On the subject of vaccines.. 🧵

Please don’t read this thread if you have a mindset that vaccinations are dangerous. This thread is for Aussies that are curious about the vaccine debate.
Firstly, and most importantly, the vaccines are all safe enough when compared to other vaccines. Yes they have happened faster that usual, but this is mainly because researchers didn’t have to write hundreds of applications for funding, and volunteers were ready to try...
What don’t we know about the vaccines?

The things we don’t have data on yet are what might happen to you ten years after a vaccine (because no time travel machine). This is highly unlikely to be something major or common (& compared to COVID19 long effects prob ok.)

What are the effects of milder covid in the vaccinated population like? What percentage of the group, in each type of vaccine study, had any long term effects of their covid infection?

Does one vaccine offer fewer long covid or long term covid complications than another?
What do we know about the vaccines?

Lots! But from a simplistic point of view, we know one type of vaccine seems to offer better protection to the individual than the other (mRNA better than adenovirus vector).
As an individual you will have two questions.

How long do I have to wait to get vaccinated? How well will this protect me?

The Australian Government have chosen a strategy that they say will help you to get vaccinated sooner,but it does mean that you will be less protected.
The strategy the Australian government has chosen, they think, will allow them to “open up” sooner.

They want to avoid the drama at the hospitals and at the same time get the planes moving again. The country buzzing. But...
To “open up” a country safely, you need herd immunity. To get herd immunity you need a vaccine that stops enough of the disease to make any outbreaks fizzle out.

The more contagious a virus is, the better the vaccine needs to be to achieve this.

Ideally we should use the best
What happens if we use a vaccine that is not good enough to give herd immunity, and then open up our borders?

There will continue to be outbreaks of disease, some people will continue to get very sick (the most vulnerable), and we might have more long term health issues.
There is more of a chance to get vaccine resistant types of virus if we fail to get herd immunity and we will have to start again (if we can).
What might happen to the economy if we don’t acheive herd immunity?

There will be increased health costs from long term illness, and decreased confidence for people to travel or do things that are higher risk, like gyms.
At this point in time, the plan is not set in stone. Talk to your local MP about what you would like as your vaccine choice. Now that you have the information, the future is in your hands.
Once the orders are finalised, and it’s time to have your vaccine, please do not be frightened to have your jab. Just know, if it’s the weaker vaccine, it came from a weaker government. Take it to the polls to let them know your body is more precious than their rush to open up.
Doctors in the media are fighting to give Australia a better future, we hope. We are not trying to mess things up, and we are not against any particular vaccine.

Just want the best for our patients and our communities.
For a full and detailed list of side effects and contraindications please consult your GP and they can help you to get to grips with the details.

Please do this now, not on #vaccinations day, as it’s important to be prepared and have a plan for your family.
We can help the world by trying to be as strong as we can ourselves & then contributing to the global effort.

If we drop our borders,while poorly immunised,we will be too busy cleaning up our own mess to do important things like making & shipping AZ vaccine to hard hit areas.
Another question has popped up... How long will the vaccine protect me for?

Unfortunately this is again a question that we do not know the answer for. So hard to compare vaccines on this parameter at this time...

• • •

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