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12 Jan, 19 tweets, 3 min read
Dreaming of a transhumanist future where my brain can be augmented, where I can have extra processing power, and where my executive function could be a program that talks to me.

An accessible transhumanist future. Something that becomes as common as glasses.
I've got no interoception - so if my augment keeps track of my caloric needs, and tells me "hey, two more bites and you're good," and I can just trust it?

If it lets me know when I should sleep?

Wakes me with an alarm I can't snooze?

God, the fantasy.
I'd name mine Hugin.
"what if someone hacks your brain"

yeah, that's the point


i want to hack my brain

this shit isn't optimized
w i r e m e u p
Oh, exactly, yeah. That's the thing - money lets you buy the hours of another person's life.

If you can pay someone to do X for you that you would otherwise have to do yourself, it means that you have extra time in your day. Extra energy. Extra ability.

One of the biggest lies we get told is that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day.

If you have... let's say, a maid, who comes over and cleans - you're not only buying more time in your own day, you're taking it out of hers.

It's not like you pay for her bus ride, after all.
If money was just serving as a third good - you had put in X labor at this point, and you were exchanging it for equivalent labor at this other point - it wouldn't be a problem.

But in the system as we have it, rich folks' money makes money.

They brag about it.
That means that they labor far less, AND are able to buy our labor to augment their days.

They have more hours in the day. More days in the year.

Part of my fantasy is everyone having that. Automation, in everyone's hands.

Let's automate my executive function. Fuck yeah.
Imagine having a brain that told you what project to work on next.
I have no problem with us organizing our labor as a society - I'd rather cook than do most other jobs, and if I'm cooking for fifty people, then I'm doing useful labor and nobody else has to spend their time cooking.

The problem isn't having a cleaner;

It's when someone has enough wealth (which isn't tied to their labor, but to their wealth making more wealth) to afford a lifestyle that the people they're relying on can't maintain.

Cleaners, cooks, gardeners, au pairs - if they're able to live a quality life, great.
If they're servants in all but name, though - less great.
And the divide isn't that high up the chain, either.

When I compare my own work in a kitchen vs. an office, in a kitchen I worked easily twice as hard, for about half the pay and none of the benefits.

I'm not okay with us having folks working full time and still in poverty.
(I'm also broadly not okay with us having poverty, but that's a bigger issue)
That means that an office worker who stops by Burger King on their way home is taking part in that tradeoff - they're relying on someone else being unable to trade their labor for anything like equivalent value, to get extra time in their own day.

Participation is culpability.
That's what makes it our collective responsibility to fix this, because we're collectively benefiting.
anyway i want a brain robot

• • •

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13 Jan
Might fuck around and write a Sea Shanty to the tune of "The Wellerman" mocking the GOP.

... might be going off to do that right now.
There is a threat to Democracy
That goes by the name of the G-O-P
That fights to keep us in poverty
Oh blow you blowhards blow

"Just call it Orwellian, son
if anyone tries to stop your fun!
And if you dare to call us scum
We'll just do another coup."
"We stan for Christianity
And the values of the family!
We call for laws, and decency,
Then elected Donald Trump."
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13 Jan
This is probably as good a cultural moment as any to remind the world that Sea Shanties are Black Music.
Quite literally. Historically, that's where they come from. While there were some songs that were used to organize work in white culture, it wasn't widespread for sailors - enough so that they saw and commented on (often enslaved) Black workers singing while they worked.
In Martinique, in 1806, a sailor commenting: "The negroes have a different air and words for every kind of labour; sometimes they sing, and their motions, even while cultivating the ground, keep time to the music."
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13 Jan
Perhaps too honest answer:

S'just me. Feels like shitposting. Barely any planning.

This is the first place I've been in my life where just saying the undiluted contents of my skull got any kind of positive response.

I'm used to being called too much /long/ before now.
The only planning I might put in consciously is for animal threads, and that's only because folks have made it clear to me that it's important to do image attributions and descriptions.

Which is part of why I don't really do them often. It's hard to do a thread with planning.
Putting those extra steps - sourcing an image, and describing it - breaks the stream of consciousness and turns the thread into a project I'm working on, instead of just "thoughts, as they happen."

Don't misunderstand me. They ARE important. That's why I'm trying to do them.
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12 Jan
"I just want to ask questions, I don't know why you're so opposed to that," the anime avatar said, barely audible over the shitstorm of abuse his easily googleable question came in the middle of.

"I am a good and civil and reasonable person," he reassured himself.
"I don't know why you won't engage with me in good faith."
A mid-tier brigade might have a few hundred people each spending ten minutes being shitty to you in your mentions.

That works out to ~50 man-hours of abuse.

That's a week and overtime of getting shit flung at you.

Literally nobody's psyche is set up to handle that.
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11 Jan
Jesus Christ, a /serving/ captain?

That's... a capital offense, under the UCMJ.

(Incidentally, a captain makes between 52k and 85k a year, and has substantial benefits. Once again, this is not 'backwoods poor whites.')
Even if she didn't perform sedition herself, the UCMJ makes it explicit that "failing to suppress" sedition carries the death penalty.
10 U.S. Code § 894 - Art. 94.

Anyone who "fails to do his utmost to prevent and suppress a mutiny or sedition being committed in his presence, or fails to take all reasonable means to inform his superior commissioned officer or commanding officer of a mutiny or sedition..."
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11 Jan
You know, if you had said "this is performative and has no substance," I would have been forced to agree.

But INSTEAD you had to pretend that you don't understand, to pretend that you think THEY think Amen is a gendered word, to perform outrage for the anti-woke crowd.

I'd point out that Amen is Greek by way of Hebrew, not Latin, if you actually gave one good goddamn about the "facts," but we all know the game.

And hell, I'm playing into it by responding, so fuck me I guess.

But, and I say this as though I have any expectation of good faith,
How the hell do you plan on running a country like this, even if you do get back into power again?

How are you going to make a functional career out of pointless grievance, when you could score the same points /by being correct/?
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