The ummah of Muhammad ﷺ is threatened by infiltration by the Western "left-right" political spectrum. On higher, more abstract levels, both feminism and post-colonial discourse are part of this danger. A lot of good work exposing feminist programming has been done...

/1 recent years, but it seems that post-colonial discourse has received less attention, so I thought I'd do a thread on it.

The appeal of post-colonial discourse for Muslims is clear. As victims of Western colonialism, this discourse offers redress; it condemns...

...injustices and crimes and demands that the rights of the colonized be respected.

In reality, the discourse serves the same imperial agenda that it seems to condemn, which makes it very effective, since it can motivate the victims of the empire to support the empire.

Probably the most obvious way it achieves this is by rewarding victims for being victims, which reinforces the behaviors which result in victim status. By exalting the weak and oppressed, being weak and oppressed becomes a way to achieve status and earn a livelihood.

This can be understood through Allah's command not to take the kuffar as awliya. By accepting honor, and the protection that comes with it, from them, we unconsciously serve their interests and become part of their system.

Next, this discourse exerts a steady, normative pressure that builds and reinforces a moral order which is foreign to Islam. It categorically condemns colonization and the imposition of beliefs and customs, although there is nothing wrong with granting a privileged...

...status to Islam, and nothing wrong with imposing Islamic values on societies.

When Muslims use this discourse to try to improve their position in national or super-national political systems, they unconsciously reinforce moral values which are contrary to Islam...

...and in fact denigrate the position of Islam to make it equal to other ideologies.

Whether you elevate the status of false deities or ideologies to the level of Allah, or conceptually lower Allah to the level of other deities and ideologies - both are shirk.

Reinforcing these moral precepts by using them strengthens the position of the imperial powers that generate the post-colonial discourse. Practically speaking, political orders can only be established by violence. By condemning the actions of their own ancestors...

...and by exhibiting shame in those actions, actions which could reshape the political order become less socially acceptable. This also applies to critical race theory. When ethnically European Americans efface themselves to ethnically African Americans, they are...

...protecting and preserving the racial hierarchy under the pretext of atoning for the crimes of their ancestors. Very insidious if you think about it.

This offers a false promise of healing, which is also essential to mitigate social tension resulting from persistent...

...injustice. This reduces the frequency and severity of uprisings, conserving resources for the dominant power structure, and minimizing interruptions in the flow of economic power from the lower classes to the imperial elite.

Part of the effectiveness of this discourse is that, as with Christian missionaries, its most ardent proponents generally don't realize that it is false. This sincerity makes it possible for Muslims to form bonds with the kuffar which allow for the transmission of...

...this intellectual infection. Women tend to be more severely affected by this because, since they are more emotional, they respond to the emotional sincerity of the missionaries of these discourses.

This points to the importance of maintaining a distance from kuffar...

...even if they seem like they might be well-intentioned or potential "allies." Allah testifies that they are filthy, and this spiritual filth transmits spiritual diseases. This underscores the value of actions that result in polarization and division.

Although the etymology of the word "colonization" is unfortunate (being derived from the name of the kaffir Colombus), using migration and imposition of cultural norms is an important element of reshaping the world order.

The damage that has been done by colonization...

...of Muslim lands by Christians can only be undone by colonizing Christian lands. As was the case with the Christians, it is unlikely that this will be possible directly. That is, when the Muslims were in a much stronger position than the Christians, the Christians...

...first had to go and seek colonies in order to gather enough strength to finally penetrate the core domain of Islam.

Likewise, for Muslims to penetrate the core domains of Christendom, it is necessary to first acquire colonies in order to gain the necessary power.

This should indicate an important difference between Islam and the political system which emerged from Christendom. Islam is much flatter in terms of hierarchy - the hierarchy is there, but ideally there is much less distance between elites and masses. A process akin...

