Incredible reporting from @ryangrim and @aidachavez.

As more reporting comes out, and investigations begin, it will become more clear that some Congressional Republicans and members of the Trump administration coordinated with the organizers of the Jan 6th siege.

It's a coup.
The organizer of the Jan 6th siege event told @aidachavez and @ryangrim the event was planned with GOP Congressmen Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar.

"We’re the four guys who came up with a January 6 event," he said.…
And, according to reporting from @alexi, members of Congress like @TimRyan are concerned the siege was an "inside job."

Members of the Capital Police have been suspended and at least two appear to have supported the insurrectionists.…
According to WashPo, Trump resisted aides imploring him to speak out against the siege.

When he finally put out a statement, "The president had not wanted to include the final instruction to “stay peaceful."

He wanted violence.…
Some GOP members of Congress are afraid of the violence and hatred incited by Trump's insurgency.

One member claimed there were Congressional Republicans who wanted to vote to certify the election, but were afraid for the lives of their families.… Image

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13 Jan
You ever think about how the people complaining about cancel culture tried to cancel the votes of 81,283,485 people?
Me, trying to overturn the will of the majority: Hell yeah, this is freedom baby

Me, having to walk through a metal detector because my fascist coup failed: What the fuck, this is tyranny
The QAnon Congresswoman claims she's being censored.

As she questions the legitimacy of the election that brought her to Congress.

From the floor of the House of Representatives.

On live TV. 😶 Image
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10 Jan
We don't need unity with fascists.

We need unity against fascists.
If Republicans want to unite the country, they can show they're willing to oppose a man who literally tried to have them killed in order to overturn the results of a presidential election.

If they're not willing to do the barest of minimums, they should STFU forever.
Before we can unite the country, it would be great if Republicans could clarify their stance on armed fascist insurrections.
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9 Jan
What happened at the Capital on Jan 6th was not a riot.

It was an intentional assault on our democracy - against all of us.

It was not spontaneous. It was not without intention. It was a planned attack with a clear political goal: to overturn the results of the election.
At the rally before the assault, Trump said “We’re going to walk down to walk down to the Capitol, and I’ll be there with you, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women and we’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them."
Many of the people who took part were just spontaneous rioters.

However, there was clearly a plan by some to take a more tactical approach. Many of those involved had assault gear and zip ties -- as if to take hostages amongst members of Congress.…
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9 Jan
If we had a four party system, the left, liberals and center-right could band together to force out the fascists.

It’s not a pipe dream. We could have it if Congress passes the Fair Representation Act.…
Reforming the party system would have many benefits. Foremost, we could pass more laws and solve real problems.

And, we could ensure the 15-30 % of the public who fully supports Trump’s fascism would never be in government.
There would be real benefit to every faction/party.

Center-right and movement conservatives could take back their party from Trump.

Liberals wouldn’t have to ally with “unserious” leftists.

Leftists wouldn’t have to temper what we really want and think.
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8 Jan
On the one hand, it’s great news that @Twitter has decided to suspend Trump’s account.

On the other hand, it’s probably not a great system if two billionaires can unilaterally decide whether political actors can reach the masses.
There is no question: @Twitter should have suspended Trump’s account years ago.

But, it’s a dangerous example of tech oligarchs control that @jack and Mark Zuckerberg have so much power over our public debate.
Facebook and Twitter are way, way too powerful. They are quasi-public utilities that are not regulated as such.

It’s a dangerous system to have oligarchs who aren’t accountable to anyone make these decisions without popular control.
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8 Jan
Look, all Trump did was try to overthrow the government. It’s not like he was walking down the street for some skittles wearing a hoodie.
I think we can all agree Trump did a great job today condemning the violence that he incited.
Trump is only 78 years old. It’s not like his entire life should be ruined just because his actions resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths.
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