What They Don’t Want Us To Know

The 1980s Labyrinth movie is a cryptic movie just like the Matrix. In the end of the movie, the girl, who is lost in a Labyrinth of confusion realizes that the Puppet Master of the show has no power over her & so he loses power.

Once she ASSUMES he doesn’t have power over her, he loses all power over her and dissolves.

The meaning is this:

The Satanic deep state can only have power over us if we ASSUME they have power over us. Assuming is agreeing & believing.

By agreeing and believing the deep state (or anyone else) has power over us, they do have power over us. In essence we are manifesting ourselves as slaves to them by agreeing that they have power over us. Remove that agreement and they don’t have any power over us.

This is how the dream simulation matrix works. It is designed this way so that nobody can victimize anyone I ies we agree that they can.

When we agree that nobidy can victimize us, as is God’s law, we manifest a life/dream without victimization.

For this reason Commies use movies that depict a lot of victimization in order to persuade us into believing that victimization is real. Guess what? It isn’t.

Be careful with words and thoughts. Change them from victim to protected status ASAP.

God made these rules & the Commies know but they don’t want us to know.

• • •

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12 Jan
How To Save The World
(ultimate Redpill)

Without going into detail, here’s how we do it right from home:

1. Understand we are living in a collective dream simulation that happens on 2 levels. Individual dream & collective dream.

..... Image
2. Our mind is NOT within matter. Matter is within our mind. Mind creates matter. Our beliefs & assumptions materialize in our own life. Our averaged out beliefs & assumptions materialize in the collective dream (big picture).

3. Words are powerful. They direct the dream. Always be careful what you say. Never say anything you don’t want even if you are in bad shape. Only say things you desire as if they are already happening now. (ie Thank you God for this world peace).

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16 Nov 20
Adam & Eve

The Biblical story was an error because it happened in 37,000 BC & was written in 500 BC (mistranslated over time).

In truth, Adam & Eve were prophets who at from the Tree Of Life to stay immortal. Their mission was to push Purple DNA onto the humans to.....
....end fear mostly, push beauty & good health & greatly improve mind & well being.

This was going to ruin Satan's Kingdom as was established on Earth so Satan manipulated Eve into breaking a MAJOR rule.

The Purple DNA was meant to transfer from Adam & Eve towards their children they bore on Earth.Those children then mate with humans to bear children with Purple DNA. NEVER can they mate directly with humans.After 150 years of doing this, Adam was saddened by the lack of progress.
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16 Nov 20
Manifest Reality Tip
(playing God)

Believe it or not, you are playing both yourself & God at the same time because God is allowing you to do it. Basically God only does what you imagine him doing. If you imagine God is punishing you, God will punish you.

If you imagine God is raising you to total victory, then that is what God will do.

In truth, this is what God is. God is a Father who's will is to give nonstop winning to us but this is a simulation where our ignorant mind controls God's actions to a certain extent.

The way to get God to work for you is to imagine God working for you. Most people claim to not have enough wealth or abundance therefore imagine God as a Santa Clause figure who keeps dropping bags of treasure in your hand full of gifts & money.

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15 Nov 20
The universe is the experience of life without God but we can always summon God back to us & we will overtime since it's so beneficial.

This is the hidden meaning of the Parable Of The Prodigal Son.
In the Parable, Jesus explains that the "Son" leaves home & doesn't make it on his own outside of his Father's house. Then he tries again & fails again so he returns home & begs his Father to take him back.

We are the Son. The Father God is the Father. It's all a fun game.
This is a cycle that goes on over & over again eternally for entertainment. There are many other things that happen as well but this is one of them. It's a LONG journey that just gets better & better as it goes but is very hard in the beginning where we are.
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15 Nov 20
Good & Evil

We are eternally perfect beings with the choice to do evil but never have.

Reason: All knowing beings can’t help but be perfect.

The universe is where we pretend to be done & choose to do good strictly for goodness sake which is beautiful in God‘s eye.

Basically since all knowing beings always choose good, they don’t actually have 100% full free will. They never ever choose evil. Here we can choose evil or good since we are too stupid to know why not to choose evil and why to choose good.

Choosing good as a true form Spirit is glorious but it’s more glorious to choose good as a human who can’t foresee the future. Good always leads to a better future.

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14 Nov 20
Sanhedrin Pharisees VS Jesus

The Sanhedrin (mostly Pharisees & some Saudicees) were a bunch of power hungry "Rabbis" working for King Herod & later Herod Jr during the the time of Jesus.

They secretly worshiped Lucifer & Jesus was aware of this when he said "I know who your Father is. There is no truth in him. Only lies." These Pharisees became the Illuminati Astror family today.

The Sanhedrin 1st heard about Jesus having followers so they were interested to see what he had to say. They noticed Jesus was saying that there is no need for going to Temple or for Rabbis because God is within & can be accessed from anywhere.

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