"People don’t like being lied to, Machiavelli observed"

Machiavelli was wrong.
They love the lie, if it redeems them. If it makes them the chosen ones, the real, or the true.
Then they embrace it as the only truth.
The south's gonna rise again.
When they say "I love Trump because he tells it like it is"
They mean, "I love Trump because he recognizes us or me as the true American/patriot or whatever you choose.

That's his power.
He makes their backwards views "right".
So they are redeemed.
They don't fight because they love Trump, they fight because he validated their backwards bullshit in a way that made them feel like a world they don't belong in anymore wasn't doing away from them.

That's savior level power right there.
He'll be out in a minute.
But they'll still be looking for someone to make everything you and I see as "wrong" about them right.
Doing should be "slipping".
I will blame that on autocorrect.
We should also mention the vilification of "other".

We've giggled while they called us commies and fags since the 1950s. We thought they were (many were) just kooks, but that's 70 plus years of brutal propaganda.

While we were labeled as commies Russia slipped into their dms
That reads like a brilliant bit of long-term reflexive control to me.

Not everybody changes leadership every four years.
Without that strategic disadvantage to contend with they're able to operate on a longer timeline than we are.

• • •

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9 Nov 20
Housekeeping thread.

Guys the baby-blood drinking parties have been moved to the downtown McDonald's.
Second Tuesday of every month at 7pm sharp.
FYI it's still BYOB.
If you can't find any babies on your own let me know and I'll hook you up with H.C. she's got the good chit.
I also need to let everybody know that after the transition we're going to move exclusively to pasteurized blood.

I know some of you were complaining about the flavor but I can't do anything about it.

That came down directly from the DeepState and and I can't get it changed.
Apparently there were some issues with isolated cases of hepatitis from drinking the unpasteurized stuff.
I'm really sorry, and I can't control what you do in your homes but from 1/20/21 at official functions all baby-blood must be pasteurized.
It's a public health issue.
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2 Oct 20
Donald and Melania are the lucky ones. Having cheated their way through life they will now receive the best medical care the taxpayer can provide.

How many of the 43,000 Americans that tested positive yesterday are uninsured and can't afford to see a doctor today?
About 44 million people in this country have no health insurance, and another 38 million have inadequate health insurance according to PBS news.

Many of those are the same people that don't have enough money in the bank to allow them to miss even a couple of work days.
Since they don't have the protection of a government that has their best interest at heart, they don't have the leverage to stay home.

"Right to work" really just means that you can be fired for any reason at any time.

Think that's scary when you're worried you might die?

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14 Sep 20
Today a family member went to get a covid test because she was informed by someone that has tested positive after seeing her that she was exposed.
She is having stomach symptoms.

The rural nurse practitioner refused to wear a mask, and refused to test her...
...all while encouraging her to remove her mask. She refused.

The practitioner also told her that "everyone needed to just go ahead and get it" and that there was no point in testing her since she already had symptoms.

she then proceeded to give her a talk on herd immunity.
Particularly troubling since she is overweight, a smoker, and has a number of other health issues that would certainly make covid terribly dangerous for her.

I don't think it's acceptable for even country practitioners to be encouraging their high-risk patients to die.

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31 Aug 20
I'm voting for Joe Biden because 2 of my neighbors (a husband and wife) passed from covid-19 this month while Trump and my Republican Governor downplayed the risks and failed them in ways that endanger us all.

Let's talk about it.
First, they were older and retired, but the last time I saw them she was pushing a lawnmower across their (I'm guessing) TWO ACRE YARD and he was RUNNING A CHAINSAW TO CLEAR BRUSH at the fence.
They were not decrepit and were able to care for themselves and a large rural yard.
She got sick first and had been tested the week before and sent home. He had not been tested but got sick soon after.

She died in her home waiting on test results after thinking she was improving and taking a sudden turn for the worse.

A common pattern as we now know.
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13 Aug 20
Why in the everloving fuck isn't every legitimate news organization and every elected democrat SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR FUCKING LUNGS on every fucking channel about TRUMP'S OPEN AUTHORITARIAN POWER GRAB at the post office?


Where are our elected officials right now?

Do they think they have a more important job than

Where is the legitimate media right now?

Do they think they have a more important story to tell than the UNLAWFUL MOTHERFUCKING ELECTION THEFT THE PRESIDENT CONFESSED TO ON NATIONAL TV?
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17 May 20
You can pretend it's all ok if you want to. You can choose not to worry when your partner has to go to work, or to the store.
You can tell yourself it's not that bad, one of you is still working after all, you should be thankful. It's not like you missed the rent. Yet.

You still have your car, and you can make the payment late, you called and made sure. There's no way to skip a payment, but the lady on the other end said that a lot of people are late right now and that if you were just a week or two late they wouldn't come and get it.

You shouldn't worry about your health insurance, even though you lost your job.
You still have cobra, and you can pay that with one of your partners biweekly checks, assuming they don't get let go.
If you dig into savings you can go a few months like that.
So that's good.

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