@AS_Baggins @Blockhead1011 @abcpoppins The US lead coalition of 33 countries, of which the UK, Canada and France were among, invaded Iraq.
Yes, it was the wrong thing to do but hindsight is 20/20.
Blair almost eliminated child poverty, bought peace to NI, freed the Serbs, built new hospitals and schools over the UK..
@AS_Baggins @Blockhead1011 @abcpoppins ... he bought in Ofsted when there was no teaching regulations under the previous 17 years of Tory rule, to ensure poor kids get a good education. He bought in TAs to help teachers and pupils. He revived the NHS and refunded public services, roads and street lighting got updated
@AS_Baggins @Blockhead1011 @abcpoppins ... he created the biggest public spend on construction and civil engineering since the Victorian times, created millions of new jobs and enabled big business to flourish.
The Newspapers turned on him because they don't like people climbing the social ladder...
@AS_Baggins @Blockhead1011 @abcpoppins ... especially black people, or people who are not establishment, so they bought in their propaganda machines and made him out to be a dangerous pariah. He's not... He cares about the poor and vulnerable. That's why they hate him and made everyone else hate him.

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More from @MartCos2

12 Dec 20
@FlanneryTony .. so I've been thinking. We should allow priests to marry. If they want. What harm would it do? They should provide for themselves apart from the same pay a priest gets. There should be women Deacons who do everything a male deacon does and be promoted....
@FlanneryTony To high ranks in the Church organisation.... This would inject a much needed moral reform in the ranks of the church and make it a place of love and welcome, and the women would keep the men on the straight and narrow...
@FlanneryTony ....from that, renewal would grow.... This would be a start... And it's not unprecedented. Priests were allowed to marry up until the 12th century and women Deacons existed in the early church and in literature. Our church is too patriarchal and I think it's time to change that..
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18 Nov 20
@Femi_Sorry @Karlos_2049 I agree with you there. However, the area I grew up in is very populist leaning and my friends have political opinions that are right of centre, and I knew that the vote for Brexit would win the referendum because I understood the pulse of the nation from my friend's opinions...
@Femi_Sorry @Karlos_2049 ...(I've tried to sway them but they - working class, poorly educated, hardworking, good people- think it's unpatriotic to support Labour, not true but that's what they think)...
@Femi_Sorry @Karlos_2049 My friends have not been swayed yet...Let me say this, BJ and Brexit is still the popular vote. Ppl don't care about deals or not, they don't want to be governed by "foreigners" (in their view) and they see unchecked immigration as a threat to opportunities and safety...
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24 Oct 20
@CatholicLeague Why can't we have married priests; and women deacons? We've had married Saints who were priests and bishops and deaconesses?? Pope ok with civil unions, fair enough but not married priests and deaconesses? This is doable. They would be holy witnesses and brilliant for confession.
@CatholicLeague St. Paul permits both. Why not now? We need to attract new people to the church and be an example of family and married life; and have a place for women in ministry. This would do all that. We could still be Catholic.
@CatholicLeague It would make the priests relatable. Their jobs as doctors of the soul. We could do this,men still priests,family, community at our heart & the ancient joining the new in worship, love and service and steeped in ancient tradition would mark us as One Holy Catholic and Apostolic!
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19 Oct 20
@berniespofforth @emmakennytv I'm a public sector worker but worked in private sector for fifteen years. My father was a subcontractor. My friends have businesses and/or work in the private sector. I know exactly what the Covid restrictions are doing to them and empathise way more than you would merit.
@berniespofforth @emmakennytv Sweeping generalisations don't work. People in the public sector are losing jobs or not able to fulfill their capacity, which they know is harming their clients. These people really care about the job they do and the people they serve. Not all do but I do and lots like me do.
@berniespofforth @emmakennytv I am not anti-vaxxer or anti-mask, if I have to wear one to keep people sweet and open the country back up I'll do that. I have been anti-lockdown from the start. I know people's lives, livelihoods and wellbeing thrive on a good economy and are being wrecked by lockdown.
Read 5 tweets

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