In his book, Fidel defended the death penalty for a govt official who was found guilty of drug trafficking. Similar outcomes for plane hijackers and other high level apolitical crimes. The defense was that the crimes exposed the whole country to political risk (from the US).
I'm not sure I agree, although I understand his reasoning. I guess I'm just wondering what Cuba is even accused of? Because terrorism is not something I've even heard them accused of before. Arming rebels in a war, sure. But no terrorism.
And it's not cause I think he is a saint, I think he's very smart politically and did his best to maintain the moral high ground, even if for cynical reasons (I don't think they are cynical), so what are they even saying Cuba is doing?
This is such a sad situation to me. When has attacking, isolating, sabotaging a country brought more political reform (what the us claims to want). US and 1 other country are all alone on this issue among the rest of the world. It's cruel & pointless, I hate it so much.
Look at these terrorists, doing shit like negotiating peace deals. They did this for Mandela, & Chavez during the coup as well. We're such assholes to push these guys away. This seems like a genuine (even if it's self interested) interest in diplomacy.…
This is the memo that JFK's negotiator wrote after his Castro meetings. This was a cold war liberal, this wasn't a communist. Either make peace in exchange for non alignment (which Cuba eventually did on its own) or remain enemies. What a stupid policy.
This isn't even radical anymore. Maxine Waters is far from the most left wing politician in congress.

• • •

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More from @Lefty_Jew

12 Jan
Ok I'm out of the Matt discourse because tbh I don't know what I'm defending. I agree w him that the Lincoln assasination was a white planter coup, and how we've reached the end of Myth now. I also agree w all of you that those protesters are bad.
He got me to read so many books and I think he's smart but I also don't care if people dislike or disagree w him, I certainly dislike some of his takes on the livestream. I just thought he made some good points on this last one.
There's been some turning points in US history. Lincoln, Truman over Wallace, CIA coup from WW2 to JFK (it's completion imo). The state we have now was built by the winners of those struggles (white planters, settlers, Nazis). I don't think the protesters are an opposing class
Read 4 tweets
12 Jan
I can't even tell if this is supposed to be bad or not, but whenever Matt isn't doing electoral politics he's really insightful and thought provoking imo. I think his mix of spirituality and marxist analysis lately has been great.
I listened to the whole thing and all I got was End of Myth (which he references a lot). Those previous periods had meaningful opposition to the settler state (abolition, workers movements, civil rights) that were destroyed by the state, and this is what we're left with.
Hard to read history and think we have anything close to that kind of organized opposition now, and that instead we have the institutions that arose and were built by the winners of that struggle.
Read 7 tweets
12 Jan
Ohhh is it for offering asylum to like, Assata Shakur? That is wild, even Maxine Waters supports not extraditing her and actually thanked Fidel for letting her stay.
Also, funny story (sorry it's JFK related). Fidel was begging to testify to the Warren Commission, instead they let him meet this one guy from the Warren Commission on a boat in intl waters. I haven't read what they talked about but I'm so curious.
I know he personally liked JFK, knew he'd be better than whatever came after after him, and also personally disproved the single shooter theory with his own rifle 😂. I bet they covered all this.
Read 5 tweets
12 Jan
Norman Finkelstein's mom was in the Warsaw Uprising?!
This is incredible.

Yo Dershowitz accused his mom of being a kapo? Holy shit this is insane. Jesus christ I hate this guy so much.
Read 4 tweets
11 Jan
It's been 5 min and Dersh has already threatened to sue him.
How does one watch this and think Dersh looks credible here?
Read 8 tweets
11 Jan
I don't know enough about electoral politics to explain to my smart liberal friends why Cuomo and Pelosi are bad. I just know they're both rich and very annoying and I just hate them.
Sorry but I'm not learning the bylaws of congress, I only have so much space in my brain, not wasting it on learning the rules of an illegitimate institution. I might forget the Haitian Revolution or something. I know who my enemies are and that's enough for me.
Stav is right Cuomo is doing a hack Al Pacino impression every time he talks. Him and his idiot brother were born rich and the tough guy impression is hilarious. We must bring back anti italian racism. Remember when someone called him Fredo and he said it was like the n word.
Read 4 tweets

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