During a night hunt, Jin Ling got separated from everyone else. The demon was a cunning one from the start and had already marked Jin Ling as its target.

The demon has the ability to look into ones most desired wishes and made an offer. It was Jiang Cheng who found his nephew
first. Yelling out his name when he saw the redden eyes flash and Jiang Cheng dashed forward with Sandu.

The demon grab hold of Jin Ling, using him as a shield. Jiang Cheng had no choice but to lower his sword and soon everyone found them.

The demon grinned repeating his
offer to Jin Ling.

“Dont listen to it, A-Ling!” Jiang Cheng warned from the top of his lungs.

“Ah, this must be jiujiu.” The demon said all too happy. “Your Jiujiu is very popular in hell.”

Jiang Cheng angrily took a step forward but Wei Wuxian grabbed his shoulder and shook
his head.

“Would you like to hear the offer I made to this young master?” The demon toyed.

“I can grant this young master’s most desired wish: to see his parents once again,” the demon said running a finger down Jin Ling’s face, “in return, his jiujiu comes with me to hell.”
Fear overcomes Jiang Cheng has he watch his nephew sink into a dilemma. What Jiang Cheng would do to have Jin Ling meet his parents once? Everything.

Jiang Cheng didn’t hesitate. He knew what must be done. Jiang Cheng offered himself to the demon.


“Jiang Cheng!”
Jin Ling broke free from the demon’s grip and ran towards his uncle and Wei Wuxian was not far behind pushing away Lan Wangji’s hold.

Jiang Cheng catches Jin Ling into a hug and he can’t remember when was the last time he hugged his nephew like this.

Jin Ling is cry, shaking
his head. Wei Wuxian allows himself to wrap his own arms around the uncle/nephew pair.

“Dont be stupid!” Wei Wuxian argues.

“This does not concern you, Wei Wuxian.” Jiang Cheng sternly states removing himself from Wei Wuxian.

Jiang Cheng cups his nephews face and smiles.
Jin Ling is sobbing, eyes already puffy as he desperately holds onto Jiang Cheng.

“It’s okay, A-Ling.” Jiang Cheng assures wiping away his nephew’s tears. “I’ve always wanted you to meet your parents and I know you do too.”

“No, jiujiu, please.” Jin Ling clings to his robe.
“I don’t want my parents. I want jiujiu!” Jin Ling cries as his grip tighten and tries to block Jiang Cheng’s way.

“I can live without my parents but I can’t live without jiujiu.” Jin Ling confessed.

The demon steps forward reminding everyone it was still present.
“My offer still stands.” The demon reminds. “In exchange for meeting your parents, your jiujiu must return with me to hell.”

Jin Ling immediately turned around to face the demon, scowling at him with arms wide opened and shielding his uncle.

“Don’t even think about it!”
Wei Wuxian also stepped forward and stood beside Jin Ling, arms spread out. Lan Sizhui didnt hesitate to do the same standing on the other side of Jin Ling. Lan Jingyi quickly follows but not before throwing a snarky remark to the demand.

“Admit it! You want sect leader Jiang!”
The demon crossed its arm against its chest and sighed. “Did you not hear what I said? He is very popular in hell.”

“And why is that?!” Wei Wuxian questioned.

“The demon king fancy’s him and wishes to be acquaintances with the righteous Sandu Shengshuo.” The demon said.
“Also, we heard Sandu Shengshuo likes dog and simply wants to gift him a hellhound.”

“A hellhound?” Jiang Cheng said behind his wall of people. Jin Ling snickered at his uncle while Wei Wuxian shivered.
“Are you being serious right now?!” Wei Wuxian said gritting his teeth to Jiang Cheng.

“It’s a fucking hellhound!” Jiang Cheng said in his defense. How fucking cool it would be if he did have a hell hound. Now he’ll be able to keep everyone he doesn’t like our of lotus pier
starting first with Wei Wuxian.

“But then I won’t be able to visit.”

“That’s the POINT.”

Jin Ling rolled his eyes and stomped his foot. “No deal. I don’t want to see my parents and you’re not taking my jiujiu! Not over my dead body!” He threatens.
The demon sighed shaking his head. It was worth a try.

“Very well. I suggest you keep an extra eye on your jiujiu.” The demon playfully warns. “But don’t be surprised if a little gift finds it way to you, Sandu Shengshuo.” The demon winked and vanished into thin air.
“I can’t fucken believe you were about to go to hell for a dog.” Wei Wuxian complained as he forcefully locked his arm with Jiang Cheng.

“It’s a hell hound.” Jiang Cheng corrected. He tried to remove Wei Wuxian’s clingy arm from his but was out numbered when Jin Ling took
possession of his other arm. Jiang Cheng groans. Too much body on him.

“Did you really think I was going to make a deal with that demon, jiujiu?” Jin Ling questioned. He would never trade his jiujiu for anything. NEVER.

“I mean it seemed like you were considering.”

When they reached Lotus Pier, (Wei Wuxian and Jin Ling argued over who gets to fly with Jiang Cheng. In the end, Jin Ling rode very close to his jiujiu, arm still intact and Wei Wuxian made Lan Wangji fly close enough for him to hold Jiang Cheng)
there waiting for Jiang Cheng stood a black dog glowing in fire flames.

“Hell hound.” Jiang Cheng whispered in excitement.

• • •

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