It might be seen as unfair to compare random stream events to what she’s discussing, but the point is that bad shit happens on ALL platforms. It cant all be moderated in real time. You can go on FB right now & with a deep dive discover pedophilia, rape, threats, violence, etc...
It’s absurd to pretend there wasnt much DC riot organization on Facebook/Twitter. The statistical chance of it being confined to one single platform is nigh impossible

Similarly, BLM organized riots on their platforms in 2020, & buildings burned down during those,& ppl died


• • •

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4 Dec 20
Whatever you say, dude.
The truth is, influencers shouldn't be trusted, they're there to sell you a product for the companies who pay them, but LOLOLOLOL if you think the gaming press isn't also in the pockets of some publishers.

The only difference is how the money changes hands.
Exclusive one of a kind press kits (that can later be sold online for thousands), pre-release access, fancy preview parties/trips/events, review codes, advertising money, and oh so much more, all of that influences the gaming media and you're a fool if you think otherwise.
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13 Nov 20
There’s an apparent hostage situation at Ubisoft Montreal. A dozen or so employees seem to be caught up in it. The world doesn’t need more tragedy, hoping beyond hope that this all gets resolved peacefully.
Going through articles I’m needing to google translate, but it’s being reported that a group of people are keeping what may be dozens of employees hostage.
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21 Oct 20
Someone from Fort Bragg’s social media staff didn’t realize they were logged into the wrong account. Whoops!

(Fort Bragg has since nuked their twitter after seemingly lying about being hacked. DOUBLE WHOOPS!)
The absolute bad day some soldiers are now having. If you perk your ears up you can hear command screaming at them for their blunder
From Purple Hearts to Blue Balls: A Fort Bragg Love story
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14 Oct 20
“The slur sexual preference”

Please end me.
Crazy how all of...

*checks notes*

... 24 days ago @LogoTV didn’t consider “sexual preferences” offensive.
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3 Aug 20
I want to do a story about dating sites and how overly woke things have become, perhaps creating hurdles for anyone who isn’t on the extreme spectrum of the left, so I made an OKC account to get a feel for things, and this is one of the first questions I was greeted with.
These questions are so unbelievably weighted towards the far left. One can’t even answer with something along the lines of “I’m open to all humor” it’s either you’re opposed, or just some jokes are okay.
This is a very expensive website. Bet it could cut the fees in half if it didn’t go out of its way to cater to just one group of people. But it’s created an environment where at this point only certain people will pay. Bad business strategy is bad.
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8 Jul 20
Tweet 1/4

3yrs ago I discussed how trans activists were becoming their own worst enemy & that support for trans people would drop not cuz of bigotry, but cuz of the constant outrage over minor things. It reflects poorly on all trans people, & delegitimizes us in the eyes of many
Tweet 2/4:

As a trans person myself I was & still am labeled a bootlicker, transphobic, terf, etc... yet what I said was sadly correct, & we’re seeing in real time as those with influence begin to turn on the trans community due to the endless barrage of crazy.
Tweet 3/4:

Few want to hear it, but this is the result of an outrage culture that quite literally labels people ‘transphobic’ for saying ‘transgenderED’ with an ‘ed’ at the end, or that says ‘genital preferences’ when dating are transphobic. All things which are happening.
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