizing two accounts both with lots of information I'll be using in this thread.

@RepGosar - twitter.com/repgosar
@DrPaulGosar - twitter.com/drpaulgosar ImageImage
Ali Alexander directly implicated Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ) in one of his videos saying:

"I was the person who came up with the January 6th idea with Congressman Gosar...we 4 schemed up a maximum pressure on congress while they were voting..."

Before continuing it's important to highlight just what happened on January 6th and the oddly suspicious timing of Rep Lauren Boebert's objections, Rep Paul Gosar's objections, and the breaching/evacuation of the US State Capitol.

They occurred within ~25 minutes of each other. Image
Interestingly, Rep Paul Gosar was stopped mid-objection due to the House recess being called because of the insurrection and subsequent evacuation.

It appears Ali and Rep Gosar's earliest connection between them both on Twitter occurred on the 9th of Feb 2020. Image
Over the next year, their correspondence ramped up but of specific importance was the post-election period.

Here's an image of Gosar sparing w/ AOC tagging Ali +"Stop the steal" on the 6th of Nov.

Here's an image of Gosar congratulating Ali on his work on the 15th of Nov 2020. ImageImage
On the 19th of Dec, Ali attended a Pro-Trump rally at Arizona's state capitol promoting "stop the steal" and as @thedailybeast reports "went on to use “yet” as a code word for violence." Image
On the 22nd of Dec - Ali tweeted this image (courtesy of @BanksResearcher) where he was "hoping this call changed the world".

It appears he was high-level officials. It's possible that he was talking to the implicated GOP Congressmen @RepGosar, @RepMoBrooks, and @RepAndyBiggsAZ Image
On the 25th of December Ali posted that he "is the last stop before civil war" Image
During this mid-late December period Rep Paul Gosar was also promoting stop the steal. ImageImageImageImage
In late December/early January 20/21 Ali Alexander had been traveling around the country riling the crowds up at "Stop the steal" rallies

At this rally, the video starts with Ali Alexander saying "1776 is always an option"

It also leads to the crowd chanting "1776".
Here's what Ali was saying on the days leading up to the insurrection/coup.

Jan 4th: "DC becomes FORT TRUMP starting tomorrow on my orders"

Jan 4th: "I intend to keep our republic at any cost...Join us"

Jan 4th: "We are Peaceful 1776 Protestors!..."

(Note 1776 symbolism) ImageImageImage
On the 5th of January, Paul Gosar quote tweeted @RepAndyBiggsAZ.

Also on January 5th Paul Gosar tweeted about the January 6th Trump rally and called for others to "FIGHT FOR TRUMP" and "HOLD THE LINE"

On January 6th he welcomed the "Patriots". ImageImageImage
On the 6th of January - the day of the insurrection/coup Ali Alexander tweeted:

"First official day of the rebellion" Image
On January 6th Ali Alexander and Paul Gosar both got their talking points and tweeted.

"Anti-Fa agitation!" and "All Antifa" ImageImage
Interestingly Matt Gaetz (who was also seen calmly on his phone not interested in his gas mask) also claimed it was Anti-fa without any proof just after the House resumed.

See this thread

On January the 7th Rep Paul Gosar agreed with the insurrection/coup by saying "This is on you. The people demand transparency"

Seems incriminating to me. Image
On January 7th

He also tweeted:
- Biden should concede. I want his concession on my desk tomorrow morning. Don't make me come over there."

Notice how Ali Alexander was linked to this tweet with @ali next to #StopTheSteal2021. Image
On January 7th he also tweeted a video of his potential co-conspirator Mo Brooks saying "Great Job brother"

He also tweeted "A million voices demand justice. Not even Biden thinks he won. ImageImage
Moving back in time for a second.

On the 24th of November, 2020 Rep Paul Gosar tweeted this reference linking Trump supporters to Japanese soldiers who kept on fighting for decades after the Japanese had surrendered.

Note Ali Alexander "@ali" is linked in to the tweet. Image
At 16:26PM on Jan the 6th Ali released a statement during the insurrection stating that:

"I don't disavow this, I do not denounce this"

"Stopthesteal.... is going to be the home of the rebellion against an illegitimate government."

He knew exactly what was happening.
At the January 5th Pro-Trump Pre-DC rally - the evening before the insurrection of the US State Capitol.

Ali yelled to the crowd: "Victory or death' to which the crowd chants along.

He then declares, "We're starting a rebellion against the deep state."
Co-Conspirators implicated by Ali Alexander:
- Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ)
- Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL)
- Rep Andy Biggs (R-AZ)

It's not just the three GOP congressmen that were conspiring with Ali Alexander.

It appears to be the whole of the Arizona GOP.

Interestingly, they have appeared to scrub most references to Ali on their Twitter page.

