Officer #Sicknick was LYNCHED on the steps of our Capitol.

Let that sink in.

A white police officer defending democracy was lynched by a supremacist insurrection incited by the seditious conspiracy of Donald & his #MAGA leadership.

See the limits in viewing this just as racism? It's supremacy & it's a tool used by sociopathic powerbrokers to incite largely uninformed or in this case misinformed masses in a generational way. It's slow inundation & brainwashing.
It happens over time, through generations, under the euphemistic guise of 'traditional family values' & 'religious beliefs.' Because those words mean something to the masses they isolate & subversively disenfrancise through voter suppression, lack of education & gerrymandering.
It's truly cruel on a fundamental level because these power-hungry supremacists who sit at the head of the traitor tables are never seen. Donald's their knight & orange armor. So we can see him. But mostly we only see the henchpeople & the pawns, & they don't know better.
Of course arrest everyone who was physically at the Capitol during the insurrection of 1/6. But @FBI please do not stop there. Go up & down the poisonous tree, then grab it by its deepest roots & uproot it.
For our part as citizens of the United States, we must remain vigilant & do whatever we can in our personal capacities to defend our Constitution & country. I'll keep doing #NoOneUnscripted episodes, tweeting, writing & painting the message of the real #BuildBackBetterRevolution
I offer these three episodes about the 12,000 year history & legacy of sociopathy & supremacy.

Part 1 - 12,000 years in hour & half.
Part 2 - #hitler #Lecter & #trump
Part 3 - @GOP & the future of #supremacy

• • •

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13 Jan
From a historical & purely constitutional standpoint, if the @senatemajldr & @SenateGOP do not convict & remove Donald for his seditious conspiracy, they will undermine their own branch of government. Our founding fathers put Congress as Article 1 for a reason. It comes first.
If you just flip the pages of the Constitution & not even read it, you'll realize why. Article 1's the longest section. Most of the vested powers in the Constitution are vested to Congress. Everything from levying taxes, declaring wars & impeaching/removing presidents.
There is no bigger misconduct nor a higher crime than treason by a sitting president. So if @senatemajldr & the @SenateGOP does not convict & remove Donald for his seditious conspiracy, their acquittal amounts to a flagrant inherent constitutional violation.
Read 5 tweets
12 Jan
About the nationwide seditious riots @FBI is now warning against: @GovWhitmer @TomWolfPA @GavinNewsom @GovPritzker @NYGovCuomo put your National Guard on high alert. If I'm right about the sequence of events they're planning, PA will be first, then MI, & on. Nip it in the bud.
Officially put the Guard on active patrol. Put every level of law enforcement on overtime duty. Remember to re-administer their oaths to the Constitution of your state AND the Constitution of the United States before activating them. Do this NOW. Please.
@cyber you should know that you work for the American People & the US Constitution. You must assist states & the @FBI in its investigations. @jack please do everything you can to facilitate information flow into the FBI investigation team for any chatter on any corner of the web.
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12 Jan

He sent a lynching mob to the Capitol to kill elected members of Congress & the US Vice President (this part could be a double propaganda within the plot). Officer Sicknick got in their way. They lynched him.

Eugene Goodman & @igorbobic are heroes who were lucky & are physically unharmed. Their unflinching, lightning-fast protective reaction to lead the lynching mob away from the main senate chamber very likely saved the lives of more than one senator on 1/6.
They & other officers who defended the Capitol must be honored in due time, on behalf of a grateful nation. We must not ever forget their heroism in the face of sedition & treason. We must not forget their bravery in the face of the lynching mob that lynched Officer Sicknick.
Read 4 tweets
12 Jan
Congressional gold medal for Officer Eugene Goodman, please, @janschakowsky @SenatorDurbin @SenDuckworth.

Also, let's tear down the obstacles common citizens like myself experience in reaching elected representatives.
You're on twitter for a reason. If Donald could have used it to incite sedition, you can use it to restore the nation. Reach out, build bridges. Connect. But even if none of that, at least answer questions. Hire staff to do that. We give you the money & discretion to represent.
Don't you feel the need to know every single day who & what you represent? It changes, you know? This distance, this distrust in government, didn't happen overnight. 1/6 didn't spontaneously manifest. We're in an age where communication transcends space/time. Capitalize on that!
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12 Jan
This is especially important to note now because inauguration may not happen the way we have seen happen for centuries. It will not be public if things go as they are now. But the requirement is only that CJ of SCOTUS swears in coming POTUS in. Ministerial consent from Article 3.
January 7th (1/6 should never be used as certification date again. It must be moved to Jan. 7th & 1/6 should become a day of remembrance) was Article 1 ministerial consent. What I'm seeing is a lot of entitled blue-check brats whining & misinforming without understanding process.
Influencers on the side of our democracy & Constitution should ALSO be careful along with the radical right to NOT think their assessments & opinions represent or reflect any institutionally official decree. Like calling an election. Don't do that shit. Wait for proper process.
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11 Jan
If you think what you're seeing today is 'white supremacy,' you'd be wrong. It's supremacy. Just supremacy. Once you broaden the scope of inquiry you'll understand the ethnography of sociopathy & supremacy. Mircoview.

And this is the Republican party's role in all this: From Reagan to Donald. This one, do watch because it foretells 4 years down the road. If we don't do get all the traitors & kill this treason for good it will come back with beautiful Alaskan vengeance.
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