/19 colonization may be used to propagate Islam (the polity, which is encompassed by the broad definition of Islam), but it does not have the same core/periphery hierarchy as the modern world system. Since Islam is based on justice, the unjust distribution of resources...

...necessary to build a system where a tailor in London gets paid 1000 times more than a tailor doing the same work in Bangladesh would not be possible.

This is much healthier in the long run as it leads to more economic activity and employment and less hoarding...

...but that's a topic for another thread. I mention it here only to distinguish the method of using migration and cultural transformation to advance spiritual, ideological, and political goals from the larger structure that is developed by those means.

May Allah cause the territory where jizya is collected to expand, and facilitate the migration of the righteous and sincere believers to lands where Islam is growing, rather than declining, and cause their migration to strengthen Islam and the Muslims.

والحمدلله رب العلمين

• • •

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In my opinion, the single most important topic for the ummah today is the definition of compulsion, and yet I have seen almost no attention given to it.

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All visions of the future are eschatological.

This is one of the cracks where we can see through the deception of secularism to its religious reality, especially when it comes to violence.

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Secularism espouses a strong value that resolving conflict through dialogue is superior to resolving conflict through violence. Membership in the United Nations requires acceptance of this premise.

Norms are based on values, and values are based on beliefs.

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Some Muslims are quick to point out that trade with the kuffar is allowed when it comes to discussions of boycotts. This is true; what this position tends to overlook, however, is that there is a strong precedent of reciprocal trade relations in Islam.

Umar ibn al Khattab...
...radhi Allahu anhum, allowed kuffar to enter Muslim lands and trade freely ON THE CONDITION that they allowed Muslims to enter their lands and trade freely. If they placed a 10% tax on the import of Muslim goods, he would place a 10% tax on the import of their goods.

Now this type of justice exists in very few trade relations with kaffir countries today. In most cases, trade deals are slanted in favor of the kuffar, where they are able to enter Muslim lands freely, set up companies, and trade, while Muslims do not have the same rights...

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Even if Erdogan is practicing taqiyya (a Shia concept), how are the Muslims supposed to differentiate when there is continuous military cooperation between hostile Christian and Turkish armed forces?

Even if it is strategem, it's not going to work, it's just repeating...

...the same experience of Morsi in Egypt on a larger scale.

There is a worldwide Islamic awakening happening, and Erdogan is riding that more than he is driving it. It's quite destructive because it helps the kuffar on more levels than than just direct military...

...and logistical assistance. It also supports their economies and deepens the perception of legitimacy of the international system which is intrinsically and absolutely antithetical to any real unity among the Muslim ummah.

Even worse, it diverts the energy of many...

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This mentality is usually based in two factors:

1) a high level of ignorance of the fiqh of jihad, particularly the extensive research and discussions over the last 40 years and

2) heavy influence by Western materialist and pacifist doctrines.

The first point also...

...relates to the conception of the value of a Muslim life vis-a-viz the life of a harbi (kaffir with no formal pact of protection with a legitimate Muslim ruler).

For example, Shaybani (rahimullah) allowed flooding a city in order to break a siege, although...

...this would mean killing many more non-combatants than would be the case in a conventional assault of the city. A conventional assault, however, would lead to many more Muslim deaths.

So the question is, how many Muslim lives is it acceptable to sacrifice in order...

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I fully understand if a Muslim needs to leave the Muslim lands due to the abuses of the regimes there. But why move to a country that is engaged militarily in Muslim lands? There are many countries that are not actively waging war against Muslims. Vanuatu, Zimbabwe, Chile...

...Paraguay, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Zambia, Namibia, Samoa, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, Cape Verde, Bolivia... the list goes on and on and on and on.

You can also openly talk about jihad in all of these countries, because their governments make no effort...

/2 control, distort, or manipulate Islam. Why?

Because they're not afraid of Muslims. Why not? Because they're not waging war against Islam and the Muslims. This is so simple.

In many cases, getting a visa to these countries is much cheaper and more simple...

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