(second photo clipped by @jason_paladino) ImageImage
It appears that the link between the Arizona GOP and Ali Alexander/Stop The Steal is connected all the way down to its most fundamental levels.

Ali Alexander claims that up to 50 Arizona GOP are involved in Stop The Steal in some way.

Ali Alexander worked closely with powerful, influential, and dark money groups/people like The Council For National Policy, Stone, Flynn, Bannon etc to rapidly explode into ALL 50 states within DAYS of reviving "Stop The Steal".

It was a coordinated op.

Great video by @Greg_Palast linking Ali Alexander to the Georgia Republican Party and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

"We'll light the whole shit on fire" - Ali Alexander.

Incredibly, Rep. Paul Gosar's brother Tim Gosar claims that Rep. Paul Gosar was an "organizer" and a "mastermind" of the "plot to do what was done last week" and that he committed "treason" and "insurrection."

Ali Alexander hands the mic to Rep Paul Gosar at a Stop the Steal event in November 2020

(from @jason_paladino - see his Ali/Gosar threads for more receipts)
While Gosar was on the ground, Biggs was "fighting" in Washington.

"Congressman Gosar has been the spirit animal of this movement...one of the other heroes has been Congressman Andy biggs" - Ali Alexander.

• • •

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Oddly, the Army denied for days that Charles Flynn was involved. Image
To give you some background to the Stop The Steal Op. It was started on the 4th of November 2020 by Ali Alexander after he received a message from @ScottPresler.

It was funded by dark money and exploded into 50 states within days of inception.

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This thread involves 3 main players:
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The first two you are aware of but let me give you a brief overview to give some context.
You've all seen the Stop the Steal clip by now with Ali Alexander.

But what you might not have known is that the person standing next to Ali Alexander on stage with Sidney Powell & Lin Wood is a young republican by the name of:

CJ Pearson

But we'll get back to him soon.
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"But this contract (the constitution) is the ONLY reason we obey the law...because his natural state is wrath, his natural state is war, that's our natural state, rebellion..."

*Clip is a rant by Ali Alexander following his ban on Twitter in 2018.
Listen to the violence he advocates for under the guise of religious "righteousness"

"If my government becomes tyrannical I am allowed to use weapons against them...it's ordained by God, it's blessed by God."

Unfortunately he's not alone. Millions believe this abt the 2nd amend
Also don't miss the odd way he only mentions "violent and feral creature that is Anti-Fa" at the end.

The Right has pushed a fictional scapegoat to motivate their base, stimulate primitive reactions i.e fear and give them a sense of "justification" for ANY violence they commit.
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17 Jan

According to Ali Alexander:

At 10AM on the 30th of Aug 2017, Ali calls House Speaker Ryan to get him to denounce "Antifa, those left-wing thugs."

At 5:16PM on the 30th of Aug 2017, Ryan Paul called Anti-Fa "Left-wing thugs".
One interesting thing from the above clip is the way Ali wants all his followers to use the "correct" adjectives:

"I don't want you to call them Alt-left...(call them) Left-wing Democrat-backed Liberal Violent Anti-Fa. - Ali Alexander

Karl Rove and Roger Stone taught him well.
This is the article from Daily Caller (Tucker Carlson's website) from which Ali is getting his info.

There are a lot of connections between Carlson & Ali Alexander out there.

Just how Gaetz (+ other GOP) have close connections to Sean Hannity/Fox News

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17 Jan

Ali Alexander introduced Roger Stone at the Young Republican 2017 meeting held at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Largo.
Part 2:

Roger Stone continues to talks about Paul Manafort, their role in the Republican party & that they started a PAC for the Young Republicans.

Stone also talks about "censorship" and *alludes* to the disinfo campaigns they had run on the internet/social media esp in 2016.
I am limited to only uploading 2 minutes and 20-second clips until/if I ever get a blue tick.

The two above clips are the whole video.
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15 Jan
Keeping track of Ali Alexander's and other potential January 6th co-conspirators' digital wallets.

On-going thread. Image
Ali Alexander's old digital wallets (verified)

As of 3rd of July 2019

Bitcoin: 1ALB71YrtC4s66rWd1qZ2Fz2tt9Ly2urZZ


LTC: LTN4PCV3JqzopW77iNf7MqAFb1YEzTrcii

Ether: 0xf3783D753B0A0420A1903c98C418A1473aCD3DEB
etherscan.io/address/0xf378… Image
Ali Alexander's old digital wallets (Verified)

As of 18th of Sep 2020

A new bitcoin address appears:

Bitcoin: 3ECVfCSUzbw2zY86WseijPV2nx5U99Xspy

blockchain.com/btc/address/3E… Image
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