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There are many anecdotes from the life of #SwamiVivekananda. His witty exchanges have been of high interest for many. On this occasion, I'm writing one such popular incident in this thread.

Swami Vivekanandji was a well known orator and used to get invited to several conferences and universities for lectures.

During one such visit to a conference, which was held for exchange of spiritual learnings, Vivekji reached early, clutching Bhagvad Geeta in his hands.
He had reached early and was the first one, so he placed the revered scripture on the table and occupied a chair. Slowly the staff room started filling in and all speakers were requested to place books in one corner. Thus, all guests kept their books piled upon Sri Bhagvad Geeta
The conference was about religions of the world. Several representatives had come to speak on their religious beliefs.

While waiting before they were called on stage, a speaker tried pulling down our holy book and spoke to Vivekji in a mocking manner, attempting to humiliate Hs
"Your book is below all other books, as is your religion. All others are above, you are below all", said he with a smirk.

Vivekji replied instantaneously, "My sacred text is very much at the base of this pile. Now let's see some practical effect", and so saying, he removed SBG.
As he moved the Geeta ji a little, all other books began falling down. He saved them from crashing on the floor, kept them up on the table and resumed replying.

Vivekji: If we Hindus remove our base texts, all the religions of the world will come crumbling down like this pile"
After a short pause, there was an applause from the others and the man who had mocked Swamiji, hung his head in shame.

Many pranaams to Swami Vivekanandji 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.

As usual, I have many other anecdotes from his life. I keep threads short, but if asked, I'll share.
2. During his stay in America, Vivekji came across a man who mocked Indian culture and lifestyle and even skin colors.

A: You Indians come in all colors, black, red, brown and fair. You live in such disparity. Here in US, we have same skin color.
Vivekji: We have diversity, but not disparity. For instance, we see horses come in all colors too, black, brown, red, white but donkeys are odds the same color.

*Vivekji knew how to give back with a smile*
3. Once, Vivekji was invited for lunch with British Political powers. The minister welcomed him to the dining hall. Food was served, along with different spoons and forks. Then, they began to eat.

Vivekji did not use the spoons and forks, but used his hand to eat.
The British were shocked to see this and expressed their disappointment over hygiene issues, asking Vivekji why he was using his hands to eat while so many spoons lay on his table.

He answered, "Because no one else had used my hands before"

• • •

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12 Jan
Every few fortnights, I have to give clarification on this.

I once again clarify in this thread and hope someone saves it and circulates when they see Hs cribbing on scholarships issue the very next time and save me the trouble.

Firstly, while the data in the screenshot shared is correct, the screenshot is edited. The icons in the screenshot shared are not on display on govt website. So this is clearly done with bad intent, to cause anger amongst Modi voters.


Regarding scholarships, the first and basic step is to SUBMIT AN APPLICATION.

In the screenshot, I share the % of applications received by the ministry.

IS Ministry FULL OF GODS?? Image
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11 Jan
On a micro level on this app, only enemies are driving the narrative. Only them. That includes all Inc P4Drama gangs also.

On a little zoomed out view, SM users are becoming psychopaths, craving for likes, RTs, comments and attention. This is really dangerous for mental health.
That is why, I have stopped participating in RT groups (never forced anyone to RT my tweets unless they liked them or unless tweets were really important and needed support).

I'm okay if I don't get RTs and likes. Nothing changes in my life, honestly. Nor does in yours.
People call me arrogant as I don't give RT in return and only RT if the content is good. I'm okay with that also, as it's them who need to rethink what they are heading towards. Arrogance is to expect in return and I'm NOT expecting RT in return for RT, they are doing it.
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