My friends: whether you you realize it or not, whether you believe or you don't want to believe me, the America you woke up in the morning of November 6th 2020 is no longer the America you lived and loved all your life.
Just like my father eye witnessed the communist take-over of the democratic Romania in 1946 when the communists first cheated in the elections and took over the government;
(N/A: The sun, not the hammer & sickle was the communists electoral symbol in 1946)
And just like I, after a life lived in fear and deprivation of freedom, I suddenly found myself a participant in the 1989 anti-communist revolution and the return of democracy in Romania after 43 years of communism;
So have you in the past month witnessed the end of the American age of liberty and the beginning of a radical change in the history of this country.
Unfortunately, this change won't be for the better, like the one I lived through. It will be for the worse, like the one my dad witnessed in his youth. What lays ahead of us isn't going to be easy.
It's been long said and history proved it time and again, that people can sometimes vote their way into socialism, but they always need to shoot their way out. Sooner or later, patriots always need to put their lives on the line and sacrifice themselves for freedom.
I have faith in God that eventually good always triumphs over evil. Sometimes it takes just months, sometimes years, sometimes - like in the case of my old homeland, it takes two generations - 43 long years to be more precise.
We have two choices ahead of us: wake up and take action now, or comply and and let your children and grandchildren bleed for your liberty, decades in the future.

Most of my father's generation complied.
They believed the communists who cheated in the 1946 election will be defeated the next one and everything will go back to normal. After all they said, it wasn't possible for a Party with only 1,000 registered members to win again in 4 years.
But in 4 years there wasn't another Party left around but the communist Party. All other Parties were declared illegal and their leaders were either already executed, or about to die after being interned in re-education camps.
They believed when the gun registration law was passed in 1947 that it was OK to comply because it was passed just to prevent criminals and right wing fascists of the old Iron Guard to hold on to their guns.…
My father's generation registered their guns and the communists came later on the same year and confiscated them. Only single and double barrel shotguns were left legal, and only after paying a tax and joining the national hunter organization as the sole legal reason to own a gun
They believed the communist Party press and radio propaganda telling them that those small groups of anti-communist militias who refused to surrender their guns and started fighting back in the mountains were right wing fascists and terrorists.
Later the same year my father's generation believed the anti-communist protest and attack on the government palace was perpetrated by groups of right wing students, when in fact those led the charge and were responsible for the violence were communists provocateurs.
The communist police raided the University of Bucharest dormitories, arrested 1,000 students under the charges of terrorism and sedition, then the following day the Secretary General of the Communist Party went in "audience" to the royal palace.
The communist leader told young and very popular head of state King Michael: you are responsible for the attack, the students were just listening to you; abdicate and leave the country, or in 24 hours we will execute the students we arrested yesterday.
The king chose exile to save the lives of 1,000 young students, most of them same age as he was at the time.…
Thus ended the democratic parliamentary Kingdom of Romania and the country became for the next 43 years the People's Republic Of Romania, later rename the Socialist Republic Of Romania.
Any part of these stories above sounds familiar to you? Blatant, in your face election cheating?…
Communist agitators posing as pro-democracy protesters working hand in hand with the communist Party controlled media in order to frame the opposition, blackmail its leaders and illegally remove the head of the State?
My father's generation complied and didn't objected to anything. Lots of people who opposed communism believed the Americans will soon get in a war with the Soviets for the liberation of Eastern Europe from communism.
All they had to do they thought was to stay put and wait for the liberating GI's to arrive.
They never came. So my father's generation lived under the communist yoke all their lives until my generation gathered the courage to get out in the streets, and paid the price of liberty.
The price of liberty was 2,500 young lives.

Are we going to do the same thing my father's generation did? Do nothing, comply with the communists demands and pass the burden and the blood price of freeing our country to our children and grandchildren?
Or are we going to stand up right now for our stolen liberty, refuse to comply, organize and take back our future as free Americans, for ourselves and for future generations?


• • •

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