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12 Jan, 8 tweets, 2 min read
What fucking pansies; all this garbage that if we don’t back off, it will inflame the terrorists- I MEAN WHAT COUNTRY ARE YOU FROM?

Are you fucking kidding me? We don’t want upset the terrorists?!?!?

I was told a long time ago that facts can give a fuck about my feelings.
I am told we are the greatest nation in history and 3,000 toothless illiterate jackasses show up with zip ties and we surrender?!

My father, god rest his soul, would strap up right now age 77, climb into his tank and take his division right thru MAGA.

The nerve. Fuckouttahere
Weren’t The Republicans the party of the Military?! What the fuck happened to that?

I have never seen a bigger bunch of - excuse me for the word - pussies in my life.

Lindsey Graham on TV today asking for unity after the first plane hits the tower.

Are you fucking kidding me?
Calls for unity?

Excuse me?!?

Matt Fucking Gaetz is giving a running tally of his goddamn Twitter followers drop.

He lost like 40,000, whatever.

40,000 people have died of COVID IN THE LAST 12 DAYS YOU FUCKING FUCKNUT.

And No.

Why in the fuck would you think we want to live with these people? What color is the sky in your world to think that.

Here’s an idea. Let out every fucking black man sitting in jail for weed and replace them with these motherfuckers.
While we wait for their trails and processing.

Send them down to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, etc.

Put them in the tents, the cages in place of the kids.




“What we need is Biden to calm the waters.”

First of all; I don’t know if you noticed but while were directing traffic to find Pelosi and Pence (that fucking guy).

You know what Joe is doing?

We are dying.
He is not here to hold your hand.

Grow the fuck up.
The victimhood. My god the victimhood. Never seen a bunch of whiners in my life.

What the hell is wrong with you?

And do us a favor? Tell your deplorable racist morons what Freedom of Speech means.

It’s the easiest part of the constitution - oh Fuck It...

Who’s holding?

• • •

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9 Jan
Donald Trump just joined Morse Code.
Update: Donald Trump is now banned from Morse Code.
Donald Trump has invested in carrier pigeons.
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10 Nov 20
Someone needs to go on air, with authority, tell the Fox News bubble: The Network, Donald Trump and most importantly The Republican Party is lying to them. Not in a fake-news kind of way. That’s not what this is.

What Mitch and Barr did today was straight-up textbook Fascism.
@MittRomney needs to go down to Mitch’s office and tell him this bullshit continues one more day, he is leaving The Republican Party.

Someone has to be brave enough to stop this nonsense.
He won’t. No one will. They will use the excuse they can’t do that to their constituents blah blah blah.

At the very best; it’s one last con to milk money out of the cult.

The other scenarios are frightening.
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10 Nov 20
No one:

History: Election under the worst circumstances (pandemic), under the worst leadership (Trump) while having the highest vote total in US History no matter what the fascist say; it’s a clean vote because

<Checks notes>

The Founding Fathers created a federal mail system.
It worked.
All of a sudden these Constitutional Originalist seem to neglect that part.
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7 Nov 20
@AOC already causing trouble. I heard The President-Democrat -Elect told us to calm the waters. Start finding common causes to unite behind. The leader of The Party and the man who has the most votes EVER - cause we’re looking for leadership - and she goes pissing in the wind.
The most pathetic part, and sorry but I know some of those guys and they did it for country.

But here is the most pathetic part and why it’s so insulting.

When asked on 60 Minutes would they have done this for Bernie Sanders and without hesitation they all said

Lastly and I’m this to rest not that anyone cares.

She is missing the point. They represent The Reagan Democrats, The McCain Republicans. These right of center people are homeless.

I know I’m one of them.
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19 Oct 20
I just saw Hunter Biden’s Laptop without a mask.
I just saw Hunter Biden’s Laptop throw down a reverse windmill 360 dunk in Venice.
I just had a bite of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Creme Brûlée and it’s to die for.
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4 Oct 20
Jamie Harrison to Lindsey Graham:

“You remind me of playing Monopoly with my son. The rules change every game.”

Drag him Jamie. Drag him to hell and leave him there.
Jamie Harrison is destroying Lindsey Graham. I mean absolutely destroying him.

South Carolina, this is such an easy choice.
The debate between Jamie Harrison and Lindsey Graham might be the first debate that will get called due to a mercy rule.

It’s that bad for Lindsey.
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