Corporate Machiavelli's Childhood
I grew up around Upper Class and Rich Americans all of whom were High IQ, and many of whom were High Cunning.

This is probably why I was more cunning than most adults, by the age of 10; I had to be decent at manipulation just to keep up with the people around me.
Also, starting around age 10, my father put significant effort into teaching me Cunning (People Skills).

If he caught my lying, he would not say "Bob, lying is bad!"

Rather, he would explain how he caught me, and what I should do to make my lies more convincing.
As a teenager, whenever I heard someone say something brazenly factually incorrect, I instinctively felt the need to correct them. This caused people to dislike me.

My father taught me to restrain this instinct;...
don't correct people since it makes them dislike you. Instead, appear to agree with the opinion they hold.

Only correct people *if you have something substantial to gain* from doing so.

• • •

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12 Jan
From 1980 - 2020

Money Printing Caused Inflation To Be High In America

And For 40 Years

The US Government Was Lying Downward, About What The True Inflation Rate Is

The CPI Drastically Underestimates The True Rate Of Inflation
From 1980 - 2020 in America

The Cost of Living (HOUSING) Skyrocketed

Wages Did Not

Real Wages Have Been Decreasing For A Majority of Americans For The Past 40 Years
"Can we do a bunch of Money Printing, WITHOUT getting a very high inflation rate? (Currency Declining in Value)"

In human history the correct answer has always been NO.

Many governments have tried to prove that the answer is 'Yes' Printing Money
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12 Jan
Humans are instinctively tribal; strong ingroup solidarity and outgroup emnity.

Forming one's ingroup on the basis of racial, ethnic, or national group is something more typical of Low IQs than High IQs.
If you encounter someone who dislikes you, simply because your skin color is different than their's, they probably have a Low IQ.
As a man in America walking around with brown skin, how often do High IQ Whites dislike me, because of my skin color?

NEVER; never once has it happened in my entire life.

Low IQ Whites?

Rarely. Then again, I rarely interact with Low IQ Whites.
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11 Jan

-Average IQ: 100, and dropping due to dysgenic breeding and immigration
-Dysfunctional Family Structures. Feminism. Single Motherhood Is Normal
-Individualistic Culture. Selfish Citizens, Will NOT Engage In Self Sacrifice For The Collective Good
-Short Term Thinking

-Average IQ: 105
-Functional Family Structures. 2 Parent Households. No Feminism.
-Collectivist Culture. Citizens Will Self Sacrifice For The Collected Good
-Long Term Thinking.
Based on this information looks like China has a massive advantage in the war for Global Dominance
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11 Jan

Human History You Need To Know


Spanish Civil War (Spain, 1936-1939)

Holodomor, Communism (Ukraine, 1930-1939)

Holocaust (Germany, 1930-1945)

Rhodesia/Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe, 1960-2020)
"In individuals, insanity is rare. In is the rule."

Holodomor = Leftwing Atrocity

Communists (Leftwing Authoritarians) decide to kill all the rich people, and take their stuff.
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11 Jan
Motivational Speaker: Gives a bunch of words to make you feel good, talking about how great you are.

"You can do it! Believe in yourself!"
Narcissistic Advice Giver: Gives a bunch of words to make you feel bad, talking about how much you suck.

"You aren't winning because you're lazy!"
What do the Motivational Speaker and Narcissistic Advice Giver have in common?

They give *zero* actionable information.
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11 Jan
From 2016 - 2020, Donald Trump's Rhetoric has sounded less like Rightwing Libertarian, and more like Rightwing Authoritarian.

Trump sounds very little like a Free Market Libertarian, and a lot like a Fascist.
Trump 2016's Political Promises:
-"Build The Wall!!!" (Stop Immigration)
-Muslim Ban
-Stop International Free Trade (Stop Outsourcing Jobs
From America To Elsewhere)

These do *not* sound like Free Market Libertarian causes.

They sound like Fascist causes.
"I will stop immigration, and I will prevent a foreign religious group from entering the country, and I will put a halt to international trade that results in this country outsourcing jobs"

Sounds less like Ayn Rand and more like Benito Mussolini
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