Hey, @jasonrantz, it's ANTIFA.
See my guys from the other angle?

They’re protecting the officers...while antifa tries to assault them.
I’m working on identifying all the players from the different clips so we can analyze it better.

Of course, this is all speculation (based on what we know about MAGA and about antifa tactics in particular), but I would say I’m 90-95% certain my analysis is correct.
This line-up at the start is striking...it appears as though antifa almost formed a wall to keep people from interfering.

The guy in the black jacked with no hat is seen later trying to pull the officer out of the mob BY HIS LEG.

Intense times, no matter what. 😔
I wasn’t sure at first, but I’m gonna call the “CAT” hoodie guy antifa as well as he and the helmet guy I highlighted in the other video both appear to escort the Instigator out of the crowd after riling them up.

Not sure if that’s normal, but it looks quite tactical here.
Right here is where you see what I believe are the three, main hero’s of the crowd...Red Hat is protecting, No Hat is trying to grab the officer to pull him out, and Full Camo is trying to get in there to help.

All three appear to be integral in getting officer free.
Finally, No Hat grabs the Officer’s leg, while Full Camo uses his body to shove the assaulting antifa guy behind him down the stairs to clear space and protect No Hat and the Officer.
Red Hat is finally able to grab the officer by the jacket and pull him out of the mob.

(Enter Red Hat II, who will see the officer all the way to safety at the end of the video while Red Hat I appears to go back up to help the other officers.)
Two quick notes before moving on:
1. It looks to me like Long-Hair Flag guy is also a protector of the officer (one who don’t strike me as typical “MAGA,” for whatever reason).

2. “CAT” Hoodie guy RETURNS after escorting Instigator out. I REALLY hope the FBI questions him.
For those interested, this is the moment we see Red Hat I and Red Hat II in the same frame. If you miss it, they seem like one person.

1. Bearded Cowboy will stay with the officer until the end
2. I’m 99% sure I Great-Hair Camera Guy is in one of my own videos LEAVING.
Quick side note:

The Flag Pajamas guy struck me as “out of place” in other videos, but I was hesitant to judge.

I believe he is also antifa as he is seen throwing his telescoping pole at those trying to help, and appears to be wearing a gas mask (typical for antifa, NOT MAGA).
I also want to make a note here that Leather Cowboy may be the kindest of the heroes of the moment; you will see him give the officer a one-armed hug from behind as he helps lead the officer to safety. It looks to me as though he is talking to the officer as he walks him out. ❤️
This is the first we see that the MAGA protectors have pulled the Officer to his feet and are preparing to escort him out of the mob.

The Flannel Burglar guy (ANTIFA) literally smacks the Officer upside the head from behind even as the MAGA guys are getting him away. It’s Sick.
Quick note that I should NOT have a red circle around Black-Hooded Carhart guy. That circle should be WHITE as he helps escort the officer to safety later.

After Flannel Burglar’s attack, there’s a scuffle and Leather Cowboy puts his arm around the officer, appears to talks to him (likely to reassure him that he was a friendly), and we see Grey Beanie and Black-Hooded Carhart guy come in to help as well.
You can see another Antifa, we’ll all him Cap ‘n Glasses, grab the officer by the collar (choking him), & attempt to assault him.

God bless the MAGA patriots who continued to put their bodies in the way of these THUGS! They refused to give up.

(Note Flannel Burglar creepin’😠)
Here you can really see Cap ‘n Glasses trying to choke the Officer. When the officer turns around, his face is beet red. 😔
It looks here like Leather Cowboy notices the Officer is being choked and yells at Cap ‘n Glasses to let go of him.
As the officer is finally surrounded by MAGA protectors, my attention was drawn to Cap ‘n Glasses and the Full Coverage Antifa behind him who appears to lean in to tell him something.

These three men (presumably antifa), should be questioned by the authorities.
These two should also be questioned, though I’m only about 90% sure they’re also antifa (not enough footage to be sure).
This one too, as it appears she tries to hit the officer’s helmet.
So now that you know who *I* think the players are, we can all watch again, with fresh eyes, and see what else catches our attention.

(FYI, I had to trim a bit off the beginning this time in order to get the end in...)
Here’s another camera angle...

I don’t know where this is in the timeline yet. But you can see the initial black-helmet, green backpack antifa THUG that escorted the Instigator down the steps in the video above, working his way to the Officers...
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