This is the video that is causing any pro Trump narrative about the siege of the capitol to evaporate. It's sickening. Not staged, not scripted. Not Antifa nor BLM. Not 'just a few people.' Not Viking guy nor podium guy. An angry Trump mob lynching a cop.…
Here is the video without needing a subscription. We do not know the name of the officer. It was not Officer Sicknick. Metropolitan Police are declining to release the name (which I think is wise). Sickening.

Newsweek has the story:…
The Trumpistas are losing the narrative war in a rout right now because the footage of the siege is horrific.

• • •

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27 Dec 20
Ruh roh: every article in the NY Times Sunday Review today is about how normalcy will never return. They are right... but their reporters are unaware of the actual underlying reasons. The U.S. is entering the 5th year of its Weimar period. Structural weaknesses are everywhere. 1/
American workers produce a lot of wealth... about $20 trillion a year. And most of it goes to 10 oligarchs who control the political system. So the average citizen is left struggling in spite of doing good work. This has been true for 50 years & is getting worse. 2/
Every year the U.S. sacrifices half of its children to the Vaccine God. It's a level of human sacrifice unparalleled in human history (the Aztecs were amateurs by comparison). Pharma so completely controls the system that few realize we are in the midst of The 2nd Inquisition. 3/
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23 Nov 20
15 days of prophylactic hydroxychloroquine would have ended the pandemic in March.…
We could have stopped the pandemic for $300 million (2 doses of hydroxychloroquine each, 50 cents a tablet, 300 million people). Instead the U.S. set $16 trillion on fire and that number is still growing -- with ZERO impact on coronavirus cases.
It was within Trump's power to make this happen. Fire Azar, Fauci, Redfield, Adams, & Bright on March 15. Hire Atlas. Explain it to the nation in a televised address. Release the national stockpile. Business as usual would have returned in early April. He can *still* do this.
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9 Nov 20
The slow motion Pharma genocide of children in developed countries continues. We know why this is happening. We know how to stop this from happening, right now. Yet the bourgeoisie insists that the genocide must proceed unabated. The world has gone mad.…
"No jab no pay" and "no jab no play" caused this and everyone involved in writing & enforcing these bills should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. It's 2020 and the Nazis traded in their brown shirts for white coats and people were cool with that.
All of the doers, all of the closers, all of the climbers, all of the winners -- they caused this. Uncritical participation in the system can lead to unwitting participation in genocide.
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3 Nov 20
11 months after the start of the pandemic, "there is still no transparent, independent investigation into the source of the virus."

China has not shared biological samples.

No one believes the wet market theory anymore but further inquiry is prohibited.…
Trump is corrupt AF. But at least he had the decency to call the W.H.O. out on their bullsh*t. The idea of simply rejoining the W.H.O. in the absence of major structural reforms (including prohibitions on any outside private funding from Pharma/BMGF) is batsh*t insane (Biden).
How come NO ONE in the scientific & medical community is demanding transparency!? How come the scientific & medical community collectively shout down anyone who doubts the wet market theory even though no one actually believes that theory? Are there ANY honest scientists left?
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29 Sep 20
Fascinating report by veteran Pam Long on the Pharma Loaded U.S. Soldier.

"U.S. military members take up to 19 prescription medications to enhance performance & reduce stress. The collateral damage is that 20 veterans die by suicide every day in the US."…
Here's part II.

The widely held view is that suicides are the result of combat stress. That's part of it. Yet a large % of veterans who take their own lives never deployed to a combat zone. Are we also witnessing iatrogenic injury from pharmaceuticals?…
The author of the report, Pam Long, is a West Point grad who served in Bosnia with the US Army Medical Services Corps. Pam is also the head of the Colorado Health Choice Alliance: one of the finest medical freedom groups in the country.

Read 4 tweets
26 Sep 20
Stunning article in today's NYT:

"In children, a branch of the immune system that evolved to protect against unfamiliar pathogens rapidly destroys the coronavirus before it wreaks damage on their bodies, according to the research, published this week."…
"When the body encounters an unfamiliar pathogen, it responds within hours with a flurry of immune activity, called an innate immune response. The body’s defenders are quickly recruited to the fight & begin releasing signals calling for backup...."

"Children more often encounter pathogens that are new to their immune systems. Their innate defense is fast & overwhelming."

HOLD THE F*CK UP. Children have BETTER innate immune systems than adults!? And we've always known this!?

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