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12 Jan, 9 tweets, 2 min read
Joe Manchin has repeatedly stressed that he doesn't want to get rid of the filibuster. What happens when Rs filibuster a leading Dem priority, such as the new Voting Rights Act, which Manchin cosponsored? [Yes, this is an obvious question but I'm going to ask it anyway.]
Pelosi and Schumer likely both realize that this is a 2-year trifecta and at a minimum, the House is gone in 2022, with the only question being how big the GOP majority is. The Senate might flip too, but it's a closer call depending on who runs in PA/NH/NV/AZ.
They have two ways of going about things with that in mind. 1) Go nuclear on 1/20 and pass whatever can get the votes in the House and the Senate (probably the VRA, a watered-down H.R. 1, statehood, environmental legislation, etc.), and use reconciliation for taxes/healthcare.
2) Spend the first few months passing another COVID bill, infrastructure, a more moderate tax hike, a ton of judges, etc.
The first option would basically need Dem leadership to tell a lot of senators and representatives to take one for the team and vote the party line, with the recognition that they are gone in 2022 no matter what. With a 50-50 Senate, every D is the "deciding vote."
The other option would mean 2022 wouldn't go as poorly for Ds (at least in my pundit mind), but there's less of a payoff as well. And Dems have been talking about reauthorizing the VRA for years at this point.
The biggest question: is Manchin truly an institutionalist or is he more concerned about his next election? If it's the latter, I sincerely doubt he can win with a presidential electorate in 2024, so if he has made up his mind about retiring, then he just might go nuclear.
Manchin won by 3% in 2018 after Schumer's PAC worked to defeat the strongest R in the primary. And that was _with_ him voting for Kavanaugh! He's a goner in 2024 unless Don Blankenship is the R nominee, and even he might be able to win!
An addendum: it's easier for Dems to paint Rs as obstructionists if the very first thing they bring to the floor is filibustered. If Rs help Dems pass 2k checks, minimum wage hike, etc. by providing the votes to get to 60 and then start filibustering stuff, argument is weaker.

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15 Nov 20
Mitch McConnell had a 0.2% higher margin.
Roger Marshall won by 12.1%, while Lindsey Graham won by 10.3%.
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13 Nov 20
This is stunning: out of the 56 people Trump nominated to the federal courts of appeals, only 1 ever donated to his 2016 presidential campaign. That nominee, Ryan Bounds, ultimately wasn’t confirmed.
I didn’t count, but I’d estimate at least 2/3rds of those 56 who had made any political contribution in their lives donated to Romney 2012.
Some caveats:
1) Some of those nominees were already serving as judges during the campaign, so they wouldn't have been able to donate (although some judges have done so, and have subsequently gotten into trouble).
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10 Nov 20
California Solicitor General Michael Mongan might be a potential Biden administration nominee to the 9th Circuit. I'm not sure if he'd be confirmable in a 51-52 R Senate, but he probably would be in a 50 D Senate.
Others who might be ahead of him in line, though:
- CA Supreme Court Justice Leondra Kruger
- Justice Goodwin Liu (not confirmable in a R Senate)
- N.D. Cal. Judge Lucy Koh (a failed Obama nominee; confirmable in an R Senate)
In terms of federal judgeships, lawyers on the left who practice in California have a similar problem to those on the right who practice in Texas. There are a ton of them, and not many seats available to fill.
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17 Oct 20
I agree with @OrinKerr that this is the least important change caused by a 6-3 court, but those liberal applicants are still competing for 44% of the slots. Chief Justice Roberts has taken to hiring more liberal clerks recently, particularly from the 2nd/D.C. Circuits.
And FWIW, the Biden campaign’s general counsel, Dana Remus, clerked for...Justice Alito.
Time will tell how the justices’ hiring works out, but I think Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kavanaugh will be receptive to hiring clerks from the rest side of the aisle. I think both have already done so at one point or another.
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16 Oct 20
6th Circuit panel, by a vote of 2-1, vacates an injunction against a Kentucky abortion regulation. Judge Larsen writes for the majority, and Judge Clay dissents.…
The 6th Circuit joins the 8th Circuit in holding Chief Justice Roberts' concurrence in June Medical is controlling for purposes of Marks. The 5th Circuit is on the other side of that question (Judge Willett dissented).
Not sure I've seen this before. The majority argues the GVRs in two 7th Circuit abortion cases in July indicates the Whole Woman's Health benefits and burdens balancing test is no longer good law.
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16 Oct 20
This is the kind of thing that sounds nice until you realize Schumer isn’t going to listen to the most junior member of his caucus about the filibuster.
This is amazing. She’s willing to nuke the legislative filibuster but wants to bring back the judicial filibuster? Those mental gymnastics would win a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.
I don’t think it’s possible to both rewind the Senate to November 2013 and nuke the legislative filibuster.
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