URGENT ALERT: INTEL Updates 01.11.2021

"Within hours the big media companies would be taken down. Executive Order 13959 will go into effect that prohibits investments in Chinese Communist Military companies:
it was a declaration of war on Big Tech. On Wikipedia there is a list of all the big media channels that would be taken down. There was expected to be a collapse in the Stock Market.

Washington DC has been under lockdown since Jan 06.
President Trump has mobilized the Military and they were collecting evidence of political elite conspiring with foreign nations to take over the US.
We were in a battle for our Republic against our own [D]eep State political elites, Vatican, CIA, British MI6, the Chinese Communist Party and Mass Media, who conspired to switch Trump votes to [B]iden in fraudulent 2020 Election and wished to turn America into a socialist state.
There will be two phases of arrests:
from now to 19 Jan,
from 19 Jan. for 90 days.

These arrests are part of the war to bring down the [D]eep State globally.

ATMs, Internet and credit card processing could go down by Mon. Jan 11.
Be ready to have five days of no cash, no credit card and no internet.

Make sure you're stocked up on food, water, meds, fuel, candles/batteries, pet supplies, and cash. We expect periodic POSSIBLE power outages, telephone or cell phone outages, or Internet...
be prepared for anything. They're suggesting perhaps 10 days worth.

If you're instructed to stay indoors it's for your own safety. Do not engage the military. They are part of a global op to take down the [d]eep state cabal and are not threatening to The People.
Everyone will be getting emergency [ EBS ] alerts on their phones, tv's, radios & internet. It would override all other broadcasts and could last for several hours at a time.

Do not to be scared of what's coming as it is for the safety of our nation for this to unfold.
DO NOT travel to any large cities (especially Philadelphia) for the rest of the month. Military operations will be taking place in many of the major corrupt cities.
People [[D]eep State Antifa BLM] will start rioting once this Intel breaks. The propaganda would be that Trump was a military dictator.

Trump and the Department of Defense Special Force Units have only until Jan 19 to put this down.
Marines and National Guard troops were being moved as needed for the riots that would start after the national release of the Intel.

The Intel would be dropped for everyone to see and hear in loops that would be several hours long.
A few days ago the system was checked by the FCC alerting ALL media that they could not block the flow of Intel under federal regulations.

Trump would be moved continuously like a chess piece from now until the 20th in order to avoid any retaliation against him and family.
Watch Sec. Pompeo's Twitter account. Pompeo is posting every 30 minutes. When he begins to post every 15 minutes the TAKE BACK is on. When he posts every 10 minutes, then 5 minutes - look for an EBS announcement. Currently they are 30 minutes apart...
* Pls continue to MEDITATE often to remove all evil / demonic beings on Planet Earth, and bring in GOLDEN WHITE LIGHT from SOURCE Prime Creator to initiate GOLDEN AGE for 1000 years of PEACE & PROSPERITY.

* With gratitude, LIGHT & unconditional LOVE!

• • •

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11 Jan
Latest INTEL Updates 01.11.2021

(1) POTUS did sign the Insurrection Act Sat Jan09 and he fulfilled the legal requirement Wed Jan06 in
his request that Trump supporters “go home in peace . . . We have to have peace; we have to have law and order” and 10 USC Section 254 is called “Proclamation to disperse”

(2) he agrees that the EBS is to be activated for POTUS to possibly use to communicate with We The People,
as the fake stream media and social media shut down conservative news and truth telling;

(3) he agrees there will be much confusion over the coming 10 days till the Wed Jan20 Inauguration (if it is not postponed by POTUS & DoD) and
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11 Jan
01.10.2021 Simon Parkes Update:

- Source close to decision making team said “This is not a drill.”
- We expected the announcement next Wed, not last night.
- The original plan was for the President to do an address last night at midnight EST and Mike Pompeo to release information every half an hour, then every 5-10-15 min.
- This didn’t happen because of events that occurred.
- Pakistan has had a 40% outage – General Electric – many US fighters have GE engines. Most of employees of GE did not realize it was sold to the Chinese – The Chinese wanted to do the deal in Pakistan, but the Trump team found out.
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11 Jan
Latest INTEL Updates 01.10.2021

"On Sat. 9 Jan. the 2018 Executive Order Insurrection Act was enacted by President Trump. This DOES NOT mean martial law, though gives President Trump many powers.
Washington DC remained on Lockdown. We were in a battle for our Republic against elites who were attempting the very coup that they were accusing Trump of doing.
Mass arrests were ongoing. In the next 12 days and at any time expect an Internet blackout and/or power outage (turn your Apple auto update toggle off on your phone so you can hear Emergency Broadcast System messages).
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9 Jan
Latest INTEL Updates 01.09.2021

"Washington DC was on Lockdown, the National Guard has been called up and Trump was at the US National Military Command Center in Texas overseeing Disclosure because of a Coup that played out on Wed 6 Jan in Washington DC.
Our beloved Constitution hung by a thread. Please pray for President Trump, the White Hats and our brave Military as they take down the Cabal.
Trump and the White Hats have ordered US Attorney General for Utah John Huber to unseal over 220,000 sealed indictments his team of 740 investigators filed against global and political elites in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office. Mass Arrests would begin.
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8 Jan
Latest INTEL Updates 01.08.2021
GAME ON! Just the beginning...

ALL "high level white hat sources in the intelligence communities and white hat sources close to POTUS & among DoD white hats – stating that it was a bus load of 250 ANTIFA and BLM thugs on Jan 6 –
NOT PEACEFUL TRUMP SUPPORTERS – that were USHERED INTO THE CAPITOL BUILDING BY COMPLICIT CAPITOL POLICE who were in on the Deep State rats’ plan to foment the violence as a cover for congressional rats certifying the fraudulent electoral votes, and
it was Antifa & BLM thugs who did the violence in the Capitol during the Joint Session of Congress...
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8 Jan
Can you all tell over 70% of all politicians / celebrities / world leaders are CLONES?
It costs about $150k to $200k to make each clone. It takes about 30 days to grow a CLONE physically and about 7-10 days to program it. Each person can have up to 6 clones. Consciousness level will drop from 80% to 20%.
After clones, they now prefer to replace them with "skin stretcher robot" that will last a lot longer (more cost effective and less breakdown).

All clones / robots have their own handler. In some case, it's their wife, girlfriend & assistant.
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