In tonight's experiment, I posted old footage of Alex Jones & made it look like he was blaming Trump for being behind this week's social media purge. It was beyond absurd, but it went viral - gaining tens of thousands of views in 3 hours before YT removed it. That's sad & scary.
2/ I wanted to see how hungry for conspiracy theory my audience was, no matter how stupid and nonsensical the material. Jones just screamed profanity. At the end, I wrote that Jones had "intel" that Trump flipped & is now working for the Deep State...
3/ Several hundred comments were left in those 3 hours. Most were of people raging at Jones for betraying Trump. But many of them were of Jones fans agreeing that Trump had flipped & was behind this week's social media purge.
4/ This video was dumb. It took me about 10 minutes to make it & was pure garbage. But it got 5 times more views than any of my other videos in the same amount of time of the last 12 months.
5/ It's a real shame that this junk video was so popular, but videos that I put my best efforts into researching & producing get almost no views. It proves that a lot of viewers prefer sensationalism over rationalism and conspiracy theory over facts.
6/ This preference for baseless conspiracy theory over well-reasoned factual analysis is a great concern to me. If people don't care about reality, we are going to continue down this rabbit hole to nowhere - and garbage like Q drops will continue to trump truth.
7/ What are YOUR thoughts on this issue? How can we move back toward an appreciation for facts and reason in a society that is addicted to fear porn & baseless conspiracy theory? Share in the comments, please.

• • •

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2 Jan
I was going though my old photos and found this one of me from 1999 that I thought I'd share. This is what I looked like before I hit the goose on the roller coaster.
This is from moments after I hit the goose with my face.
It was very traumatic for my fans. And the goose. In fact, it was such a traumatic event for me that I changed professions and became a YouTuber who makes videos about the Middle East. I haven't hit a goose since.
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9 Dec 20
Tracy Beanz, one of the original team members to push the fake QAnon conspiracy, is rejoicing that fellow QAnon peddler & American traitor Mike Flynn was pardoned by corrupt Trump & his case rendered moot. QAnon is a dangerous cult, controlled by deep state figures like Flynn.
QAnon was just one more in a string of "Anon" LARPS in the beginning. Then, two 4chan mods, Pamphlet Anon & Paul Furber, contacted Tracy "Beanz" Diaz to develop the LARP on her YT channel to build up their personal subs/follower counts. She has admitted to this. 1/2
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5 Oct 20
I'm sitting on my couch stunned at the news coming out of Japan. What was originally thought to be an underground volcanic eruption is turning out to be something much worse. Follow this thread for updates.
News reports indicate something large is emerging from the bay... Government officials are still trying to determine what it is.
The images are simply horrifying. Whatever it is in the bay, it is causing rapid flooding into the downtown area. People don't even have time to get to higher ground. I haven't seen anything like this since the tsunami that caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
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3 Oct 20
Find this Trump-supporting MAGA redneck. Arrest him. #LockHimUp and Throw Away the Key.
Close up of the soon-to-be-bubbas-boyfriend Trump supporter who punched a guy in the face at a Texas rally today.
Local police on the hunt for violent Trump supporter...
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2 Oct 20
Trump's & Melania's Twitter accounts are still experiencing a MASSIVE attack. 1,000s of bots posting some very dark stuff following his Covid announcement. Bots are retweeting each other. This is foreign state / intelligence level activity and was planned long in advance.
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15 Sep 20
The CIA orchestrated the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya by arming extremist militias. With Gaddafi dead, many militia members traveled to Syria/Iraq to join existing CIA-backed al Qaeda affiliats, thereby creating ISIS.
To rearm their mercenary militias, the CIA started a gun running op out of an annex near the US Embassy in #Benghazi. The weapons left the port, went to a CIA base in Turkey, then down into the hands of ISIS in Syria & Iraq.
The CIA annex in #Benghazi included contractors from Blackwater (aka US Mercenaries). Islamist militias thought the guns were at the Embassy, so they attacked it to get the weapons. Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed, as well as 3 CIA mercenaries in the process.
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