It's kinda funny that Deutsche Bank are finally saying they're gonna cut Trump off. How much of a crook do you have to be that DB goes "nah too crooked for us". I suspect the regulators that were already crawling over DB are gonna have a party.
And he still owes them hundreds of millions so that's going to be fun times for DB when the regulators come asking for loan details. And no DOJ to protect them any more. SDNY are going to be all up in their shit.
I strongly suspect the only reason the legal hellbeasts at SDNY haven't been all over the DB/Trump stuff is because the corrupt Bill Barr was blocking it. That's going to stop being an issue in just over a week.
Quite expect DB to roll over on Trump to protect themselves. Historically, a financial institution that has SDNY gunning for them is going to have an extraordinarily bad time.

• • •

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More from @swearyanthony

13 Jan
It's really annoying that Norman Swan clearly is driving ABC coverage of Covid and they've never been willing to confront that he's gone way past scicomm and is making up stuff based off of nothing.
Swan went from being a reassuring voice sharing reliable information and is now just making shit up. He's got no expertise. He's a journalist.
Swan was last a medical professional 40 years ago. he's got no experience in public health aside from reading thousands of posts
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13 Jan
If you think that literally every major public health body in the country is lying about the AZ vaccine you're clearly someone who can stay out of my mentions. Raina MacIntyre and Norman Swan are not a reliable source anymore, what with being repeatedly wrong.
Vaccine programs are really fucking hard to do. Donald Henderson's book on how hard it was to wipe smallpox off the face of the earth is worth a read if you are interested. The smallpox eradication project was a mighty fine effort that's not celebrated enough.
Smallpox killed so so many millions of people. And a massive effort wiped it out. It took decades and vast numbers of people and now smallpox is gone. Vaccines work.
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13 Jan
I'm hardly a Dave Sharma fan but the broekns claiming him buying shares in CSL is proof of some nefarious conspiracy is wildly stupid. If you check your super you'll find you also almost certainly own shares in CSL. They're a blue chip stock that is reliable.
He's also a backbencher and would have had precisely zero ability to influence the decision. CSL aren't set up to manufacture mRNA vaccines. They did start up work on licensing and manufacturing both the UQ and AZ vaccines.
Sadly the UQ one hasn't worked out so far. In addition, if you think vaccine manufacturing is some huge profit maker you're completely ignorant of pharma financials.
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12 Jan
The serious level of detail the baby ultrasound was able to do where they were able to image the baby's heart and check blood flow was ok and the plumbing was all working. It was quite remarkable even with Button constantly flipping back and forth and being a tiny baby jerk
Being able to visualise the four chambers of a baby in utero and half way along and also do some sort of doppler thing with the blood flow is extremely wild and cool. Anyway our button is going well and seeing them and hearing their heartbeat is a lot.
Have to wait until May to meet Button in person and I absolutely cannot wait to meet them.
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12 Jan
That was his account - possible that he deleted long enough that someone stole his handle.
Account suspended is a permaban marker tho
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11 Jan
The thing that staggers me is the Victorian💧accounts who are entirely free of empathy and are lol you deserve it, you shouldn't have visited your family after most of a year being unable to see them.
Fucking sociopaths, the lot of them.
These folks were told it was ok to visit their family and the Vic Govt went lol no you can't come home.
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